Iran attacks US bases

First of all, when I saw this news, my first reaction was that, fuck, it’s crazy that the Americans kicked Iran the option of whether to fight through the act of “killing XXX by air attack” to let the Iranians decide whether to fight. But the Iranians are crazy. They kicked this choice back to the Americans through the act of “attacking the US air base in Iraq”, and added “the revenge action of XX’s death in the attack is over. If Iran does not want to go to war or fear war, if it is not for Russians without white caps, I think this is what the Russians have done, and then they will be confused, because I can not tell whether it is crazy or Islamic or Iran people. Secondly, I feel that the trump battle has hit him. And it seems to be beyond the control of meizhituan. This is an “emergency” incident in the United States since the attack on Benghazi, and this incident is different from that in the past, the United States will be dragged into the mire of war again if it is a little careless, thus giving the rabbit a chance to breathe again. The specific advantages and disadvantages still depend on the US Intelligence Corps to slowly analyze. In addition, I am worried about the rabbit. If the Middle East local war expands, will China be involved in it? On the one hand, the premise of rabbit’s rapid development in recent decades is “peace”. On the other hand, China’s economic development has entered the transition period in the past two years, which urgently needs innovation. Moreover, domestic inflation and various contradictions also need to be released urgently. Is it a good thing to be involved in a war far away from the country?

The oldest old man in the world

Overseas, Jan. 2 – Tanaka, who has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest man, celebrated her 117th birthday on Jan. 2.
Tanaka was born on January 2, 1903 in a family of nine brothers and sisters in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, Kyodo News Agency reported Tuesday. At the age of 19, she married a man who ran a rice cake shop and had many children.
Tanaka loved to write when she was a child. At her second daughter-in-law’s home in Kawasaki, she kept notebooks and notes of the old man’s memories, records of wars, diseases, and family gatherings and departures.
From these memories, Tanaka not only wrote the painful past, but also recorded the positive side of life, including her life course from Meiji era to Linghe era in Japan, a total of five times.
In September 2019, Tanaka, aged 116 and 66 days, was recognized as the world’s oldest old and the world’s oldest woman.
Tanaka, who currently lives in Fukuoka, Japan, loves to play chess on weekdays. He usually gets up at 6 a.m. every day to learn mathematics and practice calligraphy, Japanese media reported earlier.
According to a survey released by the Ministry of health, labor and welfare in 2018, the number of Japanese centenarians and above has exceeded 69000. According to the prediction of the National Institute of social security and population issues, by 2023, the number of centenarians in Japan may exceed 100000.