National growth dropped to double digits

From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 6, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 99 new confirmed cases, 28 new deaths (28 in Hubei), and 99 new suspected cases.
On the same day, 1678 new cases were cured, 4773 close contacts were removed from medical observation, and 248 severe cases were reduced.
As of 24:00 on March 6, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, there are 22177 confirmed cases (including 5489 severe cases), 55404 cured and discharged cases, 3070 dead cases, 80651 confirmed cases and 502 suspected cases. There were 672458 close contacts and 26730 close contacts in medical observation.
There are 74 newly confirmed cases (74 cases in Wuhan), 1502 newly cured and discharged cases (1157 cases in Wuhan), 28 newly dead cases (21 cases in Wuhan), 21239 currently confirmed cases (19011 cases in Wuhan), including 5359 severe cases (5028 cases in Wuhan). 43468 cases (28511 in Wuhan) were cured, 2959 cases (2349 in Wuhan) died and 67666 cases (49871 in Wuhan) were confirmed. 47 new suspected cases (46 in Wuhan) and 301 suspected cases (256 in Wuhan).
From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 6, 24 confirmed cases (17 in Gansu, 3 in Beijing, 3 in Shanghai and 1 in Guangdong) were newly reported. As of 24:00 on March 6, a total of 60 confirmed cases imported from abroad have been reported.
162 confirmed cases have been reported in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 107 cases in Hong Kong SAR (51 discharged, 2 dead), 10 cases in Macao SAR (10 discharged), 45 cases in Taiwan (12 discharged, 1 dead).

Foshan’s First Dangerous Local Government Regulations

On October 1, Foshan Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations will be formally implemented. This is the first legislation of Foshan Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management. Hazardous Chemicals units engaged in the production, storage, use, operation, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals must comply with the requirements of the regulations and strengthen the risk. Hazardous chemicals management is of great significance.
This morning, Foshan held a press conference on “Foshan Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”) to interpret the regulations in detail. It is reported that after the implementation of the Regulations on October 1, Foshan will organize members of the Security Council to carry out investigation and rectification of hazardous chemicals production, operation, use and transportation, strictly enforce the law, carry out law enforcement warning education, ensure the effective implementation of the law, and resolutely curb the occurrence of various dangerous chemical accidents. In addition, we will continue to refine relevant measures, formulate a list of prohibited hazardous chemicals in Foshan, and further refine the technical and operational requirements of hazardous chemicals.
Why should we legislate for dangerous management?
The Regulations on Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals in Foshan City is the first government regulation in the field of Safety Production Supervision issued after Foshan gained the local legislative power.
Foshan is a big manufacturing city. Chemical industry, as an important basic material, plays an important role in the development of Foshan’s industrial industry. According to statistics, 182 chemical production license units and 1542 business license units in Foshan are the second in the province.
However, Foshan chemical industry also faces such outstanding problems as unreasonable layout, weak safety foundation of enterprises and insufficient safety supervision. Especially, there are gaps in legal system and lack of management in the use and storage of dangerous chemicals, which is not conducive to standardizing safety behavior of enterprises, increasing the difficulty of government supervision and there is a greater security. There is an urgent need to further strengthen the management of hazardous chemicals through local legislation because of the hidden dangers of total production and public safety risks.
What are the provisions?
Foshan Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations consists of 67 regulations in six chapters, including general rules, planning and construction, safety guarantee norms, emergency response and supervision management, legal liability and supplementary rules, with more than 10,000 words.
Hazardous chemicals referred to in the regulations refer to those chemicals which are poisonous, corrosive, explosive, burning and combustion-supporting, which are harmful to human body, facilities and environment and are listed in the catalogue of dangerous chemicals.
At the same time, it is clearly pointed out that the safety management of civil explosives, fireworks, radioactive materials, nuclear energy materials and dangerous chemicals used in national defense scientific research and production is not applicable to this regulation.
Linking Dangerous Chemicals Management with the Personal Interests of the Principal Persons in Charge of the Unit
It stipulates that 11 administrative departments shall exercise the power and responsibility of safety supervision and management over the production, storage, use, operation, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals.
It is noteworthy that the regulations are clear that the principal responsible persons of hazardous chemicals units are fully responsible for the safety management of hazardous chemicals in their units, and the responsibility for violating the law is linked to the personal interests of the managers and responsible persons of the units.
Penalty of 500,000-1,000,000 for illegal construction of hazardous chemicals production and storage projects
According to Article 24 of the Regulations, construction projects for the production and storage of hazardous chemicals and chemical construction projects accompanied by hazardous chemicals (including long-distance pipeline construction projects for hazardous chemicals) shall carry out safety pre-evaluation, safety facility design and completion and acceptance of safety facilities in accordance with relevant requirements. Safety facilities of construction projects must be designed, constructed and put into production and use at the same time as main projects.
Those who violate the above provisions shall be ordered by the emergency management department to stop construction or stop production and business for rectification and rectification within a time limit; those who fail to rectify within the time limit shall be fined not less than 500,000 yuan but not more than 1,000,000 yuan; and those who are directly responsible for them and other persons who are directly responsible for them shall be fined not less than 20,000 yuan but not more than 50,000 yuan. If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
What are the highlights of the regulations?

  1. The main responsibility of enterprises is more prominent.
    Provisions further clarify the division of responsibilities among government functional departments; put the main responsibility of enterprises in a more prominent position; and add the local supervision responsibilities of the town people’s government, sub-district offices, development zone management agencies and other government agencies and village (residential) people’s committees.
  2. Implementing strict source control
    It stipulates that the list of prohibition, restriction and control of dangerous chemicals in Foshan has been formulated, source control has been strengthened, strict control has been exercised in investment approval, land transfer and construction project planning, and new, reformed and expanded projects in areas specially used for the production and storage of dangerous chemicals (including chemical industry parks) have been strictly prohibited.
  3. Establishment of hazardous chemicals concentration areas
    The Regulations require the unified planning of industrial parks, special places for unloading hazardous chemicals and special places for government disposal of hazardous chemicals, the establishment of concentrated areas for hazardous chemicals, and the strengthening of enterprise control over hazardous chemicals. Establish and make good use of early warning system in hazardous chemicals Park and centralized management area, and build integrated safety production management.
  4. Fill in the management loopholes of dangerous chemicals using link
    Regulating the safety management of hazardous chemicals is the key content of this legislation. The use of dangerous chemicals in Foshan involves a wide range of industries. At present, the existing national laws on the use of dangerous chemicals are not perfect, and need to be supplemented and refined through local legislation. It stipulates mandatory provisions on safety assessment, safe storage, storage standards and management system of enterprises using hazardous chemicals.

Late Night K Song Update of Liu Xiang’s Ex-wife

Speaking of Liu Xiang, I believe that we are all familiar with him. When he was brilliant, he could be said to be the pride of Asia. But recently, it suddenly spread the news of “Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song”, and for a time netizens had a lot of comments. So what’s the reason for Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song? Let’s take a look.
Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song
On September 8, a recent photograph of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife Ge Tian was taken by the media. After her flash marriage and divorce, Ge Tian had no new love. Recently, she appeared late at night to have dinner with her friends. After the dinner, she was sitting alone in the street, looking lonely, triggering a heated discussion among netizens.
Ge Tian was black look, long hair, low-key and lazy that night. Although she was not outstanding in the Performing Arts circle, her temperament and figure were very good. She walked on the street side by side with a female friend and looked at the relationship very well.
Although it is late, it can still be seen that Ge Tian made up a very delicate look that day, especially the big red lips are very eye-catching. Looking at the face of melon seeds from the side, it seems beautiful after divorce!
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
After dinner, Ge Tian did not leave in a hurry, but stood at the door of the shop and chatted. He stood in the crowd, tall and distinguished, and was very glamorous.
After Ge Tian made a phone call, he got into the car, but the party did not end there. He drove to a KTV and a group of people continued to revel.
After the K song, Ge Tian appeared again, her face was flushed and slightly worn. Her long hair had already been laid down and scattered at will. She was sitting alone on the roadside, looking very lonely, and then she stood up with a silent sigh.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
Ge Tian and Liu Xiang fell in love in 2014 and got married quickly. After the marriage, Ge Tian also made fun of how he didn’t know he was going to get married. When interacting with netizens, he said he would join hands with Liu Xiang to get old.
However, in May of the same year, Liu Xiang held a retirement ceremony at 80,000 stadiums in Shanghai. Ge Tian did not show up. On June 25, Liu admitted on Weibo that he had divorced Ge Tian and ended the marriage of less than a year.
Now Ge Tian, who has been divorced for four years, is drunk at night on KTV and sits alone on the roadside. She looks very lonely. Maybe she also wants to have dinner and drink with her friends. It’s her lover, not the driver, who is waiting for her.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
Reasons for Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song
Speaking of Olympic champion Liu Xiang, I believe that everyone is very familiar with him. As an “Asian flying man”, I believe that Liu Xiang’s achievements have been well-known in the history of spectators and Chinese sports. However, in terms of emotion, Liu Xiang has had two emotions, and the first emotional entanglement with actress Ge Tian is more deeply remembered.
Before marrying Liu Xiang, I believe that everyone should be very unfamiliar with the name Ge Tian. The fame in the circle is only a 4th and 5th line actress. However, after the exposure of his love with Liu Xiang, Ge Tian was more familiar with the public, and his fame and popularity flew with each other.
It is reported that Ge Tian and Liu Xiang met at a gathering of friends. At that time, Liu Xiang was troubled by injuries and was at a low point in his life. At that time, just like a sunshine, Ge Tian was shining on Liu Xiang in the haze. With the frequent interaction between Ge Tian and Liu Xiang, the relationship between them quickly warmed up, and then in 2012 they decided on a love relationship.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
Then they entered the marriage hall happily, but after marriage, they were often heard of disagreement. Until June 25, 2015, Liu Xiang Weibo announced their divorce from Ge Tian. The reason for their divorce was personality discord. From marriage to divorce, Ge Tian and Liu Xiang’s marriage lasted only 227 days, and the two people who had been divorced by flash marriage did not. Don’t make people feel sad.
Now that they have divorced for three years, Liu Xiang and Wu Sha are living happily, but Ge Tian’s situation is distressing. After his divorce from Liu Xiang, Ge Tian put all his thoughts on his acting career. There has been no new love affair in his heart. He is single. On September 8, a media friend exposed a group of pictures of Ge Tian sitting alone on the street with a lonely look, which attracted public attention.
Ge Tian, who appeared late that night, attended a dinner party hosted by his friends. He was wearing a tight black dress in front of the camera that day. His figure was vivid and convex. His long black hair was high behind his head. His delicate face and three-dimensional features were particularly prominent.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
The day Ge Tian dressed up, will be delicate makeup, although it is already late at night, and the lights are dim, but even in this case, Ge Tian’s big red lips in the late night crowd is still dazzling. Ge Tian, who seldom gathered with his friends, was also very excited on that day. He was directly shoulder to shoulder with his friends. As if he were a big man, he could see the deep friendship between them.
After a group of friends gathered for dinner, the public was still in the mood, and then turned to KTV to continue the late night carnival. Ge Tian stood on the street and chatted with his friends during the waiting time of KTV. Although Ge Tian was not very tall among the female stars in the circle, he seemed to stand out from the crowd among the ordinary people. His tall figure and exquisite facial features were definitely the most beautiful children in the evening’s friends’gathering.
What’s the situation of Liu Xiang’s ex-wife’s late-night K-song?
After the K song, all the friends left and found themselves alone.


Again to September 18th

The old man of history watches the changes of the years alone. The smoke of the year diffuses into silence today. His arms are still strong with the flying train. His eyes are 广州桑拿 full of wet blood and tears.
September 18, this is a heartbreaking day for Chinese sons and daughters. The Japanese Kwantung Army shelled Beidaying in Shenyang, where the Northeast Army was stationed, launched a large-scale armed attack on Northeast China, and planned and created the “918” Incident which shocked China and foreign countries. As a result of the Kuomintang government’s non-resistance policy, the three northeastern provinces of Dahao River and Mountains have lost their colour and become enemies. Since then, 30 million Northeast compatriots have lived in humiliated 深圳桑拿网 subjugated slavery for the next 14 years. However, the most serious destruction to a nation is not to destroy his body, but to destroy his culture, which is the only root and soul of a nation.
Today, in the era of peace, can we consciously stick to our cultural home?
The three-foot platform is our ordinary and narrow position, but the three-foot platform is the broadest and strongest position in our cultural battlefield. I am another new soldier in this position! The scene at the graduation ceremony is still deeply reflected in my mind. Faced with the bright five-star red flag, I raised my 桑拿广州 clenched left fist and solemnly swore, “Fight for the cause of education for life!” At this time, tears came out. It is the attachment to our alma mater, the gratitude to our teachers and the reluctance to part with our classmates. But more is a strong sense of sacredness and mission! “Struggle for life” means a lifetime? Yes, it is a lifetime! I am fortunate that the starting point of this lifetime is here, in the hot land of talent cultivation! Here are my admired predecessors, teachers, there are excellent glorious traditions, there is a simple and great. Spirit, called dedication! This month’s work has made me a teacher for the first time. My colleagues around me hide their tiredness behind their smiles. Why should I say that I am tired? This month’s work has given me a taste of sweetness when I first came to the podium. In the dead of night, a lamp, an alarm clock, a pen… However, a beautiful homework for my child, a thankful phone call from my parents will make me feel a hundred times more energetic and frustrated. This is the most authentic, simple and comfortable happiness of a new teacher!
To live a lonely life is to live a full life! No post can gather the attention and expectations of the whole society like education; no job can profoundly affect the future of the nation like education; and no cause can stick to the cultural homeland as soberly as education.
On September 18th, we will talk about the history of blood and tears. The purpose of commemorating “September 18th” is not to forget the national shame, the historical lesson of being beaten if we are backward, and the belief of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
There is always a force to move us, there is always a spirit to urge us forward. Old people in history are still on the way. We still need to work hard to study abroad, just for that unforgettable period of history… It’s a full life! No post can gather the attention and expectation of the whole society like education; no job can profoundly affect the future of the nation like education; and no career can stick to the cultural homeland as soberly as education.
On September 18th, we will talk about the history of blood and tears. The purpose of commemorating “September 18th” is not to forget the national shame, the historical lesson of being beaten if we are backward, and the belief of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
There is always a force to move us, there is always a spirit to urge us forward. The old man of history is still on the way, we still need to work hard, just for that unforgettable period of history…

Behind the eyes

I spent my childhood at my grandfather’s house.
Before I was eight years old, Grandpa was the one who loved me the most. He always holds me in his arms and tells me stories with laughter. In my impression, his laughter seemed to never stop at that time. His dry mouth was always in the most exaggerated arc. His yellow teeth were embedded in his dark red bed like close corn. His wrinkles were stacked on top of his forehead, reminding you of a ripple of water. The wrinkles are full of pleasure and sunshine.
In the summer when I was eight years old, some people came to my grandfather’s house to have dinner. Everyone went to the shade to enjoy themselves. I suddenly felt a chill 桑拿广州 in my neck. On touching, slippery and thin, I grabbed it and threw it out, shouting, “There’s a ghost, Grandpa saved me!” After seeing it clearly, my face turned red, just a leaf. Everyone laughed and said, “What can we do after being so timid? Grandpa can’t protect you for a lifetime.” “I don’t care.” I don’t think so. But I heard Grandpa’s sigh and saw Grandpa’s face like twisted hemp rope.
The next day, the temperature is unusually high, like a straight red stock market, a strong irremediable. I went with Grandpa to pick fruit. We climbed a tall fruit tree with a ladder. I happily picked a basket of fruits, just wanted to show my Grandpa my achievements, but nobody around, grandpa was under the tree, even the ladder fell on the ground. I held the trunk tightly with both hands, glanced at the ground, and closed my eyes busily. Wow, that’s too high. I looked pale with fear and shouted to Grandpa, “Grandpa, put up the ladder and let me down.” Grandpa was behind me. I turned around and saw that I was roaring in the tree. There was a slight worry in my eyes, but it soon disappeared. He didn’t seem to mean to save me. Just said lightly, “Come down on your own, don’t be afraid. When you come down, your hands will come down at the same speed as your feet. Your body is leaning against the trunk of the tree. Don’t look down.” I was so anxious that I had to do as Grandpa said. But think again: What’s wrong with Grandpa today? He didn’t even let me walk much before, for fear that 深圳桑拿网 I might fall. Today, let me climb a tree alone? I climbed half, careless, slippery foot, quickly slipped a section. I was so frightened that my heart was falling out. I turned my head and saw Grandpa’s outstretched hand shrink back quickly. Then I climbed down, but my feet kept shaking. Grandpa behind me encouraged me to say, “Don’t be nervous, relax and breathe deeply.” I could see Grandpa’s expectant eyes behind me. I finally landed. It was the first time I felt the joy of success. Grandpa laughed happily.
From then on, when I met with 广州桑拿 setbacks, I could always feel Grandpa’s kind, warm and encouraging eyes. So I don’t have to be afraid to do anything I want to do. Grandpa’s eyes, let me understand: living in the applause of others, the most easily lost themselves. Living in the care of others is the easiest way to weaken oneself. The sail is only a rag without the wave; the boat is only a rotten wood without the roar of the sea; and the steel can only be trapped in the stubborn stone without “tasting” the roast of the fire. Likewise, people who do not deal with things independently will never grow up under the wings of others.

Honesty is gold

From ancient times to today, people attach great importance to honesty. Confucius said, “If people don’t believe it, I don’t know if it is possible.” Jibu followed the principle of “one promise, one thousand gold” and saved him from disaster. 桑拿广州To this day, people often talk about “a gentleman can’t catch up with a horse”. Honesty accompanies our life, everywhere.
Once, Zhou Yun, sitting next to me in an English interest class, said to me, “Every Sunday afternoon I’m all right. Let’s go to the park at two o’clock next Sunday.” I hesitated, “No way! I’m at this time…” “Oh dear! That’s it!” she said hurriedly, afraid of my repentance. Alas! What about this? I have an art class at this time! “See you at the gate of the park on Sunday!” Zhou Yun waved to me – her mother came to pick her up.
Whether to go or not? Or not to go, I did not promise Zhou Yun, this is her own decision, go or not. But think again, can’t do that! What if she goes to the park and waits there? I bite my teeth – let’s go, art class is over.
Sunday came in a twinkling of an eye. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily. With an umbrella, I arrived at the gate of the park at two o’clock on time. But if you wait left and right, you can’t see Zhou Yun. I looked anxiously at my watch. It was half past two! I was irritable and anxious, but I had to wait boredly. Two forty, two fifty, three, three thirty, four… I waited until 4:30 and did not see Zhou Yun’s shadow, so I went home sadly and helplessly.
Finally, the next English lesson came. I asked Zhou Yun angrily, “Why didn’t you go to the park on Sunday?” 深圳桑拿网Zhou Yun said lightly, “It’s raining too much.” “What! I’ve been waiting for you for two and a half hours!” I exclaimed. “Cut! You’re so silly! It’s silly of you to come after such a heavy rain!” She looked at me and said casually. I am very angry that Zhou Yun should be so dishonest! From then on, I no longer pay attention to Zhou Yun. Later, in two English classes, Zhou Yun seemed to see my abnormality and took the initiative to talk to me, but I still ignored her, thinking: she even did not abide by what she said, but also so ignored my feelings, such a person is not worth deep acquaintance.
A month has passed and I have been ignoring her. Just this weekend, the art teacher of the interest class notified my mother by short message that I would take part in the art competition. The time is from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays, while the English class is from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. But the English teacher said he had to ask for leave if he didn’t attend class. I look at my watch, 广州桑拿ah! It’s time in ten minutes! I think: don’t ask for leave. So, my mother took me “fly” to the competition site. Suddenly, Zhou Yun appeared in front of me. She was rushing to the English class. I asked my mother to stop and shouted to Zhou Yun, “Hello! Zhou Yun!” Zhou Yun turned around. In spite of the previous unpleasant situation, I said impatiently, “Please take a leave with my teacher for me!” Zhou Yun readily agreed.
As soon as I arrived, I regretted that I was late. If I didn’t talk to Zhou Yun, I would not be late. Anyway, it’s all in vain. Zhou Yun is a man of no credit.
When I went to my English class on the second Saturday, the teacher asked me, “What did I do last week?” I whispered, “I went to a drawing competition. Sorry, I didn’t ask for leave.” The teacher was somewhat surprised: “Didn’t you ask Zhou Yun to help you with your leave?” Ah! Zhou Yun helped me with my leave? I can’t believe it. After class, I laughed and took Zhou Yun’s hand. “Thank you for asking for leave.” Zhou Yun said embarrassingly, “That’s the right time.”
We walked into the sunshine, the dazzling light shining on Zhou Yuntou’s hair card.