Important changes in domestic epidemic situation

On April 4, 31 provinces, districts and cities (including XPCC) reported 30 newly confirmed cases, 25 of which were imported cases from abroad and 5 of which were local cases, all from Guangdong, according to the National Health Commission.
The governor of Chang’an Street noted that this is the first time that there have been five new cases in China since March 13.
All the 5 cases were imported from abroad, 3 from Guangzhou and 2 from Jieyang.
The governor of Chang’an Street noted that the number of cases imported from abroad has exceeded the number of cases imported from China.
As of 24:00 on April 4, according to the report of 31 provinces, districts and cities (including XPCC), there are 1376 confirmed cases (295 severe cases), including 697 confirmed cases (including 18 severe cases) imported from abroad, and 679 local cases (648 in Hubei)
In addition, on April 4, 31 provinces, districts and cities (including XPCC) reported 47 new cases of asymptomatic infection, including 16 imported asymptomatic infections; 3 confirmed cases (3 imported from abroad) were transferred on that day; 50 medical observation cases (8 imported from abroad) were relieved on that day. There are still 1024 asymptomatic infections (244 Cases imported from abroad) in medical observation, of which 715 cases are in Hubei Province.

Fujian report smuggling award 10000

The rapid spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Fujian, which accounts for 18.3% of the total length of the national coastline, has been explicitly requested to prevent the import of outbreaks from abroad.
Among them,
Since March 26, several counties, districts and county-level cities in Quanzhou, the hometown of overseas Chinese, have issued relevant notices, including Fengze District, Taishang District, Quangang District, Licheng District, Fengze District, Luojiang District, Yongchun County, Dehua County, Hui’an County, Anxi County, Shishi City, Jinjiang City, Nan’an City, etc. noted that the novel coronavirus pneumonia control unit was issued by the local emergency department or public security bureau.
Take novel coronavirus pneumonia as an example: in March 28th, the Licheng branch of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau issued the circular on the strict prevention of the entry of new crown pneumonia epidemic in Licheng. According to the circular, at present, the rapid spread of the international epidemic has increased the input risk. In order to further consolidate the effectiveness of the epidemic prevention and control work in our region, maintain the hard won situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control, jointly protect the beautiful home of Licheng, mobilize the masses to actively provide illegal entry personnel, organizers, participants, fail to implement medical observation as required, deliberately escape from health management, etc Personnel clues, weaving and strengthening the prevention and control network of imported epidemic situation, fully covering, full chain and seamless, focusing on various prevention and control work to ensure “external input and internal rebound”.
The circular stressed that “it is strictly prohibited to illegally cross the national (border) border, organize and transport others to illegally cross the national (border) border, assist others to illegally cross the national (border) border or assist others to illegally exit and enter the country, and any enterprise or individual is strictly prohibited to keep, hide and transport illegal entry personnel (including Chinese citizens and foreigners).”
For those who violate the above provisions, the circular states that they will be punished in accordance with the law of the people’s Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security, the criminal law of the people’s Republic of China and the law of the people’s Republic of China on the administration of exit and entry respectively. Among them, novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia or suspected patients who have stolen the border from the border or know the new crown pneumonia diagnosed or suspected patients to organize and transport the Vietnamese border (border) constitute other crimes will be punished according to the provisions of “joint punishment for multiple offense”.
In the circular, Licheng branch of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau called on the masses of the people to actively report the organizers, participants and recipients (enterprises) of illegal immigrants. “For those who provide effective clues to assist the public security organs in solving cases, each reward is 1000 to 5000 yuan.”.
It is worth mentioning that the awards offered by the above counties, districts and cities are different: for example, Luojiang District and Shishi City only mentioned that “those who report meritorious deeds will be given heavy awards according to relevant regulations”, and the highest prize is “those who provide effective clues to assist the public security organs in finding cases will be rewarded 10000 yuan each time” proposed by Taiwan business district.
In addition to Quanzhou, similar notices were issued on March 29 in the north bank economic development zone of Meizhou Bay in Putian and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Fujian.
The Circular of the novel coronavirus infection pneumonia headquarters issued by the North Branch of the Putian Public Security Bureau said, “the masses should actively inform the organizers, participants and recipients of illegal immigrants. For those who report meritorious deeds, a bonus of 3000 yuan shall be given according to relevant regulations, and the personal information and safety of the informant shall be protected according to law. ” The Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic command will reward the 5000 yuan RMB for “reporting the content.”
Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Fujian at 24 hours as of March 28th, 42 cases (0 cases were cured and 0 cases were discharged, 42 cases were hospitalized, and no deaths). Fujian reported 2 suspected cases of new coronavirus pneumonia.

New coronal animal origin virus

China Wei Jian novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) joint investigation report was released by the State Council of China on February 29th. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a kind of animal derived virus. According to the existing evidence, air transmission is not considered as the main mode of transmission. At present, the phylogenetic analysis of the whole genome gene sequence shows that bats seem to be the host of the virus, but the intermediate host has not been identified.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia is an animal derived virus intermediate host.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia virus is an animal derived virus. At present, the phylogenetic analysis of the whole genome gene sequence shows that bats seem to be the host of the virus, but the intermediate host has not been identified. China has carried out work in three important areas of animal traceability of the epidemic: ① carry out early investigation on the cases in Wuhan in December 2019; ② carry out environmental sampling on the South China seafood wholesale market and other markets; ③ carry out a detailed investigation on the sources and types of wild animals sold in the South China seafood wholesale market and the whereabouts of these animals after the closure of the market.
Main mode of transmission of virus: droplets and close contact
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is transmitted through droplets and close contacts between infected and infected persons without protection. No novel coronavirus pneumonia is reported. In addition, according to the existing evidence, air transmission is not considered as the main mode of transmission. However, in medical institutions, there may be the possibility of air transmission due to aerosol generated by medical operations. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been confirmed in novel coronavirus pneumonia. However, according to available evidence, fecal oral transmission seems not to be the main mode of transmission of new crown pneumonia, and its status and role in the transmission of new crown pneumonia virus remains to be determined.
Interpersonal communication in China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia is mainly limited to family and community communication is very limited.
In China, the novel coronavirus pneumonia is mainly transmitted in the family, the report shows. A total of 1308 cases (1836 cases in total) were reported in 344 cases of clustering in Guangdong and Sichuan provinces, most of which (78% – 85%) occurred in family members. However, the preliminary study in Guangdong estimated that the second generation recurrence rate of family members was about 3-10%.
In addition, up to now, the vast majority of cases are from or directly related to Wuhan or Hubei. Community communication is very limited. Most of the local cases come from clustered cases, most of which occur in families.
Almost all of the novel coronavirus pneumonia is susceptible to most mild cases and can be cured.
Because the novel coronavirus pneumonia is a newly discovered pathogen, the population is generally immune to deficiency. According to the epidemiological characteristics observed in China at present, almost everyone is susceptible to infection, and further study is needed to determine whether they have immunity after infection. Patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia usually have symptoms for 5-6 days (average incubation period of 5-6 days, range 1-14 days). Most of them are mild and can recover. Severe and high-risk groups are over 60 years of age.
“The bravest, most flexible and most active prevention and control in history”
The report points out that in the face of this unprecedented virus, China has taken the bravest, most flexible and most active prevention and control measures in history.
China has adopted novel coronavirus pneumonia measures, which effectively cut off the transmission of virus and provide important experience for coping with the new crown pneumonia in the world. Although community-based transmission has occurred in other areas of Hubei Province, and other provinces with imported cases also have family clustering epidemics, these unique and unprecedented measures taken by China have completely reversed the escalating epidemic situation in Hubei and other regions.
The novel coronavirus is a new pathogen that is highly infectious and spread rapidly. It will have public health problems and economic and social impacts in any environment, the team said. It is neither SARS nor influenza. It is not enough to prevent the spread, reduce the disease and save lives to construct the understanding of the virus and formulate the prevention and control measures based on the two known pathogens.
China China novel coronavirus pneumonia joint expert inspection group is composed of 25 experts from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, the United States and WHO, covering epidemiology, virology, clinical management, public health and other fields. The foreign leader of the joint inspection team is Dr. Bruce elwald of the World Health Organization, and the Chinese leader is Dr. Liang Wannian.
From February 16 to 24, the joint investigation team carried out investigation and research in China for 9 days. In four provinces of Beijing, Hubei, Guangdong and Sichuan, we visited designated hospitals, fangcang hospitals and grass-roots communities, including relevant departments and disease control institutions, etc., and had in-depth discussions and exchanges with government officials, health and epidemic prevention workers, medical personnel, community doctors and residents.
The report of the joint investigation group is mainly divided into six aspects: virus, outbreak, transmission dynamics, disease process and severity, China’s response measures and knowledge limitations.

Over 1.2 billion imported masks

On the 20th, the Ministry of Commerce held an online press conference.
Li Xingqian, director of the Department of foreign trade of the Ministry of Commerce, said that up to now, more than 1.2 billion masks and 13 million sets of protective clothing have been imported in various trade modes. Among them, the total number of cross-border e-commerce platforms and enterprises in 59 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test areas has imported more than 50 million masks and nearly 1 million sets of protective clothing.
The supply of international medical products has made an important contribution to China’s fight against the epidemic and made up for the shortage of short-term production and supply in China. Medical material guarantee is an all-round test for all links of import trade. Practice has proved that all links of the import chain respond quickly, operate efficiently, and reach the end-user in the shortest time, which is smooth and effective in general.

Security Inspection Upgrade of Jinjing Express for Safety

According to the Notice on Strengthening the Safety Management of Delivery Goods during the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary issued jointly by the State Post Office, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Security Department, the security inspection of express delivery to Beijing has been upgraded in an all-round way since September 15.
“Notice” requires that delivery enterprises should strengthen the safety inspection of delivery items during celebrations, implement the responsibility of the main body of safety management, strictly abide by the regulations prohibiting the delivery of items, and conscientiously implement safety management systems such as receiving and inspecting, real-name receiving and passing security inspection.
Strictly enforce the inspection system of receiving and sending, and refuse to accept and send any articles that are prohibited from sending, which are not safe to confirm, or which the sender refuses to inspect. From September 15 to October 2, 2019, it is strictly forbidden to receive low-altitude, slow-speed small aircraft and spare parts, “remote-controlled mines” and “bomb alarm clock” toys sent to Beijing.
Strict implementation of the real-name receiving and sending system, in addition to letters and express mail sent by users who have signed security agreements, the sending enterprises shall check and register the identity of the sender and the items sent, confirming that the identity of the person’s card is the same, and that the items sent and the registration information are the same before receiving and sending; the sender refuses to produce valid identity documents, and the mail is detailed. If the identity information filled in in the service documents such as the bill of lading and express delivery is inconsistent with the valid identity document presented, or the person’s card is inconsistent, or if the information of the valid identity document is refused to be registered, it shall not be received and mailed.
Strictly enforce the security inspection system for overflights. From September 15 to October 2, 2019, all local mail delivery enterprises must pass the X-ray machine security inspection for the mail express sent to Beijing, and one by one cover or paste the inspection and overflights security labels. The security inspection labels should indicate the security inspection units and provinces. Beijing mail delivery enterprises fully implement the second security inspection of landing and City mail express, and all mail express without passing through security identification shall be returned, and shall not be forwarded or dispatched.
“Notice” emphasizes that citizens, legal persons and other organizations should abide by the provisions on the safety management of sending goods. When sending express mail, they should show their valid identity documents, fill in the details of mail, express delivery documents and other service documents truthfully, and cooperate with the sending enterprises to do a good job in receiving and inspecting the goods, and they should not hand in the prohibited items.
The notification requires that if the postal enterprises fail to strictly implement the security inspection system for express mail, strictly abide by the regulations on the management of prohibited items, and do not strictly check and register the sender’s identity and the items delivered, the postal administrative departments shall, in accordance with the Postal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Anti-terrorism Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Express Service of the People’s Republic of China. The Provisional Regulations and other laws and regulations shall be strictly investigated and dealt with.


My teacher is very avant-garde.

A black, dense hair like a black waterfall, a pair of shining, clear eyes like transparent pearls, a pair of small and exquisite, symbolizing wisdom of the glasses, a round face, every day with a brilliant smile, scholar’s style also exudes the elegant and dignified temperament of sunshine. This is our Chinese teacher, 广州桑拿 Mr. Zhao.
Although Mr. Zhao is over 30 years old, her love for beauty is universal. Her love for beauty is increasing and changing every day. Sometimes she wears a broken flower dress with a white coat and a fresh pink bag on her shoulders. Sometimes she wears a white T-shirt with a pink shawl and a blue flowing skirt on her lower body with shining feet. Bright and high-heeled shoes make people one of the brighter, with a faint fragrance of perfume on the body, which makes people intoxicated. Mr. Zhao is a fashion hot mom.
Likewise, as a “hot fashion mom”, Mr. Zhao also has a set of skills in teaching and educating people. In order to make our troublemakers more interested in learning, as soon as the first day of junior middle school, the teacher implemented the system of “clear rewards and penalties”. Make a list and add or subtract points according to each student’s performance, such as classroom activists, homework completers and other rewards. On the contrary, more mistakes will be made, the more serious mistakes will be deducted. The bigger the number of points, the more 10 points a book will be rewarded. If you accidentally become a negative point,深圳桑拿网 you will be punished. As for the content of the penalty, it is not serious, that is, to let you copy the text several times, stand for a few lessons and so on. Because Mr. Zhao usually treats us kindly, we also know how to lift, so in most cases there will be no phenomenon of punishment and copying, but we try our best to grab the point, let the teacher laugh. In addition, teachers often play games with us in class. That time, the teacher typed out a few words on the screen and played a game of “you say I guess” with us: in groups, each group was represented by two people, one person said, one person guessed, after four groups of words, which group used the shortest time which group won. We scrambled and shouted more and more fiercely. Finally, our group sent 桑拿广州 me to fight with Cheng Jiaqi. In the process of guessing, Cheng Jiaqi described to me: “A kind of fruit…” I listened for a long time and my mind was blank. What is it? Oh, “Grapes!” I shouted. Then came the cheers of our group… Because we passed the customs. The teacher looked at us and laughed.
Teacher Zhao not only uses some special methods in class, but also is avant-garde after class. Generally speaking, teachers pay special attention to their academic achievements. They wish that students are reading books all the time, but not Mr. Zhao. On Saturdays and Sundays, Mr. Zhao took great risks in organizing our afternoon reading and reading some literary classics, which helped us to experience life better, and also helped us learn the fundamentals of human beings, the importance of morality, meditation and self-cultivation. At the same time, we also learned the broad and profound Chinese culture. Another time, Ms. Zhao said in class that she would take us to the orphanage. I was wondering how a teacher could support us to do activities unrelated to learning. Mr. Zhao must have said on the spur of the moment that it was impossible. However, the teacher not only took us, but also organized several small programs, which really impressed me. That activity, I participated in, not only exercised my organizational ability, but also let me realize how happy I am, I should be satisfied, I should learn to be grateful.
I have to admit that Miss Zhao is an avant-garde teacher. Everything she does is so different. She does something that other teachers don’t want to do. Other teachers only care about the results, while she pays more attention to the education of our personality and the experience of life. She will not easily give us pressure. She hopes more. We grow up healthily and happily!
Teacher Zhao’s avant-garde deeds are many. They are as warm as spring breeze, as bright as sunshine, and as sweet as fruit juice. Teacher Zhao uses his own unique method to let us learn in activities, harvest in joy, and appreciate in moving, so that our life is more colorful.

I say you listen

By the side of Xin’an River, the dim streetlights and the neon in the distance are intertwined, and they are almost tender and charming in their bones. The willow trees whisper 广州桑拿 along the river, casting a beautiful reflection of Wang Wang Wang. Like a gravel, it stirs up ripples in memory.
Once upon a time, it was such a beautiful occasion that you sat beside me for a rest.
“Daddy, this time I took another 100% of the exam, what did Daddy reward me?” I blinked, eyes projected the light of childlike innocence in all stages.
Even with all kinds of affection, but eye wave flow, in your heart is as sharp as a knife.
You wearily close your bloodstained eyes, like a dreamer, trying hard, but still unable to satisfy yourself. Your lips tremble, and your voice sounds like it’s floating from a distance, covered with dust of the years: “Well, what reward do you want for porridge?”
I laughed happily, like a child who got candy, and said, “The skirt of the day before yesterday is beautiful, and there are strawberries on it. I want that skirt!”
The atmosphere around him was so cold that withered leaves whirled in the air and drifted down like numbers, buried in the old age of that place. Your eyebrows are locked and your voice seems to be negotiable: “porridge, next time, the next porridge exam will be 100 points, you will buy it.”
Like a basin of cold water, poured out the enthusiasm of the full cavity, tears patter down, wet the scarf under the neck. The fireworks that have just risen in my world have fallen again, and they are falling apart in an instant. My voice was crying: “But Dad, my classmates have it, but I don’t have it.”
You just opened your eyes and closed them again. Then I heard you calmly say in a shameful voice, “Sorry, porridge, Dad has no money.”
I was stunned. At that moment, nobody spoke. The water of Xin’an River was still flowing, flowing 深圳桑拿网 with ripples of transparent sorrow.
Since then, you always come home late at night. At night, I sat on the sofa and watched the hands turn round and round. The ticking bells were too loud in the silent night. But in the morning, I will find myself lying in the quilt and touching my side – cold.
So I lied to myself that you were still at home waiting for me to have breakfast, and rushed out of bed quickly without even wearing shoes. I searched the rooms for you, but there was nothing. I walked into the living room disappointedly and saw the cooled food on the table. I laughed. Yeah, you were waiting for me to have breakfast, but the breakfast was still there, but you left.
I complain that I got up too late and tried to search for your traces. I climbed into bed in silence. I caught a glimpse of your gray hair on the pillow, grabbed it, leaned against the bed and cried, burying it deep in my knee.
I was tired of crying. I stood on the balcony and watched the crowds shouting. My eyes were sour. But Dad, why can’t I find a figure who misses you?
Later in the middle of the night, 桑拿广州 I saw you leaning down at the window and looking at me, tracing my cheeks over and over, then leaning down to kiss my forehead and murmuring, “porridge, you don’t blame my father for being right. My father works hard outside to make your life better.” At the end of the speech, you hang down the head that you have never hung down, and laugh low. At that moment, your solidity as a man all collapsed.
Dad, porridge will blame you.
Dad, you said that you came out early and returned late in order to make my life better, but even if you can go a long way in your career, I am looking at you a little bit away from me. How many times have I looked at the intersection, but I can’t even see the edge of your corner.
Dad, you’ve gone too far.
Dad, your porridge has grown up, your porridge can not be beautiful skirts, nor a better life, just need a month of water in the evening, we sit on the chair by the river, I said, you listen.

Sunshine Maternal Love

The afternoon sunshine penetrates the window and sprinkles warmly on the orange room and on my heart. This sunshine, as warm as jade, reminds me of my mother’s 桑拿广州 loving, warm and expectant eyes and mutters, “Mother, Mother…”
In my memory, my mother was always so kind, just like the sunshine in the afternoon.
I vaguely remember that small me, in the summer woods, bathed in the breeze, chasing the dancing flowers and butterflies, playing happily, leaving behind a string of silver bells of laughter… Mother, sitting on the bench next to me, smiled and watched my happy game. Whenever I look back at her, her kind face is also looking at me, looking at my leisurely smile. At that time, I really felt that my mother’s smiling face was the most beautiful face in the world, not to mention the city, but the small me. Soon after, tired of 深圳桑拿网 playing, they rushed to their mother’s arms, giggling, small face overflowing with happiness. Mother took my sweaty little hand and carefully wiped the sweat off my face. Her pure eyes filled with laughter and handed me a glass of cool water. I drummed up my cheeks, “Gu Du Gu Du”, and drank all the water in a few mouthfuls. Mother saw that I had finished drinking, so she laughed and took me into her arms. Tell me about Hou Yi’s myth of shooting the sun and mending the sky with a girl’s cochlea. Sometimes there are some principles of being a man. I listen carefully and nod at times as if I don’t understand them. It was not until the blue night was covered with stars that we went home hand in hand. Now in retrospect, it was a time of warm sunshine.
Apple wine, in the sunshine, is a little bit, little by little fermentation, even the surrounding air is filled with the taste of happiness… Like, my mother and I had a happy time.
My mother’s strict teaching and loving kindness accompanied me to grow up on the road of sunshine.
Mother’s love is full of sunshine. Mother’s enlightenment education to me is just like the sunshine, giving me strength, so that my mind gradually thrives.
I still remember that when I was under three years old, I was sitting on a soft bicycle cushion and 广州桑拿 walking with my mother on the way to my grandmother’s house. Advertisements floated before me, and my mother looked at them and taught me to recognize words, which laid a solid foundation for me to go to kindergarten. If it hadn’t been for my mother’s work, there would have been no excellent grades for me in grade one or two. In the third grade, my English trip began. However, the journey did not go smoothly. My classmates and I rejected English very much because of our new contacts. Naturally, English scores will not go up. I got only four points in an English test. At that time, the highest score in our class was eight, and everyone’s grades were not good, so I was not ashamed, even proud to say to my classmates, “What English do Chinese learn?” Mother just sighed and said, “You can’t go on like this, English must be learned well!” After that, I didn’t say anything, busy. Something else has gone. I thought it was over like this, but——
I suffered as soon as summer vacation arrived. Mother forced me to learn vocabulary every day, often making me snot and tear. Sometimes my mother and I were angry, deliberately miswritten words, over and over again, so that her mother was anxious to sweat. However, no matter how many times I was wrong and how anxious she was, she never said I was stupid and showed me a little angry. Still patiently, patiently correct my mistakes again and again, teach me to read, teach me to write. Finally, a summer vacation has passed, and I have memorized all the words in the third grade. So, in the fourth grade, my English learning was like a fish in water, and naturally it got better. Of course, it’s all due to my mother’s sunny love.
The sunshine is warm, I grab a mouthful and taste it. It’s very sweet and warm, just like mother’s love.

White black

In the morning, the sun shines behind the clouds. Although the “ruthless shelter” of clouds can’t stop its “brilliant” in the slightest.
Put on your schoolbag, cart and go to school. From the corridor to the door, you can see all kinds of people in just a minute. “Workmen” carry briefcases and start to catch buses from 桑拿广州the doorway; grandparents practice Tai Chi on Sunshine Square in the early morning; bicycles and electric cars carry children to school. It seems that no one is ever idle on weekdays. Riding a bicycle “fly” on the way to school, chatting with friends, talking about the “plan” of the day. Red light, green light. The yellow light seems to be absent.
A morning course may be boring, but it will have different knowledge. It’s not easy for tourists to get ten minutes between classes, but more than half of them are teachers. Fly into the toilet, rush back, and have class again. Half way through the fourth lesson, the belly “naturally” screamed. Only then did I realize that I had forgotten to eat breakfast in the morning. After class, the bell rings and rushes to the restaurant to enjoy the good time of lunch.
Lunch break, reading, drawing and doing exercises. Only the class representatives hovered between the office and the classroom. Holding stacks of homework, push open the door of the classroom: homework points!
Afternoon classes are more or less interesting. He is sleepy in class and energetic after class. In physical education class, the afternoon is “not quiet”. In the last self-study session, I was looking forward to the assignment by the class representative. 深圳桑拿网Take out the homework book “crazy” to write homework, but no one knows that the head teacher pushed in the door: “Today we will discuss about it together.”
Well, it’s hard tonight.
The trolley is crowded at the school gate. We happily walked home on the “Tao Dao”. Take a look at the “traffic jam contest” and enjoy yourself as a “green race” (how healthy to ride a bicycle). Okay. And “heavy” homework.
At nine o’clock, do your homework. I pulled out the novel which deceived me a lot of tears. Turning over their stories, fantasizing about their future.
At ten o’clock, put the book under the pillow. Turn off the lights and sleep. In my dream, I met beauty.
Of course, it’s just a working day. There are holidays.
Seven o’clock sunshine shines on the hair of the shawl. The songs in the headphones are repeated over and over again, one song after another. All the way early in the morning, shake your breakfast.
All morning, I wandered between reviewing, homework and preview. Look at a pile of textbooks on the table. The wall was covered with homework on a large post-it note. Looking at the posters on the wall, looking for mobile phones, talking about them and their motivation, you will have the motivation to write your homework.
In the afternoon, I wandered in the square. Some friends play table games and fly kites. Eat a bunch of ice-sugar gourds and sit on the rocks by the river. Watching the fish swimming in the river, I fantasize that I can see the scenery with you one day. But the more you look, the more lonely you are. The more you look, the more you lose. The cry in my heart always repeats this over and over again: Brother, I love you.
Seven o’clock, bring your nails. Sitting in front of the zither, he played the piano music he had changed. 广州桑拿Even if it’s a zither, it’s very nice to pop up. After all, it’s your masterpiece. I can pop up with my eyes closed.
Find out the notebook at eight. Writing our story, I was moved to cry by myself. But, brother, when on earth will you come back? I miss you.
At ten o’clock, turn on your cell phone. Say good night. He went to sleep happily.
In my dream, I dreamed.