A letter to him

Think about it, toss and turn, or want to write you a letter.
You are my first classmate in junior high school. For me, it’s very important. For the first time, sitting in the corner of the class, watching the students coming and going hand in hand into the classroom, they all smiled like flowers, without the embarrassment and shyness of meeting for the first time. And I always seem to be in a slow and hot state to accept something new. I still can’t accept the new world, the new class right away. Glancing carelessly in the past, I saw you looking for a seat in no hurry. My intuition tells me that you don’t have an acquaintance in this class, either.
I summoned up great courage and waved to you to sit next to me. Later, I didn’t expect to have the courage to make you my deskmate. In fact, so far, I have found a lot of things, but also let me understand a lot of truth. I haven’t regretted that.
Because knowing you really changed my mind and spirit a lot of what I thought before. Because I know you, I understand what is called “real effort”. Because I know you, it’s beautiful to leave footprints. You run steadfastly under the setting sun, never stopping your pace of pursuing your dreams.
The autumn leaves in the wind are still fluttering and blurring far and near. Suddenly there was silence in the playground, vaguely hearing the sweat on your head and your gentle encouragement to refuel. This Noda playground added a kind of fierce fighting spirit like a fighter.
I can’t see anything on the playground. I just feel that there is a boy who writes his best youth with his life.
Unexpectedly, we have the same experience of falling out of the league. I really feel very deep. You can still work so hard after you fall out of the list, but I am reluctant to idle away every day. Sometimes I wonder what will happen if I try so hard. Must we get a reward? The answer is no, maybe, hard work, just to recall the future so that they do not regret the youth. Compared with you, I feel lazy, decadent and lazy. I don’t want to deceive myself. In fact, I never tried hard.
I really want to say sorry to you. Because of my rough character, I often lose my temper, which affects you. I also have serious reflection afterwards. I also hate myself. Sometimes I wonder how good it would be to have another life wandering through time and space with my maturity now.
I still remember that we were very harmonious at the beginning of school. Every day we talked and played. I miss the time and space and the feeling at that time. Remember, the first time you quarreled with me was because of something. I’m sorry, maybe I didn’t care about these things when I was with my classmates in the past, and I really never found this problem myself. So after you said that, I was embarrassed, as if I really said to you, “It’s stingy.” I really have a very small measurement. I don’t know why I’m a little disgusted with other people’s suggestions about my shortcomings. Maybe my quality is too poor and my vision is too small.
I also feel that I have many shortcomings that need to be corrected. I don’t really like to memorize things in class. Sometimes I’m really glad I have a deskmate who takes notes in class. Maybe, you worked very hard to finish those things in class, but I stole your sweat so simply and easily. I am really sorry for the questions you asked afterwards, but I don’t know how to describe my feelings in my heart. I’m really short of language when it comes to people’s aspirations, but I say the opposite… I’m sorry.
As a matter of fact, I will carefully analyze what you have proposed after the fact. Sometimes I just don’t understand it. It’s not a big thing. Why do you and I care about it?
I remember the time you said to me, “Why don’t you sum up the points yourself? Why do you always steal from others? I’m very doubtful when you finish this sentence. Because I thought at that time, maybe it didn’t matter. Why do you say that? I highly recommend that you sometimes change your tone.
I can be nice to other people, but I seem to resent some things. I don’t think it’s necessary to care so much because we are classmates. It’s right to help each other. I admit that I am one-sided, that these things really sometimes have a “take for granted” feeling.
I really want to say thank you. It is you who accompany me through the peaceful road of the recovery of mountains and rivers, accompanying me to meet the future of Huaming Liuquan. I remember that whenever I could hardly support myself in the process of learning, you always gave me a smile in the wind, revealed your two shallow dimples, held my hand tightly, encouraged me to refuel, only from this moment on, will there be a better life in the future. Put together three years of spring and autumn, change a lifetime without regret! Whenever I’m nervous about my future, you always say to me, “It’s okay, take your time.” As you know, I filled my eyes with moving tears at that time…
At the same table, you are really excellent and excellent. I’m glad to have you as my deskmate. You’re the one who worked harder at all of my deskmates in my reading career, both in learning and in getting along with others. I hope you will continue your efforts. I hope you can be a sunny boy. Continue to refuel! Thank you!
I hope that in the next few months. We are at the same table two people, work together, work hard together. We can get into good classes together next year. If I have the privilege of working with you, I would be happy to be at your table again. Continue to open our “story of love and murder” hope you do not abandon.
—— It’s a great honor to meet you in this life.

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