Didi online route

On January 9, Didi travel launched the “passing point” function in 37 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Kunming, etc., to meet the needs of multi-destination stops in scenarios such as multiple people riding together and individual multi-point travel.
After the party with friends, I want to take a car to different destinations. When I go to an activity site, I need to go home to pick up a document Such scenes are very common in people’s daily travel. In the past, passengers often faced such problems as unable to estimate the trip cost and arrival time when issuing the ticket, need to communicate with the driver repeatedly on the way, and worry about the vehicle not to continue service after getting off. The “passing point” function is mainly aimed at the problems in these taxi scenes, reducing the misunderstanding and inconvenience caused by oral communication.
From now on, in the area where the “waypoint” function is enabled, when passengers can enter their destination before the trip, click the “+” symbol on the right to add up to three waypoints. The platform will plan the routes to different routes according to the sequence of routes filled in by passengers, and display the estimated itinerary information of the routes to passengers according to the routes.
After the passengers get on the train, the driver will deliver the passengers to different passing points in order, and the dwell time of each passing point shall not exceed 3 minutes. If passengers need to wait for a long time in a certain place, they need to reach an agreement with the driver, and the driver has the right to terminate the order in advance. At the end of the trip, passengers can view the trip information and the route points in the “my order”.
At present, the “waypoint” function only supports the issuance of orders on the Chinese interface of didi travel app, and is applicable to the real-time travel services of didi express, preferential and special vehicles.

Collapsing disaster of loess in Shaanxi


At about 7 o’clock on October 26, a sudden loess collapse occurred in gaolijiagou village, Muyu Town, Jiaxian County, Yulin city. After receiving the report, Jiaxian County immediately launched the geological disaster emergency rescue plan. The main leaders of the county Party committee and the county government led the leaders in charge and the heads of the county emergency management, natural resource planning, fire protection, health care, public security and other units to rush to the scene of the disaster for rescue at the first time. According to preliminary identification, the disaster event is a sudden loess collapse, with a volume of about 500 cubic meters. The collapse caused four houses to collapse and three people to be trapped. After using 2 forklifts, 1 excavator and dozens of people to rescue, 3 people under pressure were rescued in the first time and sent to the hospital in time. Unfortunately, three people were killed after being rescued.
By the time of press release, the on-site search and rescue work had been completed, and the accident investigation and rehabilitation work were in progress.

The market value of Haidilao is 200 billion

On October 17, Haidilao’s share price rose more than 1%. The highest market value of Haidilao recorded more than 200 billion Hong Kong dollars, while the assets of Haidilao founder Zhang Yong and his wife also rose, which has exceeded 120 billion yuan.

The market value of Haidilao exceeded 200 billion Hong Kong dollars, a record high. As a core asset of the consumer industry, Haidilao has built a strong motive with its outstanding management system, perfect supply chain and strong brand effect, and has shown strong growth momentum in the hot pot track and the entire catering industry, and is expected to continue. Benefit from the growth of industry and the accumulation of scale advantages.

Wow! The market value of Haidilao is 200 billion! I have also joined the 100 billion business!

Since its listing, Haidilao has entered a period of rapid expansion. Nearly 200 new stores opened in 2018. It is estimated that there will be more than 300 newly opened stores in 2019. The total number of stores at the end of the year will reach 800. The total number of stores at the end of 2020 is expected to exceed 1,000. At the same time as the rapid opening of the store, Haidilao guarantees stable operation efficiency, and the turnover rate of all stores is maintained at about 5 times, leading the food and beverage industry. In the first half of 2019, the company’s operations remained stable. The operating efficiency of newly opened stores and all stores remained basically the same as that at the end of 2018. The turnover rate remained stable. The same store turnover rate was increased from 5 to 5.2 times, achieving volume and price increase. Both the profit side and the profit end achieved rapid growth. The high-quality operation efficiency further promotes the expansion of the company’s scale advantage. The average investment recovery time of Haidilao new store is less than one year. The high ROE enables the company to realize profit growth quickly after opening the store.

At present, the same store growth of Haidilao tends to be stable, and the main growth driver of future performance will come from the expansion of stores. In order to ensure the rapid expansion of the kinetic energy and talent reserve of the store, Haidilao launched a series of characteristic management systems to provide important guarantees, including the mentoring system, the group system, and the A-level store selection system, which further strengthened the interests of employees and the company. It also promoted the company’s flat management and standardized assessment. Haidilao’s “hands change fate” values ​​and smooth, fair and strict store promotion system fully motivate and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, form corporate cohesion, and also enable Haidilao to ensure a leading low turnover rate in the entire catering industry. .

At present, the market value of Haidilao has exceeded 200 billion Hong Kong dollars, and the rapid growth of stores continues. It is expected that the future growth potential of restaurant catering will still be available. The company’s current expansion strategy is mainly based on channel sinking, the encryption of second-tier city stores and the expansion of third-tier cities and below. It is estimated that the number of stores will reach 800 at the end of this year, and will reach 1,100 next year. The number of stores will reach 1800-2000 in the next five years. Standing at a new starting point, Haidilao is still expected to continue to expand and extend in the catering circuit, ushered in new developments.

The CITIC Jiantou Social Service team conducted in-depth and comprehensive research on the hot pot industry and Haidilao, explored the industry development pattern, the industrial chain situation, and the overall market space, and thoroughly studied and discussed the single-store model and store layout space of Haidilao. Core asset attributes, institutional positions, featured systems, and promotion of store managers provide a more comprehensive perspective for the study of the sea fishing and hot pot industry.


Hengda’s promotion to the sub-crown

Guangzhou Hengda became the only single seedling of the Chinese Super League team in the Asian Champions League Championship on September 18, when the quarterfinals of the 2019 season ended. Guangzhou Evergrande drew 1-1 with its rivals in their away game against Kagoshima Antler Team of Japan, but with the advantage of away goal, they eliminated their rivals and advanced to the top four.
For the Chinese Super League team, the away game of Kagoshima Antler can be said to be the most terrible one in Asia. Historically, the Chinese Super League team visited here 1-9 – only Shanghai Shenhua had a draw and all the others lost. From the first round of the two teams in Guangzhou, we can see that the strength of Guangzhou Hengda today is not above the deer antlers in Kagoshima. According to relevant statistics, because of the existence of Taliska, Paulinio and Exxon, the total value of Guangzhou Evergrande Team is as high as 90.33 million euros, while Kagoshima Antler is only 21.1 million euros, but the game is another matter. In fact, Guangzhou Hengda has suffered a lot of setbacks this season, but it has survived all the way. With a surprising 13 consecutive wins, the Chinese Super League firmly holds the initiative to win the championship in its own hands, while the Asian Championship stadium, with the play of key games and key moments, has all the way to the top eight. However, it can also be seen that although Guangzhou Evergrande is still the dominant power in the Chinese Super League, it is by no means a big favorite to win the championship in Asia. In the final round of the group match, Guangzhou Hengda won a thrilling victory by an Oolong ball from FC Daegu, Korea, and advanced to the knockout stage as the second in the group. In the second round of the eighth finals, Shandong Luneng forced the penalty shoot-out to win the final. In the first round of the battle against Kagoshima Antler in Japan, the two sides exchanged white papers at Tianhe Sports Center. Guangzhou Evergrande only needs a draw with goals in the second round to advance to the top four with more away goals. However, after scoring in the first half, Guangzhou Hengda fell into passivity in the second half and was almost besieged by Kagoshima Antlers. Fortunately, the team withstood the pressure and held the 1-1 score to the end.
Despite the thrilling promotion, Guangzhou Hengda has become the last face of the Chinese Super League team in this season’s Asian Championship. In the second round of the Asian Championship 1/4 final on September 17, Shanghai drew 1:1 away from Hong Kong with Japanese team Pu and Red Diamond, and was eliminated in the two rounds with fewer away goals.


If I had a goose from Niles

Ever since I finished learning the article “Adventures of Niles Riding a Goose”, I often have imagination. 桑拿广州 If only I had a goose from Niles.
Suddenly, a white light pierced my eyes and I couldn’t see what it was. I heard someone say, “Hello, little master.” At first glance, it’s a big white swan. It looks so noble and elegant.
“Who are you, little boy? Can I help you?” The Swan spoke.
I didn’t react for a moment. I had a little brain hypoxia. But he stammered, “I’m Nannan, you… You will… Say… What do you say?
The Swan said, “I’m Neil’s goose, Martin. I can help you fulfill your greatest wish.”
“Can I go to another planet to see it?” I was so excited that my eyes shone.
“Of course, you come up.” The goose stretched out its wings as polite as a gentleman.
I couldn’t wait to climb up Martin’s back. Another white light flashed. When I opened my eyes, we were already roaming in the vast universe. “Martin, do you think there are any aliens?” It said, “Just go and see.” We are back on Mars.
Everything on Mars is weird. The 深圳桑拿网 house is tilted and people walk backwards. There were very few people in the street. A man saw us and asked, “Where did you come from? Why have you never seen him?” We only saw his mouth moving, but we couldn’t understand what he was talking about. Fortunately, Martin brought the translator to understand.
“We’re from the earth. Why are there no people in your street?” I asked. He answered, “Today there is a temple fair, and people have gone to see it. Come on, I’ll take you there.” With that, he arrived at his destination. The temple fairs on Mars are more lively than on Earth, gathering many people. There were a lot of people on Mars. There is also a big stage, on which someone is dancing, the dance steps look awkward, like a group of elephants, but there are still people applauding, really do not understand. There are all kinds of snacks. Look, we’re from the earth, so they’re all free. The roast meat here is delicious, but it’s not mutton. I don’t know what it is.
Before I knew it was too late, Martin and I wanted to find a place to live, but there were no hotels on Mars. They all lived in various disc-shaped houses, and they got in through a roll of identification. It’s more luxurious than five-star hotels. There are all kinds of high-tech. I can’t even name many of them. I don’t know what they will do. I just feel dazzled. Sleeping in a special big bed, there is a feeling similar to massage, and soon fell asleep. When 桑拿广州 we woke up in the morning, someone had made breakfast for us. The milk here was not white, but colorful. It was refreshing to drink. Martians don’t eat bread, but a kind of lump food that is condensed into biscuit size by various nutrients. They eat it in their mouth, cool and smooth, and have a special taste. They immediately feel refreshed and full of strength.
Martin said, “Let’s get a feel for Martian life.”
“OK, OK.” I’m just about to dance with joy.
When we came to the places where Martians usually gathered, we found that Martians did not have as much entertainment as we did. They all gathered together to study how to change the atmosphere, how to make the earth better and how to make the people of all planets live in harmony. Looking at the life of Martians, I suddenly feel a little ashamed that the earth is being ruthlessly ravaged by us. I don’t care for my own earth, and I want others to worry about it. Really…
“Get up, be late.” Mom’s voice came to my ear. One of them sat up and, alas, dreamed again.