Sunshine Maternal Love

The afternoon sunshine penetrates the window and sprinkles warmly on the orange room and on my heart. This sunshine, as warm as jade, reminds me of my mother’s 桑拿广州 loving, warm and expectant eyes and mutters, “Mother, Mother…”
In my memory, my mother was always so kind, just like the sunshine in the afternoon.
I vaguely remember that small me, in the summer woods, bathed in the breeze, chasing the dancing flowers and butterflies, playing happily, leaving behind a string of silver bells of laughter… Mother, sitting on the bench next to me, smiled and watched my happy game. Whenever I look back at her, her kind face is also looking at me, looking at my leisurely smile. At that time, I really felt that my mother’s smiling face was the most beautiful face in the world, not to mention the city, but the small me. Soon after, tired of 深圳桑拿网 playing, they rushed to their mother’s arms, giggling, small face overflowing with happiness. Mother took my sweaty little hand and carefully wiped the sweat off my face. Her pure eyes filled with laughter and handed me a glass of cool water. I drummed up my cheeks, “Gu Du Gu Du”, and drank all the water in a few mouthfuls. Mother saw that I had finished drinking, so she laughed and took me into her arms. Tell me about Hou Yi’s myth of shooting the sun and mending the sky with a girl’s cochlea. Sometimes there are some principles of being a man. I listen carefully and nod at times as if I don’t understand them. It was not until the blue night was covered with stars that we went home hand in hand. Now in retrospect, it was a time of warm sunshine.
Apple wine, in the sunshine, is a little bit, little by little fermentation, even the surrounding air is filled with the taste of happiness… Like, my mother and I had a happy time.
My mother’s strict teaching and loving kindness accompanied me to grow up on the road of sunshine.
Mother’s love is full of sunshine. Mother’s enlightenment education to me is just like the sunshine, giving me strength, so that my mind gradually thrives.
I still remember that when I was under three years old, I was sitting on a soft bicycle cushion and 广州桑拿 walking with my mother on the way to my grandmother’s house. Advertisements floated before me, and my mother looked at them and taught me to recognize words, which laid a solid foundation for me to go to kindergarten. If it hadn’t been for my mother’s work, there would have been no excellent grades for me in grade one or two. In the third grade, my English trip began. However, the journey did not go smoothly. My classmates and I rejected English very much because of our new contacts. Naturally, English scores will not go up. I got only four points in an English test. At that time, the highest score in our class was eight, and everyone’s grades were not good, so I was not ashamed, even proud to say to my classmates, “What English do Chinese learn?” Mother just sighed and said, “You can’t go on like this, English must be learned well!” After that, I didn’t say anything, busy. Something else has gone. I thought it was over like this, but——
I suffered as soon as summer vacation arrived. Mother forced me to learn vocabulary every day, often making me snot and tear. Sometimes my mother and I were angry, deliberately miswritten words, over and over again, so that her mother was anxious to sweat. However, no matter how many times I was wrong and how anxious she was, she never said I was stupid and showed me a little angry. Still patiently, patiently correct my mistakes again and again, teach me to read, teach me to write. Finally, a summer vacation has passed, and I have memorized all the words in the third grade. So, in the fourth grade, my English learning was like a fish in water, and naturally it got better. Of course, it’s all due to my mother’s sunny love.
The sunshine is warm, I grab a mouthful and taste it. It’s very sweet and warm, just like mother’s love.

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