Have you ever thought about the feeling of being wronged? It’s obvious that you didn’t do it yourself, but you were misunderstood and wronged by others. No matter how you explain it, it’s just nonsense. At that time, you must be angry and want to stamp your feet, from the beginning of the struggle to helplessness, and finally to the point of indifference.
At that time, I was still a fourth grade student, and my academic records were very good. There were many friends and I had good friends. I remember that in the fourth grade, we used pencils, but many students used automatic pens. I think this matter will be found out by the teacher sooner or later, and we will have good fruit to eat. I think it’s better not to use it as much as possible. But those students did not listen, did not know what to eat, dared to use it in front of the teacher, and finally, as expected, the teacher confiscated the automatic pen.
At that time, I took chances and thought it was a clear decision that I hadn’t made it. I looked at the students. Some of them cried with headaches, others laughed. Fourth grade, I have joined the school folk band, I stand in front of the band to ask the students to go out to class, but they do not seem to be in, I stand alone in front is not very good, so I went down. At this time, the teacher came back and the automatic pen on the table was gone. Let the students report to each other and finally find out the culprit. At that time, some classmates reported me that I was walking around. At that time, I explained that I was a classmate of the Waiting People Band. The teacher did not listen and asked me to wait outside. I stood outside with two tears on my face. I could not restrain the tears in my eyes. Pain and regret turned into helpless tears.
Why don’t I explain why the teacher doesn’t believe me? I stand outside, watching a lot of students, and I stand there, let the cold wind blow, tears like broken pearls, drop by drop. I know I’m going to be scolded today, but I’ve never done anything like that. Why should I be scolded for no reason? I asked the teacher to explain, the teacher said: “Do not explain, the whole class identified you as doing, you do not admit, I really misread you.” These words pierce my heart, and finally make my heart full of holes and skin-free fingers. Originally, in order to evade their responsibility and pass all their sins on to me, I cried even worse. Aren’t they my friends? Why do I have to bear all the consequences for what I did not do to me? I cried outside and looked at the laughing faces inside, all of which are smiling faces. Hypocritical, people are always selfish, complain about what others have not done for their own safety, and the real perpetrators do not feel ashamed? I copy the rules of pupils outside, doing things that should not belong to me, the students around me pointed out to me, saying: “It seems that this girl is not good at learning, unexpectedly by.” The teacher fined the pupils for copying the rules. I gritted my teeth and told myself that this was not my job. I had a clear conscience. I was not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door.
Since then, I will no longer believe that anyone is selfish, in order to protect themselves, will sacrifice a scapegoat, and the real friend of you, will fight against you.

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