I say you listen

By the side of Xin’an River, the dim streetlights and the neon in the distance are intertwined, and they are almost tender and charming in their bones. The willow trees whisper 广州桑拿 along the river, casting a beautiful reflection of Wang Wang Wang. Like a gravel, it stirs up ripples in memory.
Once upon a time, it was such a beautiful occasion that you sat beside me for a rest.
“Daddy, this time I took another 100% of the exam, what did Daddy reward me?” I blinked, eyes projected the light of childlike innocence in all stages.
Even with all kinds of affection, but eye wave flow, in your heart is as sharp as a knife.
You wearily close your bloodstained eyes, like a dreamer, trying hard, but still unable to satisfy yourself. Your lips tremble, and your voice sounds like it’s floating from a distance, covered with dust of the years: “Well, what reward do you want for porridge?”
I laughed happily, like a child who got candy, and said, “The skirt of the day before yesterday is beautiful, and there are strawberries on it. I want that skirt!”
The atmosphere around him was so cold that withered leaves whirled in the air and drifted down like numbers, buried in the old age of that place. Your eyebrows are locked and your voice seems to be negotiable: “porridge, next time, the next porridge exam will be 100 points, you will buy it.”
Like a basin of cold water, poured out the enthusiasm of the full cavity, tears patter down, wet the scarf under the neck. The fireworks that have just risen in my world have fallen again, and they are falling apart in an instant. My voice was crying: “But Dad, my classmates have it, but I don’t have it.”
You just opened your eyes and closed them again. Then I heard you calmly say in a shameful voice, “Sorry, porridge, Dad has no money.”
I was stunned. At that moment, nobody spoke. The water of Xin’an River was still flowing, flowing 深圳桑拿网 with ripples of transparent sorrow.
Since then, you always come home late at night. At night, I sat on the sofa and watched the hands turn round and round. The ticking bells were too loud in the silent night. But in the morning, I will find myself lying in the quilt and touching my side – cold.
So I lied to myself that you were still at home waiting for me to have breakfast, and rushed out of bed quickly without even wearing shoes. I searched the rooms for you, but there was nothing. I walked into the living room disappointedly and saw the cooled food on the table. I laughed. Yeah, you were waiting for me to have breakfast, but the breakfast was still there, but you left.
I complain that I got up too late and tried to search for your traces. I climbed into bed in silence. I caught a glimpse of your gray hair on the pillow, grabbed it, leaned against the bed and cried, burying it deep in my knee.
I was tired of crying. I stood on the balcony and watched the crowds shouting. My eyes were sour. But Dad, why can’t I find a figure who misses you?
Later in the middle of the night, 桑拿广州 I saw you leaning down at the window and looking at me, tracing my cheeks over and over, then leaning down to kiss my forehead and murmuring, “porridge, you don’t blame my father for being right. My father works hard outside to make your life better.” At the end of the speech, you hang down the head that you have never hung down, and laugh low. At that moment, your solidity as a man all collapsed.
Dad, porridge will blame you.
Dad, you said that you came out early and returned late in order to make my life better, but even if you can go a long way in your career, I am looking at you a little bit away from me. How many times have I looked at the intersection, but I can’t even see the edge of your corner.
Dad, you’ve gone too far.
Dad, your porridge has grown up, your porridge can not be beautiful skirts, nor a better life, just need a month of water in the evening, we sit on the chair by the river, I said, you listen.

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