TCL Group plans to change its name

China business daily / China business network (reporter zushuang) appliance companies are still changing their names. On January 13, TCL Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TCL Group) announced that it planned to change the company name to TCL Technology Group Co., Ltd. and the securities abbreviation to TCL technology. In recent years, the renaming of household appliance enterprises is common. What is the reason behind this phenomenon?
TCL Group plans to change its name to TCL Technology
According to the data, the predecessor of TCL group is Huiyang area electronic industry company. In 1985, TCL communication equipment Co., Ltd. registered under the name of “TCL” was invested and established. It was officially changed into TCL Group Co., Ltd. in 2002 and has been used up to now. After 38 years of development, TCL group covers TV, mobile phone, home appliances and other terminals and supporting businesses, semiconductor display devices and materials, industrial finance, investment and venture capital and other businesses.
It is reported that the renaming of TCL group is directly related to its major asset restructuring in 2019. In 2019, TCL group completed the delivery of major asset restructuring, divested the intelligent terminal and related supporting businesses from the listed company and handed them over to TCL Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. At the beginning of 2019, TCL Group announced that TCL Group plans to divest the consumer electronics business with 4.76 billion yuan and focus on the display panel business of csot. In November 2019, csot officially changed its name to TCL csot. It is mentioned in the announcement that the name “TCL Group” is no longer applicable because the business scope of the company has changed substantially.
Li Dongsheng, founder and chairman of TCL, once said that TCL Huaxing optoelectronics accounted for more than 70% of the total fixed assets of the company. Industrial restructuring is one of the main reasons why TCL group changed its name to TCL technology group, which means that the company will pay more attention to the characteristics of its high-tech industry. Since then, the company has changed from a diversified traditional household appliance enterprise to a high-tech company focusing on semiconductor display and material industry, and Developing Industrial Finance and investment business. “In the near future, the company will continue to reset the remaining enterprises to make the business more focused,” said Li.
In the announcement, TCL Group disclosed that TCL Huaxing will focus on large-scale LCD high-end products through mini led on TFT and 8K technology, and take the lead in layout and printing OLED technology research and development and commercial application. The company will also seize the opportunity of industrial adjustment and industry reshuffle, accelerate the vertical extension and horizontal integration of the industrial chain, especially the investment layout in the fields of basic materials, next generation display materials and key equipment in new process.
In fact, in recent years, the phenomenon of renaming household appliance enterprises is common. On June 5, 2019, Qingdao Haier announced that the original name “Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd.” is to be changed to “Haier Zhijia Co., Ltd.”. After the change, “Haier smart home” will focus more on the accelerated development of smart family ecological brand; on July 8 of the same year, Skyworth Digital said that the company name had been changed from “Skyworth Digital” to “Skyworth Group”; on December 20 of the same year, Hisense Electric released a notice that the name was officially changed from “Qingdao Hisense Electric Co., Ltd.” to “Hisense Video Technology Co., Ltd.” “
Why are appliance giants keen to change their names? Zhang Jianfeng, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China household electrical appliances business association, told China Business Daily that from the perspective of industry, at present, the household electrical appliances industry is developing in the direction of intelligence and technology; from the perspective of the enterprise itself, the original name of the enterprise has certain limitations and is not suitable for the current development needs of the enterprise.
“Like with the name of” group “, it can reflect the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, but it can not highlight the main business. At present, TCL Group has focused on panel, integrated circuit, chip and other high-tech fields. After the name change, TCL group can more reflect the company’s science and technology and innovation. ” Zhang Jianfeng told China business daily.
Hong Shibin, an industry observer, said, “the trend of renaming household appliances enterprises is an ecological fission based on household appliances. In addition, most of the companies involved in the renaming trend are listed companies. One of the important reasons for these listed companies to “go home electrification” through renaming is to pursue market value to improve their share price and leave more imagination space for the capital market. “.

Kobe directs traffic

On December 14, Beijing time, the Lakers’ second away game in five consecutive games, facing the heat, which ranks second in the East, is definitely a tough opponent for the Lakers. But in the off-site sudden is, Kobe encountered the scene of the accident, the incarnation of traffic police command traffic, pink clothes for the mirror.
Speaking of Kobe Bryant, he devoted all his wonderful career to the Lakers, and brought five championship titles to the Lakers, making him almost the best in the team’s history. With comprehensive data, he actually has a strong organizational offensive ability, but not as dazzling as scoring. After retiring, he focused on his career and rarely appeared in staples to watch the ball.
Today, TMZ, a famous sports media, reported that a netizen met Kobe at the scene of the accident. It is reported that Kobe passed by the beach in Newport, California, with his family today. At this time, on his driving route, he witnessed a major accident, and the two cars that collided were almost in a state of scrap.
In fact, Kobe just passed by and could turn around and leave. But Kobe didn’t do that. He stayed at the scene of the accident and didn’t leave in time. He not only appeased the people who had the accident, but also directed the traffic at the scene. When the official rescuers arrived, he chose to leave silently. Witnesses said: he really helped a lot.
Judging from the video taken by the party concerned, the fog in the early morning is a little fuzzy, but Kobe’s pink clothes are really eye-catching! Seeing a traffic accident on the road, Kobe went to the street to help deal with the traffic accident. The retired life of stars is so simple and boring.
In fact, as early as last September, Kobe Bryant had the same accident. At that time, he still chose to get out of the car to ask about the accident and take photos. It’s probably the luckiest thing in his life for a superstar who has no shelf, has affinity and becomes a fan of Kobe. Are you right?

Zhang Yimou comments on Zhou Dongyu

The reason for the selection of star sea actors in the 28th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival was announced. As Zhou Dongyu’s recommender, Zhang Yimou said: “Zhou Dongyu is not a little girl, she is very talented, and she cries first-class. When she tears, she has a rich inner level. She was born for the big screen!”
In 2010, Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Yimou cooperated in “the love of hawthorn trees” as “the girl of intrigue”.

Jay Chou reproduces the magic car skills

Recently, Jay Chou reappeared the god car technology and caused a hot discussion among netizens. It was recently exposed to a video of Jay Chou’s car racing. The video content is very cool. Jay Chou is also very handsome wearing a racing suit. Let’s see what is the specific situation?

Jay Chou reproduces the magic car skills

On October 15th, Jay Chou reappeared the magic car technology on the hot search. Jay Chou once appeared in the racing movie “Initial D”. I believe many netizens who like him have seen it. Recently, Jay Chou’s video of a racing car caused a hot discussion. The video content is very cool. Cool, Jay Chou is wearing a racing suit is also handsome, aggressive, and brave to break through the time limit, between the electric and the flint, the pointer reversed, time and space reversed.

However, netizens continued to watch and found that this video turned out to be an advertisement! Follow Jay Chou, the spokesperson of the Tudor watch brand, and drift rapidly through time and space. Unexpectedly, Jay Chou’s video of recreating the god car skills turned out to be an advertisement! But this advertisement has also caused many people to miss the movie that Jay Chou once appeared. I don’t know when Jay Chou will play another movie.

Jay Chou battles the screen again

Jay Chou has always been the character of the “Great God” level in the entertainment industry. Whether it is music or film, whether it is now or behind the scenes, Jay Chou has become a “golden signboard” in the entertainment industry, all works related to him. There is a high popularity.

The movie “Hurricane” is also a behind-the-scenes work by Jay Chou. This work also exemplifies the “singing singer”, and his wife Kun Ling will star in the film “Lv Lili”. This film also retains Jay Chou’s style very well. The racing elements have once again made many viewers see the return of Jay Chou. I want to know how many people in the previous “Initial D” have been excited. This preparation has been going on for six years. Intentional work will once again take you to a world of beautiful guys, idols, racing cars, but the most regrettable is that Jay Chou retired as a producer behind the scenes, and would like to see again “the car is not old.”

The influence of Jay Chou’s music field is unquestionable, so his music works have been adapted into films. There is a precedent. The previous “Unspeakable Secrets” made the Almighty label deeply engraved on Jay Chou. Another new Jay Chou’s new eponymous drama “The Arrangement of Dandelion” is expected to meet the audience. “The dandelion next to the elementary school fence is a scene with a taste in memory. The sound of a nap in the nap playground is still very good after many years…” The familiar melody has its own story in everyone’s heart. The adaptation of classic songs into dramas will definitely lead to the feelings of many people. Once the male gods and the classics of the past, such a combination is very “killing.”


Former French President Jacques Chirac died at the age of 86

French media said Jacques Chirac, the former French president, died on September 26. From the mayor of Paris to the president of France, his political career will make him one of the most outstanding people in the Fifth Republic of France.
According to Le Monde on September 26, former French President Chirac died on September 26 at the age of 86. In his political career, he held the highest position in the French Republic, and his political career lasted for more than 40 years.


The factories involved in spraying green on Sanmenxia Mountain have been ordered to stop production and rectify for trial.

In response, Jinjiang Mining officials said to the media that the non-ferrous liquid system was purchased from Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and its main function was “dust suppression”. According to the person in charge of Zhu’s surname of Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the product is only used for sand fixation and dust suppression, not for “satellite prevention” as the netizens questioned.
On the afternoon of the 12th, Pengmei News contacted the person in charge of Cui surname of Henan Jiujin Technology Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the product. He told Pengmei News that the principle of the online transmission of “green-sprayed mountain bodies in a mining area of Sanmenxia City, Henan Province” was actually “ordinary dust suppressant plus color paste”, but only in ordinary dust suppressant. The color paste is mixed in, but all of them are vegetable gum. “Spraying can show that it is really doing dust suppression work, giving people a distinctive reminder. Generally in accordance with the ratio of eight thousandths, if it does not appear, appropriate promotion.
Peng Mei News noted that the State Intellectual Property Office announced in March this year that the national invention patent entitled “A Method for the Preparation of Quick Filming Liquid Dust Suppressor” approved by Henan Jiujin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. showed that the invention disclosed a method for the preparation of Quick Filming Liquid Dust Suppressor, which belongs to the field of Dust Suppressor.
The announcement said that the dust suppressant prepared by the invention has the effect of absorbing water, penetrating and binding, and spraying on the road surface after mixing with water. It can not only absorb water molecules in the air, but also quickly form a wet and non-volatile water-retaining film on the road surface, so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting dust flying, and quickly form a continuous and complete film. Wind and rain resistance can protect the road surface. The raw materials of dust suppressant are green and degradable, and there is no secondary pollution.
Henan Jiujin Technology Co., Ltd. said that in the incident, Henan Qianshan Wanshui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was one of its agents, responsible for promoting the dust suppressant of color paste. The cost of common dust suppressant spraying is a few cents, but the cost of color paste is about 1.1 and 1.2 yuan per square meter. Qianshan Wanshui Company took 120,000 yuan of goods from their company, but it was unexpected that it would encounter trouble as soon as it was sold and used.
This person in charge introduced the new product of “Dust Suppressor and Colour Paste”, which was previously identified as non-toxic and harmless, but because of its water-soluble characteristics, fear of rain wash, it usually rains little, heavy rain is more troublesome, so spraying it in dry and rainless places is effective for several years. Generally speaking, the actual effect also needs to consider whether the contact surface is soil or rock and cement, so the rock is more resistant to retention.
According to the official website information of Henan Jiujin Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the company is mainly engaged in the development and research of high-tech products.


What happened in London?

London broke out again in London

On Saturday (7th), hundreds of “Anti-European” organizations and people marched in various landmark buildings in London. Among them, Downing Street, where the Prime Minister’s official residence is located, became one of the main battlefields of the protest. The people gathered on Downing Street. In the hand, there are slogans such as “welcome immigrants” and “opposition (Johnson) coup.”
However, in the process of gathering, the “League” organized by the “Democratic Youth Football League” (DFLA) supported the parade. The “Democratic Youth Football League” is an organization formed in 2017. According to The Times, the organization has extensive contacts with the extreme right-wing movement. The Premier League has warned the club that “the organization is using fans and stadiums to promote the anti-Muslim agenda.” .
According to “Russia Today”, the “Democratic Youth Football League” approached the parade and yelled at them. Then they threw a can to the crowd supporting the “Brexit”, which officially opened the conflict between the two sides. And attracted the intervention of the police.
The Huffington Post reported that in order to prevent conflicts between the two sides, the police deployed a large number of police forces on the scene to form a wall of people, separating the two groups of people. After the official start of the parade, the police also sent a large number of personnel to surround the parade, and from time to time confronted the anti-parade.


Storm Group Receives Letters of Concern

Storm Group’s Letter of Concern: It is necessary to explain the impact of Feng Xin’s arrest on the company.
Sept. 3, Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent a letter of concern to Storm Group (300431) asking the company to state whether it was aware of Feng Xin’s arrest approval. If so, please specify the specific time for knowing the matter and whether it fulfilled its obligation to disclose information in time.
In the letter of concern, it is requested to clarify whether Feng Xin’s suspected bribery and job embezzlement against non-state functionaries are related to the company. If so, please specify the specific situation and its impact on the company.
In the letter of concern, Feng Xin is still the legal representative, chairman and general manager of the company. Whether Feng Xin can perform his duties normally after his arrest is approved by the procuratorate for suspected crimes, if not, please explain the impact of the matter on the company and the measures the company intends to take to solve it.
The following is the full text of the letter of concern:
Letter of Concern about Storm Group Co., Ltd.
GEM Concern Letter No. 238 [2019]
The board of directors of Storm Group Co., Ltd.
On the afternoon of September 2, 2019, Shanghai People’s Procuratorate Weixin Public Number “Shanghai Procuratorate” issued a news that “recently, the Jing’an District Procuratorate approved the arrest of Feng Xin, the legal representative of the suspect Storm Group Co., Ltd., on suspicion of bribery and job embezzlement against non-state functionaries. The case is under further processing.” Our department is very concerned about this. Please check and explain the following matters:

  1. Whether the company is aware of the matter, and if so, please specify the specific time when it is aware of the matter and whether it has fulfilled its obligation to disclose information in a timely manner.
  2. Whether Feng Xin’s suspected bribery and job embezzlement against non-state functionaries are related to the company, if so, please specify the specific situation and its impact on the company.
  3. Feng Xin is still the legal representative, chairman and general manager of the company. Whether Feng Xin can perform his duties normally after being arrested after being approved by the procuratorate for suspected crimes, if not, please explain the impact of the matter on the company and the measures the company intends to take.

There is a sentence in my heart

Dream round, but, people go, empty building.
Do you remember the selfish me and the generous you?
Mother bought delicious food, 广州桑拿 because of your sister’s existence, I can only eat half of it. On New Year’s Day, the elders gave me blessings, as if they also gave you a lot. I am an only child, why my parents care to my cousin!
At that time, my only “dream” was to hit you, my sister.
Therefore, when I was a child, I often spoiled my parents, put you aside, let you do everything, but also arrogantly scold you, satirize you, sarcasm you.
But in return it was——
In the morning when the breeze stirs up, there is always a dressing table in front of which a well-dressed sister is gently and carefully dressing up for her baby sister with a smile. At that time, the naughty sister will hold up her wicked mouth, hold her long hair with her small hand, and watch her sister’s painful expression, then she will be bad. Bad let go. However, her ignorance, her ignorance, her capriciousness and unreasonable naughty, is that you forgive her again and again with your sister’s demeanor, just because she is your sister, cousin!
Now, my “dream” has come true. Finally, you don’t need to see the “annoying” you. In high school, you only come back once a month, and there are fewer people to quarrel with and spoil. But, why, I began to miss you? I don’t want to admit, I’m afraid to hear such a tone: “miss your sister! It’s right, who let you be a child.”
Yeah, when I was a kid, 深圳桑拿网 wasn’t that my only dream?
However, in the face of my heart, I want to say to you, sister, in fact, I miss you very much, always miss you. It’s just that my unspoken mouth doesn’t know how to express it.
Autumn is bitter. People are lonely.
It seems that my sister hasn’t come back for two months. Oh, no, it’s two months and five days! Autumn is coming. The oranges on the tree tops are red. Why doesn’t my sister even make a phone call? Is autumn the waiting season?
It’s Friday at last. As soon as school is over, I rush home to search for the things at home. But the original seal of the house makes my heart cool. Hasn’t my sister come back yet?
“Shuo, your sister called back today and said she bought you a lot of delicious food. She said she missed you very much.”
“When will she come back?”
Yeah, my sister is coming back today!
It was six o’clock and the 桑拿广州 night was coming, but my sister had not come back yet. I stared at the clock and saw the second hand slowly.
Will she come back?
It’s seven o’clock. It’s completely dark. I still don’t die. Maybe she’s delayed on the way? A motorcycle rings and my sister comes back! She rushes out and responds to me with empty alleys.
Time goes by minute by minute, leaving me farther and farther.
Sister, are you unwilling to help me realize such a small dream?
The bell sounded quietly at twelve o’clock. I rubbed my sad eyes and turned my eyes to the end of the distant path again. You’re sure to come back, aren’t you?
Is this your punishment for me, sister?
Sister, I really miss you. I miss you every minute and every second. I miss you all the time. I want to call my sister again, lose my temper again, and act like a spoiler again. Sister, I love you this sentence I have been in my heart for a long time.
Sister, please help me realize my dream again.
Sister, know or not, know or not.