The hands

From the beginning of my birth, I have a big hand behind me and I am holding it. When I fall, it is the big hands that lift me up. When I am injured, it is the big hands that wipe the medicine for me. When I am sad, it is The big hands wiped the tears for me. When I was happy, the big hands applauded me.

The big hands are so generous, so warm, and so rough, the hands cook a fragrant, hot, delicious meal, the hands are a warm sweater for my residence in the winter, when I put on, the sweater The body temperature of the hands is still flowing in it. Every morning, the hands will bring a delicious breakfast. When I was young, I was holding my hands and I was happy! Know that I am asleep, that hands…

The hands are the hands of my mother. Today I took out my mother’s previous photos. On the photos of my mother when I was in college, my mother’s hands were white and tender, my hands were thin and long, and there were no wrinkles. Let’s take a look. This is My mother’s photo at work, my mother’s hand is obviously black, and there are a lot of wrinkles. Look at this one. This is what my mother took a few days ago. The photo of my mother’s hand is already black and autumn. Here, here, There are scars here. This scar is when I play or accidentally ignite the sofa. My mother burns for the fire. This is when I play with scissors. My mother is afraid that I will be in danger when I grab it. I accidentally stabbed it. This is My mother took me on a bicycle. I was moved to the back and couldn’t live, so my mother couldn’t grasp the balance. The car fell. My mother didn’t let me fall, but my mother’s hand was worn out.

“Baby! Come and eat strawberries! Come on!” Mom was calling me again. Mom used his black and rough end to bring a plate of water, red strawberry, holding the strawberry and looking at the mother’s hand, the strawberry is very Sweet, but I saw my mother’s hand like a five-flavored bottle, there is a taste that can’t be said.

On Sunday, my mother took my hand and walked in the garden. My delicate and tender hand held my mother’s rough and rough hands, and I felt a little uncomfortable in my hand, but I still clasped my mother’s hand, my more than before. More tightly, I picked up the small flowers and inserted them on my mother’s head. My mother added a little more than before. From the mother’s dress to the appearance, to the figure, it is one-of-a-kind, all perfect. Just the hands. The hands are recorded, I have to hurt my mother again and again, and let my mother worry about the crimes again and again, I don’t want to see the hands, because the hands are revealing my scars again and again, like a steel fork My heart makes me sad again and again…

I started to collect the lucky money together, let them count one by one, a total of 2,520 yuan! You can buy a lot of skin care products for your mother, and make his hands become whiter and more tender. But I was wrong. I only wanted to cover up the wounds on my mother’s hands. I thought that my eyes would not be seen as clean. But after my mother wiped the cosmetics, not only did the wounds and skin color of my hands not improve, but I was also allergic to some cosmetics. The whole piece of skin is smashed, I cried, hiding in the room, crying alone, I am really sorry for my mother, I have no return in my life…

Seeing that the mother’s day is getting closer and closer, just on the day before Mother’s Day, the first class in the English class is 100 points! I want to give this perfect test paper to my mother for a gift, but is it too little to send a test paper? My eyes were locked on the pile of discarded bamboo strips.

The pair of bamboo strips, the thickness is different, at night, I went to the friend’s house to play, hiding in the garden to make the bamboo strips into the thickness of the thickness, almost the length of the bamboo, ready to surprise my mother tomorrow night!

Early the next morning, I found the aunt who made the bamboo basket at the door, and took a lot of wrapped bamboo sticks there. All of my hands were scratched. Auntie said that this is both an individual and alive. It’s a meticulous work, I’m afraid you can’t edit it with your little hand! Aunt looked very distressed, but I replied cheerfully: “I can believe!”.

It may have been touched by me. Auntie decided to send me an already-made bamboo wallet, but I didn’t accept it. I said, “I want to make one for my mother, that makes it more meaningful!” I said with pride.

Make a bamboo wallet! It’s just strenuous, left around, right around, trouble dead, I only edited it for a while, there is no patience, but when I think of my mother’s hands for my day and night, I have a compilation. The determination to go on, I seem to have seen my mother’s joy and my satisfaction when I made my bamboo wallet for my mother.

“Call! I finally got it!” I breathed a sigh of relief and stroked my hands that were covered with scars. The feeling of my mother’s feelings finally disappeared a little bit, at least now. The hand is the same as my mother.

I hid my wallet behind me. When I showed out that the bamboo wallet was not very good, my mother cried, hugged me, I cried, tears soaked our clothes. “Mom, sorry, I changed. It’s not too good, or will I write one for you?” I asked shyly, “No! No! Mom wants this, Mom wants this!” Mom choked, her face turned into tears. Drop on the ground and share it with the landlord.

Mom has been holding me for a long time, for a long time…

Mother’s love for us is not a “thank you” can express, my mother’s love is for us to return in one lifetime, mother gave birth to us, in order to let us study hard, grow up every day, grow up and become a family. And what about us? No matter where we go in the future, don’t forget that there is a living person here, looking forward to the children here, and returning to school as soon as possible…

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