Pursue dreams

What is a dream? Some people say: Dream is power, will give us the courage to defeat difficulties. Some people say: Dream is glass, even if it is beautiful, it will be fragile.
The coordinate axis of time stretches forward wirelessly, recalling and discharging the film-like rewinding.
August’s summer is very hot, let people understand what is called heat intolerable, the oil road in the sun becomes hot, as if it can scorch people, the streets of the original green sycamore trees can not withstand the sun’s irradiation at this time, do not whistle down the leaves, clouds as if afraid of too slow, but also drift out of sight, the whole. The city is like a huge steaming pot. The people in the city are sweating. The people in the street bowed their heads and hurried, and I went home restlessly.
Suddenly, I looked up suddenly, but I saw a group of people watching something in front of me. I suddenly came curious, rushed to the crowd to see what happened, but found that a group of young people were dancing hip-hop. Standing on tiptoe and watching carefully, the dancing handsome man dyed his yellow hair and was spinning on the ground, turning butterflies with both hands and feet in turn, so he was very energetic. Although sweat soaked through his clothes, he jumped so devoted and free that he was completely immersed in his own world and enjoyed himself.
A young lady, wearing a cool sweater, also jumped neatly and neatly, one-handed somersault close to the ground, one-handed somersault, one-handed stand up and spin, people can not help but cheer. Careful scrutiny of her calf and knee, there are knocks and bruises, you can see in the pursuit of love in the world, how perseverance and dedication.
Those six or seven young people are like animated cartoons full of vitality, and they are also a picture scroll to express their youth. Buddha expresses his ideal in his heart with dreams, reflecting harmonious health and beauty.
After a song, an old grandmother asked the young lady who was as smart as a dummy boy, “Why do you jump so hard when it’s so hot”. She heard her say, “Hip-hop is our hobby, our dream, and we are pursuing it with all our strength”!
After hearing this, I realized that they sweated like rain in the public, and were not afraid of losing their ugliness. Undoubtedly, only those who have dreams can be so brave and firm, pay and persevere.
Leaving the hip-hop circle, I thought to myself: Everyone, relative to the universe, has a small body, and dreams make human beings powerful.
“Dare to go up to nine days to take the moon” was a great man’s expression of courage at that time, but also a dream of Chinese astronauts. Only when generations pursue their dreams, can they have the gods flying in the sky and the moon strolling in the future. What a magnificent picture scroll is “The Three Gorges Out of Pinghu”? It is also a great man’s handwriting to point out the mountains and rivers. What a magnificent dream. But after decades of hard pursuit by the Chinese people, the Three Gorges Dam of the Yangtze River lies across the world’s forest of water resources, generating electricity for the benefit of the Chinese people and making the whole world admire the miracle of the project.
Dreams are the reflection of ideals, and are not all vague or unreachable. As long as we plan, pursue, pay, strive and pursue bravely, dreams can become reality.
Every Chinese people’s small dreams come together into a big Chinese dream. Our dream is so positive, sunshine and positive energy, which shows our yearning for peace, happiness and happiness. No matter how big or small, obvious or hidden your dreams are, please let them fly with wings.
Dream chaser, very beautiful! __

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