GRF fined 100 million won

Recently, Lck has been in a mess. The transfer news is overwhelming. Many teams are nearly reorganized. Only deft is left in DRX, and KT’s player contracts are almost expired. It is unknown whether they will renew their contracts. Khan, SKT’s last single player, and CLID and Haru, two wild players, are also separated. However, the most interesting is GRF, but the transfer of GRF has not been reported so far. However, recently, fist officials suddenly announced a major punishment result. They banned the former coach cvmax of GRF and the former representative Zhao of GRF, and fined the GRF team 100 million won, which was converted into more than 600000 yuan.
Many netizens said that they could accept the fine and Zhao’s punishment, but the punishment for cvmax was a little confusing. Did cvmax participate in the punishment? For cvmax, I believe that many small partners are still familiar with it, leading GRF in the past has made no mistake. Although there are few wins in bo5, GRF’s performance in the regular season is very bright Yes, it also has a strong ruling power in the Lck area. However, cvmax was fired because of the disagreement with the management. Later, GRF’s performance in the S9 global finals was also seen. After being expelled, cvmax also revealed some black material about GRF, which finally tore the skin. But some time ago, DRX just announced that cvmax would join in, and DRX would also reorganize the galaxy warship around deft, but now there is such a thing, it can’t help but wonder, is deft’s S10 cold again?
In fact, for cvmax joining DRX and deft in S10, many netizens are very optimistic. After all, the ability of cvmax has been seen before, which helps GRF achieve good results. On the other hand, deft is more familiar to us. From EDG, it has always been outstanding. After returning to Lck, it has also won the championship of Lck. This year, although the team’s performance is not very good, deft’s performance is really good. One person carries a team. If two people work together, the S10 next year is also very expected. However, now cvmax has been banned permanently by South Korean fist officials, and DRX has just signed cvmax, which is a bit awkward. At present, the DRX official hasn’t made a voice. What about the follow-up? We have to wait for the official notice.