Governor of New York thanks China

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference Thursday that 1000 Chinese donated respirators will arrive at New York’s Kennedy Airport on the same day. At the meeting, he thanked the Chinese government, Huang Ping, Consul General of China in New York, Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba, and Cai Chongxin for their help. On the 3 day, Como once Tucao the United States even make complaints about masks, and also look for China’s imports.

Cut a flat head for 1500 yuan

A few days ago, Mr. Zhan in Hangzhou went to the Armani shop to have a haircut. As a result, a flat head cost him more than 1500 yuan. Mr. Zhan said that it was still discounted. The original price was 1888 yuan. Mr. Zhan took out his photos of the previous period and compared them with the current ones. He spent 30 yuan on the flat head, slightly longer than the 1500 yuan this time. Other differences were not obvious. But why does Mr. Zhan spend so much money on this flat head?
Things have to start a few days ago. At that time, he went to the beauty salon of Armani Xuan Hangzhou Wangjiang shop to have a haircut. For his own requirements, he said four words: let it be. But I didn’t expect that after “let it be” finished, the haircut turned into a perm. Mr. Zhan couldn’t tell what kind of potion he was using. The final bill showed that three potions were used for shaving and two for washing hair. The total cost was 1888.
Mr. Zhan originally had a 20 yuan haircut three times discount card. On the recommendation of the clerk, he added 2500 yuan to apply for a membership card. In this way, he can get a discount. It is understood that Mr. Zhan actually paid 3200 yuan for his haircut, added 2500 yuan to his membership card and bought more than 700 yuan of liquid medicine. According to Armani Xuan’s explanation, the cost of haircut, membership card and potion can be swiped, which need to be paid extra. In this way, Mr. Zhan paid 1500 yuan for the haircut.
Afterwards, Mr. Zhan thought that the money had been spent unjustly. He was fooled by the barber shop. So, is this mandatory consumption in barbershop? Did you ask Mr. Zhan for permission before perming your hair or using the potion? Manager Zhao of amanihuan gave an explanation. Mr. Zhao said that these potions protect the scalp, and Mr. Zhan agreed when they were applied. But when the reporter asked to see the price list, manager Zhao refused. The two sides couldn’t settle the dispute. Manager Zhao said that at that time, Mr. Zhan agreed to perm his hair and apply the liquid medicine. But Mr. Zhan said he had made it clear that he didn’t need a perm, but the potion went on his head in a muddle.
After negotiation, manager Zhao said he had suffered a loss and refunded Mr Zhan 2500 yuan.

Sun Yang post hearing

Thank you to the arbitral tribunal and all the friends who have come all the way to the hearing. Today, I’m here to tell you the truth through a public hearing, to tell you that I didn’t hide anything! It’s very important to fight against doping, and more importantly, everyone, including the doping organization, should abide by doping regulations.
If sports organizations do not respect their own rules, how to achieve fair competition? If the basic rights of an athlete cannot be guaranteed, how to achieve the highest dream of the Olympic Games, stand on the podium. Last year, this doping test was a night when I asked the inspectors to abide by the rules and protect the athletes. Unfortunately, it became the reason why Wada tried to sanction me. I’m very confused about that.
Less than a month after the fina ruling, the ruling, which should have been kept secret, was leaked and reproduced by the media. How did this happen? The ruling was only disclosed to Anti Doping organizations. However, there are also cases where the confidentiality of fina’s rulings has been completely ignored. During the world swimming championships in Guangzhou, South Korea in July this year, Australian media disclosed the verdict report in detail A “black hand” is manipulating the media, misleading public opinion and blackening the facts!
From the night of September 4, 2018 to today, a total of 438 days, which has brought great damage to my body, mind, reputation and my team! Of course, it is also a difficult time for my family. Here, I’d like to ask you to think about how to protect my personal information when the inspectors illegally bring irrelevant strangers into my house late at night? How to protect my portrait right when the inspectors secretly take photos and videos of me from the moment they see me? When the lack of qualified escorts supervise my urination, the chief prosecutor competes But how can my privacy be protected when I propose to let my mother stand behind me for supervision? Why don’t I have the right to ask the inspectors to show their legal qualifications? When I propose to wait for a qualified prosecutor to carry out inspection, I can wait until dawn, why does the chief prosecutor say no to me?
On the night of September 4, I was shocked by the disregard of the law and rules by three inspectors. Although I’m not a lawyer, I’ve gone through countless doping tests. I know that the inspectors are absolutely forbidden to take photos and video the athletes during the inspection. I know that inspectors must show valid qualification certificates to show that they are authorized to carry out inspection. I know that the integrity of the test sample must be guaranteed. It is clear that the inspectors’ behaviour shows that they are not trustworthy.
To my great puzzlement, IDTM’s inspectors ignored Wada’s regulations while Wada accused me of violating them. Is that how you treat athletes? Is this the right way for the world’s most authoritative sports organization to safeguard the inherent value of sports, create fair competition and pursue sports spirit
Since I became a swimmer 20 years ago, I have been working hard to win honors. I have received hundreds of doping tests, and I strictly abide by the regulations and actively cooperate with them every time. I believe that every athlete has the right to ask doping inspectors and Anti Doping organizations to abide by the Anti Doping rules. If, as Wada said, their mistakes are not serious, then all the audience here today can easily become doping prosecutors.
Finally, thank you again to the arbitral tribunal and all of you here. You have worked hard today. I am sure that the arbitral tribunal will make a fair decision and I am innocent. Thank you.

Yishuai Qianxi kissing Opera

Yishuqian Xi talks about kissing: the mood is very complex, it’s very difficult for me! When it comes to “Dadong”, it’s shy.
Today, the movie “young man’s you” has occupied several hot searches, and several hot search related bodies, none of which is not Zhou Dongyu and yishuqianxi. Many people who have seen the movie praise their excellent acting skills. This movie was nominated by a certain award earlier, which is enough to show its quality. At present, the movie’s reputation in cat’s eye is 9.7 points, and 94.8% of people have played 9 to 1 for this movie. 0 points, the box office reached 91.507 million. It seems that breaking the hundred million mark is a matter of time. In today’s premiere, yishue Qianxi was also asked by reporters about the feeling of kissing.
To this question, yishuqianxi replied earnestly: “the whole play is more serious and heavy, so the mood is very complicated. I don’t know if I can show the gentle and cold things between the two people, which is very difficult for me.” In the last interview, yishuqianxi said that it was very difficult to make films in several places, such as learning motorcycles and smoking scenes, because smoking was not advocated, so they smoked tea smoke, which was very choking. Judging from the gags, the tears choked by yishuqianxi came out, which was really not easy. When referring to “bidong”, yishuqianxi was very shy under the guidance of the director, while Zhou Dongyu laughed aside. It’s estimated that there’s a little cute in my heart.
After being touched by the director’s leg, yishuqian Xi suddenly retracted his leg. When he knew that he was going to pass the whole line, his head would explode! These intimate plays are too difficult for him who has no emotional experience.
However, the emperor did not lose his heart and all his efforts were not in vain. Zhou Dongyu and Yi jianqianxi spent their time to shoot the movie, which finally won everyone’s attention on the premiere day, and the score was very high. They are looking forward to “young you” continuing to shine and heat up, and the box office breaking billion as soon as possible. Is that gentle and cruel kiss moving you?