Sukhola’s MV is open

People’s Daily News 13, South Korea’s late singer sukhola personally participated in the composition of the song “hello” MV open, the song to express gratitude to fans ballad.
“Hello” is a sad lyric song, which highlights the delicate voice of sukhola. The MV is based on the night view of Tokyo like by sukhola. In the black-and-white MV, the performance of sukhola’s eyes is amazing. Light interlaced, color conversion, meaning from dark to light.
In addition, it is regrettable that sukhola died on November 24, 2019.

Boeing concealing problems

The US Federal Aviation Administration said on the 18th that Boeing did not report to the regulator in a timely communication record of its two employees in 2016. This record indicates that the two have long known that the flight control system of the Boeing 737MAX series has serious problems and chose to conceal the situation.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which is part of the US Department of Transportation, said in a statement on the 18th that Boeing told the Ministry of Communications about the existence of this communication record on the evening of the 17th and said that it had been discovered a few months ago. The Ministry of Communications immediately informed the FAA and the Inspector General of the Ministry of Communications about this situation.

A number of US media have disclosed the company’s internal communication records. Mark Faulkner, then Boeing’s chief technical pilot, said in a text message after a simulator test on the 737MAX aircraft that the system was “out of control” and that it was “excessive”. In the disclosed information, Faulkner also said, “I (unintentionally) lied to the regulator.”

The FAA considered the content of the conversation “worrying” and expressed disappointment that Boeing did not report in a timely manner. The agency is still evaluating relevant information to decide what action to take. Federal Aviation Administration Director Steven Dickson has sent a letter asking Boeing CEO Dennis Millenberg to explain this.

On March 10 this year, a Boeing 737-8 passenger aircraft belonging to the Ethiopian Airlines (belonging to the 737MAX series) crashed. This is the second air crash that occurred on the Boeing 737-8 passenger plane following the crash of the same type of passenger aircraft of Indonesian Lion Air on October 29 last year. Both air crashes were associated with incorrect activation of the Maneuvering Feature Enhancement System (MCAS) automatic anti-stall software.

On October 11, a joint team of international aviation safety regulators issued a report saying that the US Federal Aviation Administration was not able to assess the Boeing 737MAX series of aircraft, and the evaluation process was flawed in terms of “fragmentation” and “no communication between teams”. The FAA also “outsourced” some of its regulatory responsibilities to Boeing, allowing Boeing to complete its own safety certification for its own passenger aircraft.

According to the report, if FAA technicians fully understand the “maneuvering feature enhancement system”, it may avoid air disasters.

Wuxi elevated rescue site

At about 6:10 in the evening, the bridge section of the 312 National Highway in Shanghai and the bridge on the Xigang Road were rolled over. After preliminary surveys on the site, there were 3 cars under the bridge (one of which was parked and no one). At present, rescue workers and vehicles have arrived at the scene, and rescue and accident handling work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

India shot down its own aircraft

If the army has “world-famous”, then the accident rate of the air force is bound to be on the list. One of the most wordless is that in the tense time of the India Pakistan conflict, the air defense forces even shot down their own helicopters with missiles. Facing the awkward situation, he chose the “mire to change horses” and directly dismissed the former air force commander. However, the new air force commander did not want to give priority to the issue of the equipment of the air force, but rather gave him a tough talk.
In October 4th, according to Yonhap news agency, the new air force commander, badaurea, publicly acknowledged that during the air raid operation carried out by the air force, a helicopter was shot down by its own missile. After the incident, India’s former Air Force Commander Danoa was dismissed. According to the times report, the new air force commander, Bada al urya, took office after he took office and declared that the air force was ready to deal with any challenge (military threat).
According to Russia’s Tass News Agency reported on October 4th, the air defense force produced the shooting down of its own helicopter Oolong incident, killing 6 soldiers. Just the day before, the India air force had just organized an attack on Pakistan. Even so, the relevant departments of the air force did not have a sense of war. They not only failed to observe the wartime terms, but also violate the IFF system. At present, relevant reports have been submitted to the Court of Investigation, and a total of four Air Force officers have been sentenced.
Shortly after the air raid failed, the helicopter was shot down by its own missile. The investigation found that the operation of the IFF system was not standardized, which was the main reason for the tragedy. As a matter of fact, as early as 2018, the operation of IFF system existed in the air force. According to the media reported in 2018, a C130 of the air force crashed near the ceasefire line of India Pakistan Kashmir. After the accident investigation, it was found that the aircraft’s “identification system of foe and foe” had not been opened in accordance with the regulations.
Not long after the C130 crashed, the newly introduced Su-30 fighter plane also “unfortunately folded its wings”. According to media reports in June 2018, a 30 fighter plane crashed into Kashmir. Although the investigation focused mainly on the cause of the crash, it was found that the aircraft also had the problem that the IFF system was not opened as required. In view of the important role of the IFF system, after that, the air force specially stipulated that all fighters must open the IFF system according to the regulations. The incident that the missile could shoot down its own helicopter showed that during the tenure of Dowa, the air force still did not carry it out seriously.
However, Danoa, a former air force commander in India, did a lot of things during his tenure, and the air raid on Pakistan was dominated by him. According to India media reports, in the name of the so-called “Combating terrorist organizations”, he directed the India air force to carry out a sudden air strike on the Barakat area of Pakistan. The whole attack was planned, directed and carried out by him. But the attack was very unsuccessful, not only did not cause the actual loss of Pakistan, but also shot down two fighters and captured 1 pilots.
As a successor to DAA’s, Bada al Asia has a very brilliant career. The Air Force Commander, who joined the Army in 1980, is an ace pilot who has flown 26 different types of aircraft for up to 4250 hours. He served as district commander many times and accompanied Moody to visit the National War Monument. According to the “times” report, he said at the inauguration ceremony that the air force had been prepared before (the conflict between India and Pakistan), and that the next preparation (a future outbreak of conflict between India and Pakistan) has also been done. Any challenge, any threat can be met at any time!
When the new official takes up three fires, Bada al Ya wants to show that he is more unqualified than his predecessor and is brave enough to admit that his own missile shot down his own helicopter. However, in view of the current situation of the air force, the more urgent task should be to solve the problem of the maintenance of fighter equipment and the normalization of pilot training, rather than blindly speaking to others.


Yuan Longping Republic Medal

Thin, dark, and flat, like Yuan Dingping, when he first entered the public eye a few decades ago, Yuan Longping seems to have changed nothing. He is about to turn 90, and he is also going to the field almost every day. “Before going to bed at night, think about how my super rice grows, whether there are pests and diseases, and whether the weather is dry.”

Before Yuan Longping left for Beijing, he went to the field to watch the growth of rice fields. Yesterday, after attending the award ceremony of the Republic Medal, I returned to Hunan on the same day. “I will go to the field tomorrow.” He has his own task form: this year he sprinted to 1200 kilograms per mu. “If there is no catastrophic natural disaster, 90% of the grasp can be achieved.”

 At 3 pm yesterday, Yuan Longping, who was just awarded the Republic Medal, came to the Chinese Academy of Engineering to participate in the Chinese Academy of Engineering to study the academic spirits of Yuan Longping and Huang Xuhua, and to speak at the forum. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photo At 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Yuan Longping, who was just awarded the Republic Medal, came to the Chinese Academy of Engineering to participate in the Chinese Academy of Engineering to study Yuan Longping and Huang Xuhua’s scientific spirit symposium and to speak at the forum. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photo
Super rice production of 1100 kg per mu “Leading the world”

In the 1950s, Yuan Longping was originally engaged in the research and teaching of sweet potato breeding. However, at that time, the country was in short supply of food, so he turned to the rice breeding that the country needed most.

One day in July 1961, Yuan Longping selected seeds in the experimental field and accidentally discovered a rice plant that stood out from the ground. The tassels are large and full, with as many as 230 grains. By careful calculation, using it as a seed, the rice yield will be over 1,000 kilograms, while the high-yielding rice was only five or six hundred kilograms.

“Put it up for the second year. As a result, there is no such thing as ‘Laozi’ grows so good, high and short.” Yuan Longping said in an interview, “I had great hope.” As a result, I was disappointed. After the disappointment, I suddenly came to the inspiration. It was the hybrid rice that was separated.”

In 1964, Yuan Longping once again discovered a “natural male sterile plant”. After 9 years, the hybrid “three-line matching method” has finally succeeded, which is about 20% higher than that of conventional rice. It has achieved a historic breakthrough in hybrid rice and made a major contribution to fundamentally solving the problem of food self-sufficiency in China.

In 1996, the Ministry of Agriculture proposed the super rice breeding program. The research team led by Yuan Longping successively broke through the problems of 700 kg, 800 kg, 900 kg, 1000 kg and 1100 kg of super rice. The five phases have all been completed.

“We are far ahead of the world.” Yuan Longping said at a forum of the Chinese Academy of Engineering yesterday.

From “Nanyou 2” to super rice, Yuan Longping has continuously improved hybrid rice for decades. Hybrid rice has now covered all of China and many countries. According to CCTV News’ 2017 report, in China alone, the area of ​​hybrid rice planted has reached 250 million mu, accounting for 57% of the area, and the output accounted for 65%.

Nearly 90 years old, I still go to the experimental field almost every day.

It’s almost 90 years old, and Yuan Longping is still a servant. He almost went to the field to test the field every day to observe the growth of hybrid rice.

Bai Lianyang, secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has been working with Yuan Longping for a long time. “Yuan Academician often educates young science and technology staff: there is no rice on the computer. I encourage everyone to write the paper on the earth. As long as someone goes to his home. I would like to discuss the work of hybrid rice. He is always warmly welcoming. He can talk about hybrid rice seriously without eating or sleeping.”

In an interview yesterday, Yuan Long was very excited to be awarded the Republic Medal, and he even regarded this honor as a spur. “I can’t lie on the credit book and sleep, continue to work hard and continue to climb the peak.”

He talked about his current two major tasks, one is to continue to engage in hybrid rice, to produce high yield, higher yield, and super high yield.

“I hope that this year’s demonstration field will realize 1200 kilograms per mu and 18 tons per hectare, and present to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.”

It is understood that there are currently four demonstration films in the country that are tackling the target of 1,200 kilograms per mu. Two of the demonstration films are expected to achieve 1,200 kilograms per mu in October this year.

The next goal is to tackle the rice in the sea. The National Salt and Alkali Rice Technology Innovation Center will be established.

Another task that Yuan Longping has set for himself is the sea rice that has received much attention.

“I have made a report to the Prime Minister. I hope he supports the research in this area. He has approved ‘very agree’ and has to set up a special national salt and alkali-resistant rice technology innovation center,” said Yuan Longping.

He counted the accounts: there are more than one billion mu of saline-alkali land in the country, and nearly 200 million mu can grow rice. Developed 100 million acres of salt-tolerant rice within ten years.

“What is this concept? 30 billion kilograms. It is equivalent to more than 100 million people.”

Sea rice has been studied all over the world, but generally there is little progress. “Why do I take this task? We have the advantage of hybrid rice.” Yuan Longping said.

He revealed that the research team is now stepping up efforts for the research of sea rice. At present, it has carried out cooperative research in Guangdong, Shandong, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hunan and other places across the country. The first batch hopes to produce 620 kilograms per mu. The research team has the advantage of hybrid rice breeding in the sea. “We are confident that we can accomplish this task.”

He has increased some volume: we are still very confident to complete this task, I hope everyone will support our work.

After working for decades, Yuan Longping sometimes fears that he can’t keep up with the rhythm: “It’s finished with research dementia.”

“Before the doctor gave me a test and asked me how much 95+13 is. I answered it all at once. This shows that the brain is still useful. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and mentally calculating it is still possible.” He was happy to draw.

“There are tens of millions of grains in an acre field, which is quite uncomfortable.” Yuan Longping also has a lot of grain spikes and grain counts.


This award is the most solemn and solemn, and I have to go to the field after winning the prize.

Beijing News: How do you feel when you are awarded the Republic Medal?

Yuan Longping: It is exciting. I have won a lot of awards. This time, the grandest and most solemn, I feel glory, and the award gave me the greatest encouragement. This medal is also “heavyweight” and very heavy.

Beijing News: Is there any story at the conference?

Yuan Longping: General Secretary Xi asked me what progress has been made recently. I replied that the super rice is sprinting at 1200 kilograms per mu.

Our current super hybrid rice has already achieved an annual yield of 1,100 kilograms. This year, we will move to 1200 kilograms per mu and 18 tons per hectare. If there are no special natural disasters, pests and diseases, I have 90% confidence that it can be achieved. We are far ahead of the world.

Beijing News: What are your plans after winning the prize?

Yuan Longping: Tomorrow (referring to September 30), I have to go to the field again. I thought before going to bed at night, how is my super rice growing? Are there any pests and diseases? Is the climate a drought? I will count, there are a lot of grain spikes, the number of grains to count. There are tens of millions of grains in an acre field, which is unreasonable.

Beijing News: What are your thoughts on your future work?

Yuan Longping: I have two dreams: “He Xia Chengliang Dream” and “Hybrid Rice Covers the Global Dream.”

“Hexia’s cool dream” is the high-yield, higher-yield, super-high-yield of super hybrid rice, which is gradually approaching this dream.

“Hybrid rice covers the global dream” is the hope that super rice will go abroad.

Last year, there were 7 million hectares of foreign hybrid rice, mainly distributed in developing countries, India, Vietnam, etc., but many rice fields in developed countries have also been planted with hybrid rice.

There are 160 million hectares of paddy fields in the world. If half of them are mixed with hybrid rice, the yield will increase by 2 tons per hectare. The annual increase in food production can feed more than 500 million people.

Of course, the second dream is not something that my personal strength can accomplish. Hybrid rice needs to work hard and coordinate in order to go abroad.

Character introduction

Yuan Longping

Male, Han nationality, non-partisan, born in September 1930, Dean, Jiangxi, National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center, former director of Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center, former vice chairman of Hunan Provincial CPPCC, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, fifth national NPC deputies, members of the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Nine, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Invented the “three-line method” indica hybrid rice, successfully developed the “two-line method” hybrid rice, and created a super hybrid rice technical system. He was awarded the National Science and Technology Award, the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the “Reform Pioneer”.


Facebook Employee Headquarters Jumping

A person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the employee was a full-time software engineer on Facebook and his name was unknown. Telegraph reported that there was no evidence that the employee’s death had anything to do with his job on Facebook. It’s important to note that, according to Forbes, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will travel to Washington, D.C. this week to discuss proposed Internet regulation with members of Congress. Reuters reported Sept. 19 that Zuckerberg had dinner with six U.S. senators on Wednesday and said the company was seeking to enhance its reputation in the government. This is Zuckerberg’s first visit to Washington in 10 hours since he testified in front of U.S. lawmakers last year about the privacy scandal.


Argentina wins Serbia, the biggest enemy of the United States

He has become more and more fierce in the basketball World Cup. Argentina wins Serbia in the quarter-finals. It is very unexpected that the biggest enemy in the United States is so cold!
Before the game, Serbia was the biggest favourite in the World Cup. It ranked first in the FIBA’s strength list, and the group stage played an amazing offensive and defensive dominance. This team wants to have Jokic and Bogdanovic, and the whole team has to be deep and deep.

In the face of such a Serbia, even the United States team with excellent overall strength will be dwarfed. But it is such a strong Serbia, lost to the 39-year-old veteran Scola led by Argentina, is definitely a big upset.
In the warm-up match of the World Cup, Serbia has produced an amazing dominance, arbitrarily swaying its terrible talent and depth. After the start of the World Cup, the Serbian group match was even more powerful, playing the most dominant and most gorgeous overall basketball.

Serbia’s group match 105-59 victory over Angola 46 points, 126-67 wins the Philippines 59 points, 95-77 wins Italy 18 points. At this time, Serbia is the team with the strongest momentum. It seems that the World Cup champion has already been booked.

After the start of the semi-finals, Serbia’s first game was very smooth, but it was quickly taken by Spain and the World Cup first defeat. Serbia did not learn from the game lost to Spain. They are still slow in the game against Argentina and pay a price for it.


My Campus Life

Looking at the dense night in the campus, I can not help but frown and daydream.
I grew up almost here and treated it as if it were my home. My good friend came to me and we talked happily. How happy it was. Seven years of school time, let me make many good friends, naive, lively, smart, lovely. I treat them as my relatives, but occasionally, we also have conflicts, just like the last few days.
As usual, our five intimate friends came together, but the team of five was divided into two parts. My best friend was walking with two classmates. I had to walk with another good friend of mine. We had a good time talking and laughing. It was nothing at all, but what happened later was off track. I found that since that incident, I haven’t talked much to her, and she doesn’t pay much attention to me, but I don’t care much about it. In this way, the gloomy day passed, my heart was heavy, I do not know why.
The next day, it rained cats and dogs, and I still didn’t say a word to her. When we were in class, the unknown finally came. My good friend’s face was depressed. When her classmates asked her, she blamed me. I couldn’t help wondering. She blamed me for ignoring her since yesterday, and I retorted, “Why should you blame me me for ignoring me first?” So she said, I said, we had a heated argument. The students managed to stop our argument. But I felt more and more wronged and cried on the table.
In this way, we haven’t spoken for several days. It’s a pain in my heart to see that my best friend of the past is now strangers to me. I couldn’t bear to see this, so I wrote a letter about my apology for her, and all kinds of thoughts in my heart, entrusted to her. Soon, she wrote back to me, and she apologized. In this way, a pair of good friends were reconciled as before.
I chatted with my good friend. “Ding, Ding, Ding” class bell rang, we rushed back to their seats, correct sitting posture, waiting for class.
The teacher came in.
Memories of clear memories, and jumped into the mind. Just stepped into the gate of junior high school, green faces burst into my sight. Walking into the new classroom, my nervous mood made it difficult for me to move. When I came to the desk next to the platform to receive the entrance form, I saw my first teacher in junior high school. I was deeply impressed by the exquisite features and the kind face. Small curly hair, slightly inclined bangs, so I still remember. The teacher’s kind smile has made me unforgettable so far. The teacher spoke to my sister and me in a friendly voice. I have to say that my impression of the teacher is very good.
Teachers often teach us to “fail, sum up experience, and come back.” But I’ve failed because of a blow. In a big exam, I lost badly, which undoubtedly gave me a heavy blow. I sat in my seat and was very sad. Over the next few days, I was totally depressed and listless. The teacher couldn’t look at me anymore. He called me out and began to guide me. The teacher gave me a detailed analysis of the reasons, and asked me to show a smile, optimistic in the face of success or failure in life.
I went back to my seat and I didn’t remember the next move, but I remember that it was the first time I smiled in a low mood, albeit reluctantly. From then on, I kept in mind the teacher’s teachings, worked hard, and finally achieved excellent results in the next large-scale examination.
To this day, I still remember that remark and that smile clearly.
In retrospect, I hold a pen, the corners of my mouth open a radian, and continue to bury my head in learning.