Ma Yun cashes out 4 billion yuan a year

Today, Hurun Research Institute released the list of the top 30 entrepreneurs in 2019. This list calculates the cash out amount of entrepreneurs listed from July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019, so as to rank them. No tax is deducted from the amount of cash out.
In the past year, 30 Mainland entrepreneurs have cashed in 91.85 billion yuan, 10% more than last year, the highest amount of cash in the past year.
It is worth noting that in the science and technology circle, since July last year, the Ma Yun family has cashed in 4 billion yuan by reducing part of the equity of Alibaba, a US listed company, and tied sixth with he henjian and he Jianfeng’s father and son in the top 30.
Ding Lei received a dividend of 1.3 billion yuan from Netease, a US listed company.
Ma Yun cashed in 4 billion yuan a year, and 30 Mainland entrepreneurs cashed in 91.85 billion yuan
Amount and method of cash out by entrepreneurs

  1. Cash out amount of Wang Wenxue: 13.1 billion yuan
    Since July last year, Wang has accumulated 13.1 billion yuan by transferring shares of Huaxia happiness and St Hongsheng, a listed company. Wang Wenxue ranks 55th on the list of 2016 Lexus Hurun 100 rich with wealth of 48.5 billion yuan.
  2. Cash out amount of Xu Jiayin: 11.5 billion yuan
    In September last year, the Hong Kong listed company Evergrande under Xu Jiayin issued relevant dividends in 2016 and 2017, and Xu Jiayin received dividends totaling 11.5 billion yuan. Xu Jiayin ranks the third place in the list of 2016 Lexus Hurun 100 rich with wealth of 210 billion yuan.
  3. Yang Huiyan’s family cash out: 8.9 billion yuan
    From July last year to now, Yang Huiyan has accumulated 8.9 billion yuan from the stock dividends of country garden, a Hong Kong listed company. Yang Huiyan’s family ranks fifth on the list of 2016 Lexus Hurun 100 rich with wealth of 175 billion yuan.
  4. Cash out of Caikui family: 4.55 billion yuan
    At the beginning of this year, Cai Kui reduced his holding of shares of Longhu group, a Hong Kong listed company, to realize cash arbitrage. In addition, the dividend from Longhu group in the past year has accumulated 4.55 billion yuan in cash. Cai Kui’s family ranks 51st on the 2009 Lexus Hurun rich list with a fortune of 50 billion yuan.