Sweden forbids the import of Lianhua Qingwen

Recently, Swedish media said that the Swedish customs laboratory has tested the anti new crown Chinese medicine Lianhua Qingwen, which is advocated by China, claiming that its ingredient is “only menthol”.
The Swedish drug administration says a large number of current products are in circulation in Europe. The Swedish drug administration and the customs office described Lianhua Qingwen as a drug that “cannot be transported from a country outside the Schengen area without permission” and detained at the border.
Dan larhammar, a Swedish professor of molecular cell biology, claims that Lianhuaqingwen contains about 13 kinds of herbs, “but in fact only menthol”.
Is that really the case?
In March 23rd, the novel coronavirus pneumonia Research Institute of Guangdong Shantou University, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, National Institute of life sciences and Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (Shenzhen), the Research Institute of life and Health Sciences, published a research paper on the platform of “ChemRxiv”, which is published in the chemical field. The theoretical research of “the theory of” and “the theory of”.
A theoretical study on novel coronavirus pneumonia mechanism of “Lianhua” and “ChemRxiv”
Novel coronavirus pneumonia can be alleviated by synergistic action of key molecules activated by antiviral and anti-inflammatory agents, the authors point out.
The results showed that rutin, forsythoside E and Hyperoside were better than lopinavir. Among them, hyperin may be the most likely inhibitor of the main protease of new coronavirus.
Comparative screenshots of rutin, phillyrin e, Hyperoside and lopinavir in this paper
The authors emphasize that traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of prevention and treatment of various diseases in China. It is achieved by targeting a variety of effective ingredients to regulate a variety of disease-related pathways. “Lianhuaqingwen has not only antiviral effect, but also anti-inflammatory and immune mechanism. This is also in line with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, that is, multi-component, multi-target, multi-channel comprehensive treatment of complex diseases. “
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was used in the treatment of new crown pneumonia in China in early 2 and March. Many Chinese academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, including Zhong Nanshan and Zhang Boli, pointed out that even the flower scour is effective in treating new crown pneumonia.
In February 6th, novel coronavirus infection was diagnosed by Zhang Boli team and Liu Qingquan, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital of Capital Medical University.
Screenshots of papers of Zhang Boli’s team and Liu Qingquan’s team
According to the order of application frequency, the highest frequency of Maxingshigan decoction was 15 times; the second was xuanbaichengqi Decoction and Shengjiang Powder; the highest frequency of Angongniuhuang pill was 15 times; the second was Xuebijing injection 14 times and Lianhuaqingwen capsule 12 times.
Zhang Boli introduced that Lianhua Qingwen capsule was a prescription developed during SARS. During the epidemic period, the clinical research results showed that the disappearance rate of main clinical symptoms and the duration of clinical symptoms of the patients taking Lianhuaqingwen capsule were better than those of the control group. The improvement of pulmonary imaging reached 83.8%, and the clinical cure rate reached 78.9%. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was found to be inhibited by Lianhua Qing Wen capsule.
In March 20th, novel coronavirus was published in pharmacology research by Lianzhong Qing Wen, which has the antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects of the new coronavirus. In this study, radcivir was used as a positive control to study the inhibitory effect of Lianhuaqingwen on new coronavirus in vitro.
The results showed that novel coronavirus could be inhibited by Lianhua Qingwen in vitro, and the half inhibitory concentration (IC50) of the flower scars was 411.2 g/ml and the IC50 of Reed’s Wei was 0.651 M, similar to that of Reed’s Wei Wei. The expression of TNF-a, IL-6, MCP-1 and IP-10 genes in the cells infected with the virus was inhibited by the treatment, which was dose-dependent.
Zhong Nanshan and others concluded that Lianhuaqingwen significantly inhibited the replication of new crown virus, affected the virus morphology and played an anti-inflammatory activity in vitro. This shows that Lianhuaqingwen can resist the virus attack and is expected to become a new strategy to control the new coronavirus.
Due to novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus infection treatment plan (trial version fourth edition 7), the flower scars were recommended for use in the treatment of new crown pneumonia. It is suitable for the patients who are in the clinical observation period of medicine and become asthenia with gastrointestinal discomfort or asthenia with fever. It is recommended to take Lianhua Qingwen capsule (granule) orally.
On May 4, at the invitation of the Ministry of foreign affairs and the health and Health Commission, Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, reminded foreign students that if there was fever, “drink more water and take some medicine with you”, they could take baifuling, ibuprofen or Lianhuaqingwen.
Zhong Nanshan specially mentioned: we have just finished an experiment and will soon publish it. We will use very sufficient evidence to prove that Lianhua Qingwen is effective in the world for the first time and can help the patients with new crown recover.
Lianhua Qingwen is a new Chinese medicine developed by Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yiling pharmaceutical”, 002603) during SARS in 2003. It was patented in China in 2003 and passed the FDA phase II clinical trial in 2015.