What is real poverty?

In this world, there are many rich people who are respected at the highest level of society. There are many, many poor people who live at the bottom of society and are rejected. So there are the words “rich” and “poor”. However, what is real wealth and what is real poverty, many people only look at the surface, but do not understand these two words in depth.
There used to be a disabled middle-aged and old man living next to our house. He has only one hand and lives by picking up garbage every day. His clothes are dark and dirty. Everyone sympathizes with him. He often shares some food with him.
His surname is Zhang. I call him Daddy Zhang. Sometimes he picks up too much garbage and buys me a fifty-cent lollipop to eat. But every time I meet him after school, I try to avoid it because I’m afraid that others will say that I have something to do with the garbage collector.
Once I met him again after school. This time I did not escape his sight, because he saw me from a long distance and called my name. At this time, my classmates pointed at Daddy Zhang and asked me what relationship I had with him. I hesitated and said, “He is my neighbor.” A classmate then said to me, “Your neighbor is so dirty, dirty to death.”
I didn’t say anything to go on, and Daddy Zhang seemed to hear what his classmates said, so he didn’t call me anymore. I walked home and took out my book to do my homework, but I heard him call me again. I plugged my earplug and he knocked on my door.
I was a little impatient. I opened the door in a restless mood. At the first sight, I saw the lollipop in his hand. I took his lollipop happily and said “Thank you” with a smile.
Daddy Zhang was very happy and patted me on the shoulder. Since then, I have not avoided him in front of my classmates, because I think Daddy Zhang is a very good person. What’s wrong with his poverty? At least he is very kind.
Previously, I thought that Daddy Zhang had no culture, but I didn’t expect that he could teach many of the questions I did. Sometimes I felt that he was even more powerful than the teacher. I had some doubts. I asked him what he had done before and why he was so knowledgeable. He just diverged from the subject and was unwilling to answer my question. I don’t think he has much to ask.
Then one day, I went to look for Daddy Zhang, but I didn’t see his figure. It was getting dark so late. Why didn’t Daddy Zhang pick up the garbage? At this time, I heard sister-in-law Li next door shout: “Zhang XX drowned.” I heard the name of Daddy Zhang. I rushed to the beach of the village in spite of my unfinished homework. My heart was in a hurry. Daddy Zhang would be fine.
Fortunately, the swimming brothers rescued Daddy Zhang. After rescuing him, everyone praised him and Daddy Zhang and said, “Thank you for your young people, but Zhang XX is brave and brave. As a disabled man, he risked his life to save people. With that, everyone raised their thumbs.
When Dad Zhang was passing by the sea, he risked his life to save people when he saw someone drowning, but he had only one hand, which was not easy to save people at all. At last, nobody was saved and he drowned himself. Fortunately, both Daddy Zhang and the drowning children were saved by the younger brothers.
After this incident, everyone praised Daddy Zhang’s kindness and thought that he was physically handicapped and had a good heart.
Daddy Zhang told everyone that he had a distant cousin and a big boss. Everyone is half-trusted and half-doubtful.
One day, a middle-aged and old man with a BMW came to our village. Daddy Zhang said that the man was his cousin. Everyone shook his head and said that Daddy Zhang had a problem with his brain. How could he be related to him if he was so rich?
I looked at the middle-aged and old man living in Daddy Zhang’s house and asked him if he had anything to do with Daddy Zhang. The man hesitated and said, “What’s the matter? He’s so sloppy and so poor?”
Originally thought that rich people are very moral, but I can see the real face of middle-aged and old men, but also let me understand what is real poverty.
One day, when the middle-aged and old men were packing up to leave the village and Daddy Zhang went to see him off, I heard a conversation between them. It seems that they are related. Maybe he is unwilling to recognize Daddy Zhang.
Daddy Zhang looked very sad. He pulled his sleeve and said, “Cousin, why don’t you recognize me?”
The middle-aged and old men are obviously arrogant. They put their pants in their pockets and said, “I came here to ask you if you have any money to help me save the company. I didn’t realize that you are a disabled person now. Okay, I’m leaving now.”
Old and middle-aged men did not say anything, stepped onto the car and went away. Daddy Zhang chased the back of the car and shouted, “What’s wrong with me? My physical disability was an accident when I was a teacher before. Why now, my only relatives look down on me?”
He was a teacher. No wonder he knows all the questions I do.
“I look up to you. You are not poor at all, and you are very rich. I came to Daddy Zhang and said to him with a smile.
Daddy Zhang sighed and I made him laugh as a clown. This day, Daddy Zhang and I talked a lot about learning. When I got home, I told my mother about it. My mother said, “Mental poverty is terrible.”
Compared with material poverty, spiritual poverty is more terrible. Really rich people are kind and satisfied. Who says “rich” and “poor”?

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