Oscar list

Beijing Business News (reporter Lu Yang Zheng Rui) at 12:29 a.m. on February 10, Beijing time, all the awards of the 92nd Oscar have been announced. Among them, the Korean film “parasite” won the best film, best director, best original script and many other awards.
Best picture: parasites
Best director: Feng Junhao & the parasite
Best actress: Renee Zellweger & Judy
Best actor: Huajin Phoenix & Clown
Best Supporting Actress: Laura Dunne & Marriage Story
Best supporting actor: Brad Pitt & Hollywood past
Best original script: parasites
Best adapted play: Joe Joe’s fantasy world
Best animated feature: Toy Story 4
Best Animated Short Film: love of hair
Best live action short film: neighbor’s window
Best documentary feature: American factory
Best documentary film: girls’ field skateboarding class
Best photography: Roger Dickins & 1917
Best clip: the king of fast cars
Best original song: “I’m gonna, love me again” & “rocket man”
Best Original Soundtrack: Hildur gunad ó ttir & Clown
Best sound editing: the king of speed
Best sound effect: 1917
Best visual effect: 1917
Best make-up hair style: explosion news
Best costume design: Jacqueline Durran & little woman
Best art guide: Hollywood past
Best International Film: parasites

The worst flooding in Venice

Recently, Italy’s famous “water city” Venice suffered heavy rain and bad weather, causing high tide. Because of the heavy rain day after day, the beautiful water city fell into the tide, many famous historic sites were flooded. About half of the local streets and buildings are flooded, and kindergartens are closed, forcing people to wade. As of the evening of the 12th, the highest water level had reached 1.87M, second only to 1.94m when the flood hit in 1966, according to the municipal government of Venice.
Venice’s historic center was badly affected. San Marco Square, located in the center of Venice, is flooded with water for more than 1 meter. Many historic buildings such as San Marco cathedral and Phoenix opera house are flooded. It is reported that St. Mark’s Cathedral has been flooded six times in the past 1200 years, four times in the last 20 years. Venice mayor Luigi bruniaro says bad weather is a result of climate change. “We are facing a higher tide than expected, Venice will enter a state of emergency.”. “The damage caused by the flood to Venice is incalculable,” said Luca Zaya, President of Veneto Bruniaro said he has sought financial assistance from the Italian government because of the “high cost of restoring ancient buildings.”. The meteorological department predicts that the Venice area will still face continuous rainfall in the next few days.
Venice is located in the lagoon area, which has suffered many floods in history. With the rising sea level in recent years, the risk of flooding in the city has increased. Since 2003, Venice has started to build a flood control system called mose, which is to build a flood control barrier or sluice on the seabed to resist floods when sea level rises or winter storms come. According to Italian media reports, the project has cost billions of euros, the first test of the flood control system was carried out in 2013, and delivery is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.
According to ansa news agency, the flood caused serious damage to about 60 ships and killed two residents of the Venetian island of pelestina. One of them, a 78 year old man, was electrocuted when he tried to restart a flooded pump in his house. Another cause of death is under investigation.
But it’s not just Venice that has had such bad weather. Recently, heavy rain and snow swept across Italy. At present, more than ten regions have issued orange and yellow severe weather warnings, while Calabria, Brasilia and Sicily in southern Italy have issued red severe weather warnings.
Heavy snowfall has caused serious traffic problems in mountainous areas of northern Italy, with 40 to 50 cm of snow falling at night in some areas. The ancient city of Matela in southern Italy, the “capital of European culture” in 2019, also suffered from torrential rain, which made the ancient streets muddy. The northern part of Sicily’s iolia islands has been isolated from the outside world for three days due to the impact of 6-7 waves and strong gusts. Italian rescue agencies have called on people to stay away from the river bank and the coast and to be alert and prevent being injured by trees.

National football selection list released


This afternoon, the Chinese Football Association released a list of men’s football selection teams for the East Asia Cup in December. Among them, there are five players selected from Shanghai and Hong Kong. They will participate in the training in Wuhan from November 3 to 14. The head coach of the national football selection team is Wuhan drow coach Li Tie.
Lippi, head coach of the national football team, is not willing to play in the 2022 Qatar world cup Asian qualifier list. In December, he will play in the East Asia Cup, and he is not willing to be the head coach of the Chinese team in the East Asia Cup. The U23 National Olympic team will prepare for the U23 Asian Cup final in early next year, which is also the Asian preliminary competition of next year’s Tokyo Olympic Games.
So the Chinese Football Association finally decided that Li Tie should form a national football selection team besides the above two teams. This team will take part in the 2019 East Asia Football Championship (East Asia Cup) held in South Korea from December 10 to 18.
At present, Shanghai, the second place in the Chinese Super League table, has been recruited 5 players. They are defender Shi Ke and Wang shanchao, midfielder Cai Huikang, striker LV Wenjun and Li Shenglong.
Shi Ke, Wang shenchao and Cai Huikang have all been selected in the national football team. Shi Ke participated in the Asian Cup at the beginning of this year, and Cai Huikang was the main force of the national football team to participate in the Asian Cup in 2015.
LV Wenjun was once selected in the national football training list this year, but he was withdrawn due to his broken arm in the Chinese Super League.
Li Shenglong, who has played well this season, was selected by the national team for the first time. This year, with Wu Lei staying abroad and many injury problems in the front line of the team, Li Shenglong has gradually played the main force, and scored seven goals in the Chinese Super League, creating a new high of goals in his career. In addition to the Asian Championship and the FA Cup, the team scored 9 goals in line 3 of the 14th competition.
According to the Football Association’s training notice, the five players of the team will report to Wuhan on November 3.
On the other hand, after a short break, the team will also regroup next week for the final three rounds of this season. The five main players of the Shanggang team and Yan Junling, the first goalkeeper of the national football team, will definitely be absent from training for some time.
Fortunately, the match between Shanggang team and Guangzhou Evergrande champion tianwangshan is on November 23, that is to say, after the training of the national football selection team ended on November 14, the five Shanggang players still have more than a week to practice with the team-mates of the club.