Accelerating vaccine research and development

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was held at the Beijing municipal daily news conference last night. The thirty-sixth meeting of the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Beijing leading group on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia was held at the sixth meeting of the Beijing Capital Management and joint control coordination mechanism.
The meeting pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control is the most arduous, which requires us to continue to make arduous efforts and shoulder the responsibility. The more we face this situation, the more we must insist on seeking answers from science and technology and give full play to the role of commandos on the scientific and technological front. The urgent task is to try our best to save more patients’ lives, to strengthen the combination of drug, medical equipment research and development and clinical treatment, to effectively improve the cure rate and reduce the death rate. We will speed up the research and development of drugs, adhere to the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine and the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and accelerate the promotion and application of effective drugs that have been developed and screened.
Accelerate the research and development of vaccines with various technical routes, promote the organic connection of vaccine research and development and industrialization chain, and support Zhongguancun enterprises to accelerate the research and development of vaccines, diagnostic reagents, therapeutic drugs and other anti epidemic products. Using artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies to carry out epidemiological and traceability investigation. We will mobilize all forces to do a good job in psychological counseling in an all-round way. We will strengthen the system and capacity-building for disease prevention and control and public health research. We will continue to carry out patriotic health campaigns, and work on improving living conditions, eating habits, social and mental health, and public health facilities.