Hukou waterfall ice sculpture

In winter, Hukou waterfall of the Yellow River, located at the junction of Shanxi and Shaanxi, is a unique landscape in Hukou Waterfall Scenic Area, attracting tourists to watch. The splashing waves condense on the rocks on both sides of the waterfall to form an ice waterfall and ice sculpture. The natural beauty is so spectacular!

Wang Jianlin’s wealth shrank

On November 7, Forbes Chinese released the 2019 China rich list. Ma Yun (270.11 billion) topped the list, followed by Ma Huateng (254.55 billion) and Xu Jiayin (19.56 billion). However, we found that there was a familiar name, which seems to disappear in general, that is Wang Jianlin, the boss of Wanda Group. There is no name for Wang Jianlin in the top ten. This time, Wang Jianlin ranked 14th with a wealth of 88.39 billion.
As you know, Wang Jianlin once topped the rich list before, but now he is so far behind, falling from 156.63 billion last year to 88.39 billion, a total decrease of nearly 68.2 billion, almost half of the original. In the early years, Wanda Group, as a giant in real estate and film industry in China, has come to this point step by step, which is also lamentable.
In addition, a series of recent events of Wang Sicong also make us think: what’s the matter with Wanda Group? Is it related to Wang Jianlin’s decline in wealth value that the 500 million shares of “price capital” under Wang Sicong’s name were frozen and listed as executors? Indeed, over the years, we can see that Wanda Group continues to decline, many cinemas are closed, and Wanda Plaza is also inaccessible, almost no one has visited.
In an interview before, Wang Jianlin once said that he would retire if he achieved 100 billion yuan, but he didn’t expect to achieve 100 billion yuan so soon. Later, he said that he would retire by 2020. Now it’s more than a month before 2020. It’s time for Wang Jianlin to retire, but his wealth has fallen by 100 billion. I wonder if he will change his mind again this time.