A tricycle

“Little, come here, I’m here!” Grandpa waved to me excitedly. God, do you want everyone else to know that you’re coming to pick me up in a tricycle? I looked around carefully, but there was no one I knew. I looked around like a thief and sat in Grandpa’s tricycle. Grandpa was very kind to me, but it was a shame for him to come and pick me up in a tricycle. If you let your classmates know, you must laugh at me.
Every day after school, I wait until all the students in my class are gone before I dare to walk out of the classroom door. But it’s still seen. After school that morning, I walked out of the door carefully. Unexpectedly, I met Lili. She smiled at me. The unintelligible smile on the corner of her mouth really frightened me. She is known as the “big mouth” in the class. Whatever it is, as long as it spreads out in her mouth, the whole school will know in less than a day. Although she didn’t say it in front of me, I was still frightened.
Sure enough, when I went to school in the afternoon, I met a group of students at the door. They looked at me with a smile. After I said goodbye to Grandpa, they took my hand kindly. “Little, why is your family so poor? You can’t even afford a battery car. You have to ride in this tricycle. “Yes! Didn’t your grandfather ride so hard? Oh, how pitiful! Do you want us to donate some money to you?’ “It’s too big to be ashamed to ride in a battery car?!” They chirped. My face was red and green. It’s cool in the heart.
After school, Grandpa came to pick me up on a tricycle. He still waved happily to me and let me ride in his tricycle. I’m angry. In my mind, Grandpa blames you! If it hadn’t been for you, I would not have been maliciously ridiculed by my classmates! I didn’t take care of Grandpa. I went forward alone. Grandpa ran after him in a tricycle and said, “What’s wrong with you, little boy?” Grandpa asked. I shouted angrily at Grandpa, “Blame your broken tricycle! I’ll never sit on it again!” Grandpa was stunned and did not speak. In this way, I slowly walked ahead, Grandpa riding a tricycle followed me silently.
From that day on, Grandpa never picked me up in a tricycle again. I go to and from school alone. Although my classmates no longer make fun of me. But I think there is something missing in life, but I can’t tell what it is. One day, on my way to school, I saw an old grandfather about the same age as my grandfather. He was riding a tricycle with a child on it. It looked like a primary school student. The pupil also talked to Grandpa, and then Grandpa laughed and looked very happy. I don’t know why. I think of my grandfather. When I was in primary school, Grandpa took me to and from school on a tricycle. At that time, I was very happy and thought I was the happiest child in the world. On my way to school, I will talk to my grandpa about school. My Grandpa will listen carefully. Occasionally, he would give me his opinion. But now I am in junior high school, good face, and even dislike Grandpa, dislike Grandpa’s tricycle. My eyes are wet.
After school in the afternoon, the dark clouds gathered in the sky burst into tears and a heavy rain poured down. I didn’t have an umbrella with me, so I had to run all the way home, praying that I could get home before it rained more heavily. Oh, what bad luck! If only Grandpa were here! He’ll bring me an umbrella, so I don’t have to be so upset, like a drowned chicken.
When I got home, all wet, I left my schoolbag and went to take a shower. After coming out, I only saw Grandma. “Where’s Grandpa?” I asked. Where will Grandpa go on a rainy day? “Did he pick you up?” Grandma said. It can’t be true? I looked at Grandma in surprise. I don’t need him to pick me up. He’s going back today.
After a while, Grandpa came back. But he came back on a battery car. Grandpa was wet, too. I saw a raincoat lying in the back of the car. “And where did the battery car come from?” I asked. That battery car seems to belong to Xiaoming’s neighbor. “Xiao Ming’s mother said that she didn’t want the battery car and wanted to buy a new one. I think you need it, so I bought it. Besides, Xiao Ming’s mother said that only 700 yuan would be enough. Grandpa laughed. But his laughter made me feel ashamed.
Grandma said carefully, “Why are you so silly? The raincoat is not worn. It’s in the back seat!” Yeah, I didn’t think why Grandpa did it. “I was afraid the back seat was wet when I picked her up, so I put it in the back seat.” Grandpa answered. I listened and felt a pain in my heart. The family only bought that raincoat, and the rest were umbrellas. Because every time Grandpa came to pick me up on a tricycle, if it rained, I could take an umbrella in the back. Now Grandpa is riding a battery car alone and can’t get an umbrella. There was only one raincoat. He didn’t wear it himself. He was afraid the back seat was wet. I couldn’t make it. So he spread it there. My tears began to flow uncontrollably. Sorry, Grandpa! I feel regret. I hurt Grandpa for my so-called self-esteem.
Grandpa had a fever because of the rain. But he insisted on taking me to and from school. I was sitting in the back seat of the battery car, not as happy as I expected, but feeling a little less. I asked Grandpa to return the battery car to Xiao Ming, and the 700 yuan is not a small amount for our family. Grandpa was surprised. I nodded heavily and told him that I was not deceiving. Grandpa finally returned the car to Xiaoming.
Later, I went to school in that tricycle. I am no longer afraid of my classmates laughing at me, because I know that Grandpa’s tricycle is full of love, can help me fight against the troubles of life!

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