GRF fined 100 million won

Recently, Lck has been in a mess. The transfer news is overwhelming. Many teams are nearly reorganized. Only deft is left in DRX, and KT’s player contracts are almost expired. It is unknown whether they will renew their contracts. Khan, SKT’s last single player, and CLID and Haru, two wild players, are also separated. However, the most interesting is GRF, but the transfer of GRF has not been reported so far. However, recently, fist officials suddenly announced a major punishment result. They banned the former coach cvmax of GRF and the former representative Zhao of GRF, and fined the GRF team 100 million won, which was converted into more than 600000 yuan.
Many netizens said that they could accept the fine and Zhao’s punishment, but the punishment for cvmax was a little confusing. Did cvmax participate in the punishment? For cvmax, I believe that many small partners are still familiar with it, leading GRF in the past has made no mistake. Although there are few wins in bo5, GRF’s performance in the regular season is very bright Yes, it also has a strong ruling power in the Lck area. However, cvmax was fired because of the disagreement with the management. Later, GRF’s performance in the S9 global finals was also seen. After being expelled, cvmax also revealed some black material about GRF, which finally tore the skin. But some time ago, DRX just announced that cvmax would join in, and DRX would also reorganize the galaxy warship around deft, but now there is such a thing, it can’t help but wonder, is deft’s S10 cold again?
In fact, for cvmax joining DRX and deft in S10, many netizens are very optimistic. After all, the ability of cvmax has been seen before, which helps GRF achieve good results. On the other hand, deft is more familiar to us. From EDG, it has always been outstanding. After returning to Lck, it has also won the championship of Lck. This year, although the team’s performance is not very good, deft’s performance is really good. One person carries a team. If two people work together, the S10 next year is also very expected. However, now cvmax has been banned permanently by South Korean fist officials, and DRX has just signed cvmax, which is a bit awkward. At present, the DRX official hasn’t made a voice. What about the follow-up? We have to wait for the official notice.

Rainstorm caused by artificial rainfall

In order to alleviate the hot and dry conditions in Dubai, the National Meteorological Center of the United Arab Emirates continued to make artificial rainfall recently, but unexpectedly caused heavy rain, resulting in a large area of water accumulation, traffic congestion and road paralysis in Dubai
In Dubai’s shopping mall, rain poured down from the ceiling, staff struggled to save inventory, and customers walked on the shimmering floor. According to statistics, since the beginning of 2019, there have been about 181 artificial rainfall in the UAE.

Lifan car owes salary and debt

Recently, when visiting the production base of Lifan automobile in Beibei District, Chongqing, the reporter found that the factory has been in a semi shutdown state since this year, and has defaulted on the employees’ wages for nearly two months. The reporter inquired the mobile phone map and found that Lifan auto sales outlets in Hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities have been basically closed. Many dealers of Lifan automobile said that they were often in arrears with their funds, but they were far away from picking up the car.
The shutdown or semi shutdown of automobile factories and the shutdown of most sales networks indicate that Lifan shares are in deep trouble. On the evening of October 25, Lifan issued the third quarter report, showing a net loss of 2.633 billion yuan, while according to its report in the first half of the year, its total liabilities reached 31.2 billion yuan. Why does Lifan stock go to the stage of huge loss? Does it have the opportunity to turn the situation around?
According to the 2019 half year report of Lifan Co., Ltd., the operating revenue is 5.17 billion yuan, and the operating cost is 4.89 billion yuan. Although the operating gross profit is 280 million yuan, the total sales expenses, financial expenses and management expenses are 1.22 billion yuan, resulting in a loss of more than 900 million yuan. Due to the weak development of automobile business, Lifan has tried to improve its profitability by means of investment, but the effect is not ideal. Lifan Tangyue real estate project invested by Lifan Co., Ltd. in Chongqing, except for a high-rise apartment and a small number of villas, the rest of the real estate has been shut down.
Lifan Co., Ltd., as the first private enterprise approved for automobile production qualification, once had two automobile production licenses of Lifan automobile and Lifan passenger vehicle. Its main business is divided into automobile and motorcycle production and sales, and the total revenue of the two businesses accounts for more than 90% of the company’s revenue. Twenty seven years ago, Lifan shares developed rapidly because of its involvement in the motorcycle industry. And Lifan staff also revealed that the company has focused on returning to the motorcycle business. Industry insiders said that affected by the downturn in the auto industry, auto companies are also facing a shuffle, the survival of the fittest is imperative.

Liu Shishi appeared in Shanghai

Since he was pregnant and had children, he rarely showed up in front of the camera. But recently, the news of “Liu Shishi’s presence in Shanghai” suddenly broke out. For a while, netizens were talking about one another. So why did Liu Shishi appear in Shanghai? Let’s take a look.
What is the situation?
On the evening of October 2nd, the popularity of actress Xing appeared, which was one of her few postnatal public appearances. It is worth noting that this dress has highlighted her slim figure.
Her white shirt matches gray waist waist windbreaker, red lips big sunglasses and black cap, although it is a child mother, but this waist line is too beautiful, temperament superb! She was so quick to walk that she gave her the feeling of being brave and brave.
Also was photographed a person to pursue the Li box, the net friend is sent to the US, calls Liu Yingjun to push the suitcase all beautifully not to be possible.
But some people also questioned online. They thought that this time was like a shot. It was a carefully planned “meet”, and they were too professional, composition, light perception, facial expression, makeup and clothing. Why is it not like fans’ standards? Why do stars need to “create” these airports?
It is possible to shoot a picture in a non public situation, which is more realistic and better to catch the hearts of fans. Two, it is better to show the star’s heat by deliberately creating fans’ reception atmosphere.
This person is certified as a well-known financial commentator, and netizens have commented on his remarks. “Fans are really different from what they used to be. Now they are sitting at the airport punctually with their own SLR devices. They are very professional. Then they will also record videos, and they will stay in the last generation at any time.”
After all, for Liu Shishi, who has always been low-key, deliberately planning this airport show is really unnecessary. Even people who don’t update micro-blog often want fans to see her every day. I hope she will come back soon and all kinds of publicity will follow.
Recent developments
Recently, the entertainment circle is really a happy event. A few days ago, when Li Ronghao was released, he immediately had a baby. Besides, she finally came back after the birth of her child, and brought her new work, “Fei”. In fact, there was also a hot mother who wanted to return. She was the one who appeared at the airport not long ago.
In those days, he was the top traffic in the entertainment circle. He also took the classic works of “sword 3”, “traces of the sky of the Xuanyuan sword” and “step by step startling”. However, after the marriage with Wang, there were fewer TV dramas. In the last two years, he was also concentrating on the birth of children. So we seldom saw the works of Ren, which made the fans feel very bad.



On the windy night road, its magic palm stretched out at night, and sporadic cars roared past. But I don’t know, there are still figures standing by the roadside at 桑拿广州 this time.
It was late autumn, the maple leaves on the trees were chattering. I took my friend’s hand and left happily. Behind me, a haggard figure waved his right hand and hoarsed, shouting, “Don’t play too long, come back before nine o’clock!” Mother stared at me, until turning the corner, I turned to her and shouted, “OK!” Mother abandoned the endless night.
Among my fellow scholars, rock music, loud laughter, the sound of bullets and bullets filled my ears, and naturally forgot that the nine o’clock bell had sounded.
A figure stood up, and a classmate suddenly panicked and said, “Yes, it’s nine forty now. I have to go.” As he spoke, he grabbed a handful of snacks, only to hear a chaotic sound of footsteps gradually disappearing into the corridor.
Suddenly, as if awakened, I couldn’t say another word, and rushed down the corridor like the previous one, and flew home.
Along the way, the autumn wind cut like a sharp knife. My face was frozen and purple. As I ran, I breathed a warm breath into my hand. A piece of maple leaves fell on my head. I inadvertently raised my head. The trees were almost bald, but a `maple Butterfly’sighed in the air and ran again.
It’s coming, it’s coming, but 深圳桑拿网 how should I tell my parents? I missed my appointment.
About 100 meters away from the gate of the community, I was so tired that I ran. I had to walk slowly, let the autumn wind blow.
After a few steps, a man stood at the door, watching from side to side, as if waiting for something. The curved figure seemed to stand there for a long time.
A few more steps forward, the dim street lamp, vaguely visible on the shoulders of the long hair, messy hair flying in the wind, waving, a thin brown coat under the cover of the thin and somewhat hunched back. Black pants, two feet moving back and forth in place, may be too cold, or as worried about me as my mother and anxious to wait for it.
Into, under the dusk lamp appeared my shadow, a gust of autumn wind swept, her dark long hair was blown on the forehead and cheeks, she found me, shrank hands, turned around, dim eyes full of joy. Mother, my mother!
Tears immediately poured into the orbit, glittering tears whirled around the orbit, whirled. My voice trembled and I whispered, “Mom.” Burying her head tightly, she reached out her right hand in her sleeve and touched my cheek. “Ah, my little face is frozen stiff! Come on, put on a dress.” She draped her brown coat over me. Her thin body was short of protection and seemed to be blown down by the autumn wind at any time. I looked up and stared at my mother. Her face was thin and red. I did not know how long she had been here, her hands were rough, her hands were cold and there was no temperature. She was old and her body was single after many 广州桑拿 vicissitudes of life. Thin.
I feel ashamed: if I did not go to my classmate’s home, how could my mother be sad here; if I got home on time, how could my mother be here in the wind and bitter, etc. Mother took my little hand. Behind her, in her thin figure, I saw a few shining silver wires, gray and tough. This is because of my dishonesty? Several maple leaves fell down and fell into the embrace of the earth mother.
Since then, I have never missed an appointment.

Friendship is like rain

There is no chivalrous spirit of shoulder-to-shoulder all day; there is no morality of “sharing happiness with others, sharing difficulties with others”; and there is no tacit understanding of affection. But he is my best friend. His love for me is like a timely rain in the drought; more is to sprinkle a cold rain in my proud 广州桑拿heart.
In that monthly exam, I got proud results. The total score was in the top three of the grade. This naturally makes me ecstatic. When I told this news to my relatives and friends, they all congratulated me on my achievements. When I smugly handed him the exam paper and proudly told him the rank of the proud man, instead of congratulating me like other people, he threw cold water on my head and said, “It’s nothing to be proud of, it’s just your luck. A lot of questions you shouldn’t have done wrong, too careless! If it hadn’t been for other people’s misplay, you would have slipped dozens of places! “His sharp words immediately ignited my anger in my heart:” Are you jealous of me if I did well in the exam?”You said the first thing, but why can’t you do it yourself? How good? I’m kind enough to share my joy of success with you, but you’re so sad to say that to me!”He ignored my refutation and burst out another harsh sentence:”I did it all for your own good! Don’t believe yourself! If you are so proud again, 桑拿广州you’ll be Waterloo next time!”I’ll never listen to it again. After pulling at the test paper, he left in a rage and scolded, “I don’t recognize you anymore, a wolf-hearted man!” He seemed to have said something in the back. But I didn’t hear it.
On the weekend, I flipped through the wrong papers at home and remembered his annoying words: “A lot of wrong questions are wrong!” When I looked at my wrong questions on the test paper, my head was shocked. Suddenly, I found that I had made some very simple questions wrong, and the mistakes were too far-fetched! _ I thought carefully: what he said was true! He pointed out my real shortcomings. I am so ashamed, I blame myself: How do you treat your friend like this? Friends are kind to give you advice, but you treat him so rudely! I am ashamed to think, and then I must apologize to him!
In the next few weeks, I took out all my test papers, carefully analyzed those mistakes, repeated them several times, carefully checked, I must show him: my grades are not “flash in the pan”! I want to be a real strong man!
Everything comes to him who waits. Soon, in the mid-term exam, I got good grades again. But instead of being complacent, I became modest. When someone asked me how my exam was going, I just passed it lightly and never mentioned it more. 深圳桑拿网Many people say that I have become modest and careful, in fact, all this is his credit.
I paid a special visit to my friend. As soon as he met, he apologized to me, “I’m sorry, I said too much last time, I’m sorry!” I sincerely said, “It’s not all your help! You helped me understand modesty! Thank you! By the way, this is my mid-term exam paper, please point out my mistakes as before!” “Really? I’m not polite! Haha!” We both punched each other, and we’ve made up as before, and there’s a long way to go for a cheerful laugh…
Now, I have already remembered my friend’s words, no longer complacent. Oh, my friend’s love is like rain, moistening me in drought, waking me up in the sun, silently reminding me in boredom…