US aircraft carrier approaching Iran

In the early morning of January 3, the U.S. military dispatched MQ-9 drones and launched four Hellfire missiles. On the mobile Road near Baghdad International Airport in Iraq, it killed major general Sulaimani, the top commander of Iran’s Holy City Brigade, major general mohandes, the deputy commander of the armed people’s mobilization organization of Shiite militias in Iraq, and more than ten members of the organization.
On the evening of January 5, Iran’s top leaders held an emergency national security meeting to discuss how to retaliate against the United States. At the end of the meeting, Iran officially announced its full withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement. In the future, the number of centrifuges used for uranium enrichment in Iran, the abundance and production of uranium enrichment will no longer be limited.
In response to possible retaliatory attacks by Iran, the U.S. aircraft carrier is on high alert. The Truman, which has just arrived in the Gulf of Oman, has taken off several f / A-18 Hornets in an emergency manner to prevent attacks from Iran. Recently, the senior commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has publicly threatened that 35 US targets in the Middle East are within the scope of Iran’s attack. Trump also immediately issued a warning that if the Americans were injured, or if American targets were attacked, they would attack 52 important Iranian targets. And there are a lot of weapons that the United States deployed on the ground before, and the war is on the verge.
On the evening of January 4 local time, Iraqi security authorities issued a statement saying that several areas in Iraq were attacked by rockets and mortars, including the Celebration Square in the green area of Baghdad, the jadriya on the South Bank of the Tigris River and the Balad Air Force Base in Salah DIN province. Specifically, one Katyusha rocket landed in the “green zone” of Baghdad City, and three mortar shells hit the Iraqi military warehouse at the baylad Air Force Base on the night of the 4th. Three of the soldiers were injured and the runway of the airport was damaged by mortars that attacked Ballard air force base. Iraqi security forces are investigating these incidents.
According to the report on January 6, Russian media said that President trump of the United States informed the Congress through Twitter on January 5 local time that if Iran launched an attack, the United States would fight back comprehensively and quickly.
Russian satellite news agency reported on January 6 that trump wrote on Twitter: “these posts will serve as a notice to the U.S. Congress. If Iran launches an attack on any U.S. individual or target, the U.S. will quickly and comprehensively fight back, and may take an disproportionate way.”. This kind of legal statement is not necessary, but it has been issued! “
According to reports, US military drones killed Qasim Sulaimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s “Holy City Brigade” on January 3, leading to a sharp rise in US Iranian tensions.
Iran’s top leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, has vowed to avenge Sulaimani. U.S. President trump has previously said that if the Americans are attacked, they will carry out a “quick and powerful attack” on 52 Iranian targets.
The international community calls on the United States and Iran to exercise restraint.
I believe that no matter who we are, we don’t want to see a bad scene happen. I hope trump can wake up soon and return a peace to the world!