Road toll from May 6

The reporter learned from the Ministry of transport that with the approval of the State Council, toll road charges across the country will be restored. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
1、 Resume charging time. From 0:00 on May 6, 2020, toll road recovery charges (including toll bridges and tunnels) approved by law.
2、 We will continue to implement the legal free passage policy. Military vehicles (including vehicles of armed police forces) complying with the regulations on the administration of toll roads and relevant regulations, standard police vehicles with unified signs for handling traffic accidents, performing normal patrol tasks and handling emergencies on toll roads within the jurisdiction of the public security organ, and national comprehensive fire-fighting and rescue vehicles with special emergency rescue number plates, shall be approved by the transportation department of the State Council or provincial and self-employed departments Vehicles approved by the people’s governments of the autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government to carry out rescue and relief tasks, transportation vehicles for fresh agricultural products, combine harvesters and transport combine harvesters (including transplanters) for cross regional operations shall continue to enjoy the policy of no vehicle toll.
3、 We will ensure that emergency transport vehicles for epidemic prevention and control are given priority and convenient access. Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control normalization period, expressway toll station set up special fast track, strengthen the scene order, guide and maintain, ensure epidemic prevention and control, emergency transportation vehicles priority and convenient access.

13 provinces clear opening time

Novel coronavirus infection control command of Liaoning province was issued in the forenoon of Liaoning in the morning of March 23rd. The provincial command will be graded ninth.
According to the notice, the preliminary arrangement:
From the middle of April, the third grade of senior high school will return to school at the same time within the province, and the specific time will be notified by the provincial education department; the third grade of junior high school will return to school at the same time within the same city, and the specific time will be notified by the Municipal Education Department; other grades of primary and secondary vocational schools will return to school at the right time, and the specific time will be notified by the Municipal Education Department, and the school will start at the wrong time in batches; colleges and universities will determine the opening time according to the arrangement of the Ministry of education The resumption of study for overseas students in Colleges and universities will be determined according to the development of international epidemic situation; all kinds of kindergartens will resume study after the epidemic situation is fully controlled.

Zhao Benshan responds to immigration

Due to the recent policy of restricting foreign stars from shooting films and TV plays in China, star immigration has become a hot topic again. In the morning of March 23, a “star immigration record” appeared on the Internet. In addition to “exposing many star immigrants such as Zhang Tielin and Jiang Dawei,” Zhao Benshan’s family immigrated to Canada “also attracted people’s attention. Whether Zhao Benshan has emigrated or not has become a hot topic.
Cover reporter immediately called Zhao Benshan. Zhao Benshan exclusively responded to the reporter and denied the immigration rumors: “no, it’s a fake. I have never immigrated. My family’s registered permanent residence is now in Liaoning! “
According to the cover news reporter, rumors about Zhao Benshan’s emigration have been passed on for many years. As early as June 2011, media reported that Zhao Benshan had been approved to immigrate to Canada and intended to settle in Toronto.
Later, the reporter learned from interviews with relevant people in Liaoning that Zhao Benshan’s family accounts are all in Liaoning.
Zhao Benshan said that I have not immigrated to any country. I love China, white mountains and black soil in the northeast, and Lianhua village, the hometown of Tieling. Why should I immigrate when our country is developing so well? I will always be Chinese!
Cover reporter interviewed Liu Shuangping, artistic director of Benshan media by telephone, he said: “old rumors! Mr. Zhao did not immigrate. His registered permanent residence and ID card are still in Liaoning.

District query of confirmed cases

Is there any confirmed case in the community? How far is it from the nearest confirmed patient? How to avoid the epidemic area when going shopping? Recently, UC, Alibaba’s intelligent information service platform, launched the function of “distribution of confirmed cases” to accurately locate the confirmed information around users with maps and prompt users to do a good job in protection.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is China’s Center for Disease Control and prevention. The most important route of transmission is the spread of droplets and indirect contact. In order to avoid the epidemic area and reduce the gathering contact, the epidemic events in the surrounding areas are the most concerned by the home epidemic prevention public.
UC launched the new function of “confirmed case cell distribution” in the “fight against pneumonia” channel, which can access the real-time epidemic information of the community released by the official agencies and authoritative media, and display it in the way of precise positioning Panoramic Map and information list query. According to the current geographical location of the user, the information and distance of the confirmed cell can be viewed.
At present, the “distribution of confirmed cases” function covers 113 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, etc. the public can enter the epidemic dynamic area of UC “fight against pneumonia” channel, or search the key words of “confirmed cases” for quick query.
In addition, entering the UC epidemic dynamic area, or searching for the “epidemic distribution” keyword in Shenma search, users can view the comprehensive and timely epidemic distribution. UC provides the epidemic distribution information covering the whole world, provinces, cities, districts and counties, and updates the authoritative data published by the National Health Commission and other institutions in real time, so that users can grasp the epidemic situation in an all-round way at the first time.
To help the public with scientific protection, UC launched the “real-time inspection of professional protection knowledge”, which was jointly compiled and reviewed by five professional doctors from the people’s Hospital of Peking University, Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, the first hospital of Peking University and Guangzhou integrated hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and provided the most detailed and effective knowledge popularization and online suggestions from the aspects of scientific protection, authoritative rumor refutation, reasonable medical treatment, etc.

Ma Yun talks about Huichuang Ali

In November 8th, according to foreign media reports, Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba group, attended the sixth Kiev International Economic Forum and said he regretted creating Ali.
“If you give yourself another chance, you will try not to make the company so big,” Ma said. But it’s growing so fast that I can only try to make it a big and good company. I thought about stopping, but later I found that I couldn’t stop at all. “
“When I was a small man, I thought that if I became a big boss, I would smoke cigars, watch movies and do business simply. But now the company is really bigger, but I am busier and need to deal with more problems. “
Ma Yun said frankly that if you want to enjoy it in a small company, a large company doesn’t mean you have more money, but you have to shoulder more responsibilities. I do regret it, but many people just don’t want to admit it. Everyone tries to say what others want to hear. But as entrepreneurs, if you want to be a consultant mentor, please tell them that life is not easy.
In fact, it’s not the first time for Ma Yun to regret creating Alibaba in public. Now, Ma Yun has retired to do something he prefers and loves more.

Nut new machine four shot exposure

On October 7th, the suspected nut new machine engineering machine was exposed, and then some netizens made a rendering of a new nut machine based on the information currently available, and let’s take a look.

Nut new machine four-shot exposure What is the four-shot exposure of the new nut machine?

Today’s Weibo user YJayyy released a back rendering of a new nut machine. From the rendered renderings, it basically follows the back details of the suspected nut machine exposed today, including the rectangular rear of the phone in the upper left corner. Four shots, three cameras are arranged vertically, and there is a camera and flash on the right side of the camera group. At the same time, the hammer logo and name are still retained in the lower left corner of the phone.

It is worth noting that as early as August this year, Zhu Haizhou, the hammer technology product manager, said that the official is already testing the new machine. At present, the information about this mobile phone is still relatively small. Some sources have revealed that this mobile phone is not a flagship model. The configuration is not high. It will be launched in the second half of the year, and the new machine will belong to the nut.


Nearly 800 million people traveled

The top ten easy-to-block cities during the National Day holiday this year are mainly distributed in the north and southwest. Among them, Beijing, Changchun and Leshan will be in the top three. The popular business districts in China are Chongqing Jiefangbei, Xiamen Huangpi, Dali Ancient City, Changsha Wuyi Square, Xiamen Zengcuo, Lijiang Mufu, Chongqing Panda Mansion, Chengdu Ma City and Chunxi Road.
The Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Zeyan) The “Eleventh” Golden Week is coming, where to play, how to play?

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Day of 2018 received a total of 726 million domestic tourists, a year-on-year increase of 9.43%. According to the report released by Ctrip, with the enthusiasm of the Chinese people traveling, it is expected that the number of visitors to the National Day in 2019 is expected to reach nearly 8 Billion.

According to the voting results of the official Weibo of @新京报经济新闻, there are nearly 2,662 Weibo users who choose to go out to travel. How can a small holiday travel avoid the embarrassment of “everyone?” Big data to tell you.

Where are the most tourists in China? Guifei into a new tourist hotspot

The “2019” Eleventh Golden Week Travel Trend Report released by Ma Cellular Travel Network shows that this year’s “Eleven”, self-driving tour will usher in a new upsurge. Chuanxi, Qingzang, Yunnan, Xinjiang, etc. were originally popular destinations for traditional self-driving tour. With the rapid growth and maturity of self-driving people, more and more people began to explore more interesting and niche self-driving routes. This year’s “Eleventh”, Guizhou and Weinan’s self-driving route will usher in a wave of tourist peaks.

Ma Honeycomb’s big data shows that in the hot search related to self-driving tour, “Guizhou’s most beautiful route for self-driving” has the highest attention; the Minnan Sichuan-Tibet line has also been listed on the horse-cell hot search list.

Ctrip big data analysis, this year’s National Day rental car self-driving tour orders are expected to increase by nearly 60%. The short-distance self-driving tour to explore the secret lines of the surrounding people continues to be popular among consumers. Statistics show that from the perspective of the length of self-driving, the surrounding tour of 1-3 days is the main arrangement for car rental in the central city. Among them, more than half of the three cities in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing are arranged between 1-3 days, and the ultra-short-distance self-driving within one day is also about 1/3.

Tujia Big Data shows that the top ten most popular cities in the 2019 National Day holiday are Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Changsha. The popular business districts in China are Chongqing Jiefangbei, Xiamen Huangpi, Dali Ancient City, Changsha Wuyi Square, Xiamen Zengcuo, Lijiang Mufu, Chongqing Panda Mansion, Chengdu Hummer City and Chunxi Road.

Japan is the most popular destination for outbound travel, and Southeast Asian islands are popular

This year’s “Eleventh”, domestic travel bookings are extremely hot. The above report shows that from the beginning of August, the number of travel consultations and bookings began to climb, and the peak booking period was ushered in late August. Most of the tourist destinations in the country have entered the best rewards in the autumn, and the autumn tour has become a major mainstream consumer trend in domestic tourism, and the chartered self-help game is becoming more and more popular.

At present, in the Tuniu National Day travel orders, outbound tourists accounted for 57%, domestic long-distance travel accounted for 31%, and surrounding travel accounted for 12%. In view of the fact that the domestic tour is still in hot booking, and the peak of the surrounding tour booking is often coming in the week before the holiday, the report predicts that the proportion of travel around the tour will increase significantly.

According to Ctrip’s 2019 National Day Outbound Travel Visa Rankings, as of mid-September, the top 10 countries applying for Ctrip are Japan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia. ,United Kingdom. From the 84 countries that Ctrip obtained the qualifications for visas for the embassies and consulates, the number of Japanese visas traveled during the National Day of 2019 ranked first among all the signatories, accounting for 25% of all visas.

The process of going to Japan has been simplified again, increasing the popularity of the Japanese tour. Since September, the Japanese electronic signing of the Shanghai Consortium has begun piloting. In October this year, the Shanghai Territory (including Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, and Jiangxi) will begin to fully implement online visa applications for travel to Japan.

Ma Cellular Big Data shows that during the “Eleventh” Golden Week, the tourism hotspots of Southeast Asian islands are still on the rise. Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand are among the most popular overseas destinations this year.

Which is the most blocked? Beijing tops the list

Baidu map, the Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, Ctrip, China Weather Network, Baidu Encyclopedia released the “2019 National Day holiday travel forecast report” shows that the National Day holiday Beijing, Changchun, Leshan will be ranked in the top three .

According to the “Report”, the top ten easy-to-block cities during the National Day holiday this year are mainly distributed in the north and southwest. Among them, Beijing, Changchun and Leshan will be in the top three. It is expected that the average congestion index of Beijing Road Network, which ranks first in the easy-blocking city list, will reach 1.492, and the average speed of the road network will drop to about 37.92 km/h. Among the top ten easy-to-block cities, Beijing, Urumqi and Hohhot are typical hot tourist cities in the north and autumn, and Leshan, Guilin and Kunming are typical tourist cities in the southwest.

In terms of popular scenic spots, according to the report of the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, the top three national scenic spots, Beijing Forbidden City, Hangzhou West Lake and Shanghai Bund are among the top three, as well as Beijing Tiananmen, Shanghai Disney, Jiaxing Wuzhen Scenic Area and Huangshan Mountain. District, Chengdu Kuanzhai Alley, Chongqing Hongya Cave, Beijing Temple of Heaven.

As the number of tourists surges, traffic congestion around the scenic spot will increase. Among the top ten easy-blocking scenic spots, Xi’an has three scenic spots, and Hangzhou, Chongqing and Jinan have two attractions. Among them, the most congested scenic spot around the road is the Shaanxi History Museum. The average congestion index of the surrounding road network is expected to reach 3.198, and the average speed will drop to about 15.54 km/h. Followed by the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an and Yangshuo Park in Guilin.

On October 1st, 18 toll parks in Beijing were opened free of charge, including Tiantan Park, Ditan Park, Taoranting Park, Beijing Zoo, Chaoyang Park, Summer Palace, Yuanmingyuan, Beijing Botanical Garden and Xiangshan Park. Tickets for the Summer Palace season are 30 yuan. On October 2, 10 parks including Tiantan Park, Beihai Park, Taoranting Park, Chaoyang Park, Olympic Forest Park and Yuanbo Garden also have a variety of garden activities.

It is worth noting that the China Travel Service Association and the “2019 National Day Golden Week Tourism Trend Report” released by Tuniu Travel Network show that the trend of the peak holiday trip during the National Day holiday is not obvious. The report predicts that the number of people traveling on the National Day will be around September 30. It began to soar and peaked on the National Day on October 1.


Tan Weiwei apologized to the author Xu Jingqing for singing the storm: no response for the time being

News on September 16 reported that “For Tan Weiwei’s apology, I interviewed a lot of media. Today, I will not respond to your telephone interviews for the time being, and I will answer your questions later.” On the morning of September 16, cover journalist interviewed Xu Jingqing, the original composer, by telephone to apologize for singer Tan Weiwei’s performance of “Dare to Ask Where is the Way” at the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Party, and he gave the above reply.
Xu Jingqing, a composer at the national level, is the chief composer of CCTV 86 Edition Journey to the West. He is engaged in the music creation of the TV series Journey to the West. Among them, Prelude of Journey to the West (alias Yungong Xunyin), Daughter’s Love, Return from Classics and Dare to Ask Where the Way is) are Xu Jingqing’s famous works, as well as his ever-lasting classics.
On the evening of September 13, 2019, the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala was held in Huaian. Singer Tan Weiwei sang the classic song of Journey to the West in a rock-and-roll style, Daring to Ask Where the Way Is, and the actors of four masters and apprentices of the 82 edition of Journey to the West, such as six younger children, Chi Chongrui, Madehua and Liu Dagang, appeared on the stage to meet you.
After the performance, many audiences expressed their inadaptability, believing that the national singing method of Jiang Dawei, the original singer, had been adapted into rock style by Tan Weiwei, and the tune and singing style had changed dramatically. The result was “unpleasant!”
“Music can be innovative.” “But it can’t be changed blindly!” “It’s totally aesthetic,” he said. “Especially the children and the elderly are scared enough!” The audience was full of comments. Tan Weiwei has become a hot topic in recent days.
On September 14, composer Xu Jingqingfa Weibo asked Tan Weiwei why he adapted it without authorization. Even if his singing skills were good, it changed the original intention of his works. This is an act of disrespect for classical works and old artists.
On the evening of September 15, Tan Weifawen apologized to Xu Jingqing, the original composer of Dare to Ask Where the Way Is, for “deducing classical songs, I always have enthusiasm and awe, and hope that next time I will have the opportunity to deduce your works and really participate in the adaptation, carefully deliberate, repeatedly polish, respect your and the original author’s wishes, so as to ensure deduction. Perfect!”
In response, Xu Jingqing said on the phone: “Tan Weiwei’s response to the singing of”Dare to Ask Where the Way Is”was great. There were many people who came to me these two days. Some journalists asked for an interview and some friends asked me by micro-mail. I didn’t respond. Now Tan Weiwei apologized, and I saw it. But I won’t say anything today. I’ll talk about it later.


Zhang Zetian Abandoned Entrance Qualification

On September 6, Zhang Zetian took pictures of the University of Political Science in Paris and wrote: “I got an offer, but I didn’t go to the school in the end… It’s still my favorite school, and I’m sure to learn when I have the chance.” He renounced his admission to the University of Political Science in Paris.
In the middle of last month, some netizens reported that they had seen Zhang Zetian’s student ID card at Cambridge University and suspected that Zhang Zetian went to Cambridge University for further study. Later, Zhang Zetian, a sister of Dairy Tea, paid close attention to three Cambridge University accounts, Cambridge_mba and kings. college.
In addition, some netizens said recently that they met Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian in Switzerland, and that they had a good feeling of laughing and talking. It seems that the Zhang Zetian family of Liu Qiangdong is traveling around Europe.


Waiting by the telephone

I don’t know how long it has been since I visited her. Only in her childhood, there were vague traces. Her face had silver silk that looked shining, and the traces that had been deposited by the years.
“Jingling bell”, a telephone call广州桑拿 in the morning woke me up from my sleep, “Why don’t you go to see Grandma when you get back? She’s alone. If I hadn’t called her yesterday, I didn’t know about it. Grandma couldn’t get in touch with you, so you should always accompany her!……………… Mother was there blaming me. Obviously, I haven’t waked up yet, and I’m “uh” in a daze.
I hung up, but I didn’t sleep at all. Yeah, I haven’t seen Grandma for a long time, but I had a short and cold time last summer vacation, because I dislike Grandma and seem strange. Today is fine anyway, just listen to my mother’s words!
Riding a bicycle, the familiar pastoral scenery along the way reminded me of the only memories of my深圳桑拿网 childhood. Now I find that there is only a vague shadow in my brain, even my grandmother.
When I arrived downstairs, I saw Grandma sitting on the balcony and staring at the distance. When I saw her, all the sunshine came back to her face. “At last I came to see Grandma, but I want to die!” I smiled and answered, “Well, Grandma, I’m back!”
As soon as she entered the door, Grandma was so excited that she didn’t know what to do. She was stunned. Suddenly, as if she had remembered something, she busily pulled me to the table, and I saw the cake on the table, which was obviously just bought back. Suddenly, I thought of Grandma’s kindness to me… How long has it been since I came back? How long has it been since I called? Is it busy study or alienation and indifference of growing up? Grandma smiled and said, “Eat, guess you don’t have much snacks in your uncle. I bought some cake for fear that you would be hungry.” As I ate the cake with relish, I said it was delicious. As if back to my childhood, Grandma looked at me eating snacks, with a satisfied smile on her face…
On the table, for both of us, Grandma cooked four dishes, all of which were my favorite dishes. Grandma could not help me with the dishes and kept me eating more. A feeling came to my heart: Grandma had always been thinking about her granddaughter! Grandma seemed a little restrained and did not dare to桑拿广州 speak much. Out of the guilt of that summer vacation, I first opened my mouth and chatted with my grandmother about the family routine. As soon as I opened my mouth, Grandma couldn’t stop. She even told me that I was almost late for school when I was a child.
For all of me, Grandma will always remember my good, but I never remember her good to me, just blindly abandoned her. Thinking of this, I bowed my head in shame and stopped talking. Grandma thought I was tired of her and quietly got up to tidy up the dishes and chopsticks. Watching Grandma trembling toward the kitchen, I realized that everything is changing. Today’s Grandma is not as good as day by day. Older people are more likely to be lonely. I should accompany her more…
I have a picture in my mind: an old man stays by the phone all day waiting for her only granddaughter to call her and have a meal. Every time she waits, she is disappointed and lonely. Is this a luxury? Her ignorant granddaughter would rather spend all her time with the computer than comfort an old man’s injured heart.
Yeah, it’s not a luxury. So I shouted to Grandma, “Grandma, is there a quilt I covered at night?”