Cut a flat head for 1500 yuan

A few days ago, Mr. Zhan in Hangzhou went to the Armani shop to have a haircut. As a result, a flat head cost him more than 1500 yuan. Mr. Zhan said that it was still discounted. The original price was 1888 yuan. Mr. Zhan took out his photos of the previous period and compared them with the current ones. He spent 30 yuan on the flat head, slightly longer than the 1500 yuan this time. Other differences were not obvious. But why does Mr. Zhan spend so much money on this flat head?
Things have to start a few days ago. At that time, he went to the beauty salon of Armani Xuan Hangzhou Wangjiang shop to have a haircut. For his own requirements, he said four words: let it be. But I didn’t expect that after “let it be” finished, the haircut turned into a perm. Mr. Zhan couldn’t tell what kind of potion he was using. The final bill showed that three potions were used for shaving and two for washing hair. The total cost was 1888.
Mr. Zhan originally had a 20 yuan haircut three times discount card. On the recommendation of the clerk, he added 2500 yuan to apply for a membership card. In this way, he can get a discount. It is understood that Mr. Zhan actually paid 3200 yuan for his haircut, added 2500 yuan to his membership card and bought more than 700 yuan of liquid medicine. According to Armani Xuan’s explanation, the cost of haircut, membership card and potion can be swiped, which need to be paid extra. In this way, Mr. Zhan paid 1500 yuan for the haircut.
Afterwards, Mr. Zhan thought that the money had been spent unjustly. He was fooled by the barber shop. So, is this mandatory consumption in barbershop? Did you ask Mr. Zhan for permission before perming your hair or using the potion? Manager Zhao of amanihuan gave an explanation. Mr. Zhao said that these potions protect the scalp, and Mr. Zhan agreed when they were applied. But when the reporter asked to see the price list, manager Zhao refused. The two sides couldn’t settle the dispute. Manager Zhao said that at that time, Mr. Zhan agreed to perm his hair and apply the liquid medicine. But Mr. Zhan said he had made it clear that he didn’t need a perm, but the potion went on his head in a muddle.
After negotiation, manager Zhao said he had suffered a loss and refunded Mr Zhan 2500 yuan.