The murderer in Honggutan was executed

On the afternoon of May 24, Shen Yun (pseudonym), a 24-year-old trainee lawyer, walked on fenghuangzhong Avenue in Honggutan New District of Nanchang after work with his friends. Suddenly, he was stabbed in the back by Wan’s younger brother for more than ten times, and Shen Yun died after ineffective rescue. On July 18, the case information disclosure network of the people’s Procuratorate announced that recently, Nanchang people’s Procuratorate has initiated a public prosecution against the younger brother of the criminal suspect Wan for suspected intentional homicide. It is reported that Wan’s younger brother has a “third degree mental disability certificate” and needs to take medicine regularly to control his condition. However, whether he has the criminal responsibility ability at the time of the crime was not informed by the case handling organ. Shen Guoli, Shen Yun’s father, said that no matter what happened, I couldn’t be happy.
“As a father, I want to appeal to the society. If this happens in the future, can passers-by lend a helping hand, even if it’s just a yell.” On the morning of August 5, the first instance of Nanchang intermediate people’s Court of Jiangxi Province held a public hearing to hear the case of Wanmou’s brother’s intentional killing. Nanchang people’s Procuratorate sent people to appear in court to support the public prosecution. The defendant Wan’s younger brother and his defenders, the plaintiff and his agent ad litem in criminal incidental civil litigation attended the court proceedings. According to the accusation of Nanchang people’s Procuratorate: after the defendant Wan’s younger brother had the idea of killing people, he bought sharp knives and so on on May 24, 2019, and went to find the target near Wanda Square in Honggutan New District of Nanchang city. During this period, Wan’s younger brother saw the victim Shen and his companions, three people in total, and then followed them behind to wait for the opportunity to commit the crime.