The most loved person in this life

My home is in a remote mountain village, and my parents are farmers facing the loess. I have a younger brother who is 3 years old. Once I bought a girl’s handcuffs and secretly took 5 cents in my father’s drawer. When my father found out that there was less money on the same day, let us kneel by the wall and hold a bamboo pole to let us know who stole it. I was scared by the situation at the time, and I dared not speak with my head down. Father did not recognize us, saying that the two were beaten together. When I finished speaking, I raised my bamboo poles. Suddenly my brother grabbed his father’s hand and said loudly, “Dad, I stole it, not a sister, you beat me!” The father’s bamboo ruthlessly fell on his brother’s On the back and shoulders, my father was too angry to breathe. After sitting on the squat, he said, “You are stealing your home now. Will you grow up in the future? I will kill you, this is not contending.” In the evening, my mother and I were carrying a scarred younger brother, and my brother didn’t drop a tear. In the middle of the night, I suddenly burst into tears. My brother used a small hand to cover my mouth and said, sister, don’t cry, anyway, I also finished playing.

I have always hated myself for not having the courage to admit it. For many years, my brother still remembers me for the way I am blocked. That year, my brother was 8 years old and I was 11 years old. When my younger brother graduated from high school, he was admitted to the key high school in the county. At the same time, I also received an acceptance letter from the provincial capital university. That night, my father squatted in the yard with a bag of smoke, and his mouth was still squatting. Both of them were so eager to compete. My mother secretly wiped her tears and said that there is a use of enthusiasm. The younger brother went to the father and said, Dad, I don’t want to read it. Anyway, I have enough. The father slaps on the face of his brother and says, “You are so unsuccessful?” I just sell the iron in the shabu-shabu and also supply your sisters. After turning around, I went out to borrow money. I stroked my brother’s red and swollen face and said, “You have to read it. If you don’t study, you can’t walk out of this poor mountain.” The younger brother looked at me and nodded. At that time I had decided to give up the opportunity to go to school.

I didn’t expect the next day to be bright. My brother sneaked away with a few clothes and a few dry hoes. I left a note on my pillow: Sister, don’t worry, it is not easy to get into college. I Go out to work for you to study. I held the note and squatted on it, crying. That year, my brother was 17 years old and I was 20 years old. I finally read the junior year with the money borrowed by my father’s village and the money my brother had made to move cement on the construction site. One day I was reading in the bedroom, and the classmates ran in and called me, plum, and a fellow was looking for you. How can a fellow find me? I went out and saw my brother far away, waiting for me in overalls covered in cement and sand. I said, you and my classmates said that you are my fellow countryman? He smiled and said, look at my window, say that is your brother, your classmates still do not laugh at you? My nose is sour and my tears fall. I smacked the dust on my body and choked that you were my brother. I don’t care if others wear jokes in this life. He carefully took out a butterfly hairpin wrapped in his hand from his pocket and compared it on my head. He said that I saw the girls in the city wear this and I bought one for you. I never resisted, and I cried on the street with my brother. That year, my brother was 20 years old and I was 23 years old.

I took my boyfriend home for the first time and saw how many years of glass had fallen in the house, and the house was clean and spotless. After the boyfriend left, I spoke to my mother. I said, Mom, how can I clean up my house so clean? My mother is old, laughing like a chrysanthemum on my face, saying that this is your brother coming back early to clean up, do you see the mouth in his hand? It is the time of the glass. I walked into my brother’s hut and saw my brother’s thin face, which was very sad. He still said with a smile, the first time you bring a friend home, or a college student in the city, can not make people laugh at home. I applied medicine to his wound and asked him if he hurts? He said, no pain. I am on the construction site, the stone is so swollen that I can’t wear my shoes, and I still work. When I say half of it, I close my mouth and say nothing. I turned my face and cried. That year, my brother was 23 years old and I was 26 years old. After I got married, I lived in the city. I had to take my parents to live with my husband several times. They refused to say that they would not know what to do when they left the village. The younger brother does not agree. Sister, you will take care of your brother-in-law’s parents. Hey, my parents have me. Husband was promoted to the factory manager, and I discussed with him to transfer the younger brother to manage the maintenance department. I did not expect the younger brother to refuse to do a repairman. A younger brother climbed the ladder to repair the wires and let him click into the hospital. My husband and I went to see him. I caressed him to blame him on the legs of the plaster. You will be a cadre, you will not do it. Now, if you don’t work, can you let the workers do the work?

He said with a serious look, don’t you think about my brother-in-law? He just took office, I have no culture, I will be an official directly, and it will have an impact on him! The husband was moved to tears. I also cried and said, brother, you have no culture, and the sister has delayed you. He pulled my hand and said, it’s all gone, and it’s doing it! That year, my brother was 26 years old and I was 29 years old.

When the younger brother was 30 years old, he was married to a rural girl who was a duty. At the wedding, the host asked him, who is your most dear person, and he did not want to answer, my sister. My brother will have a story that I can’t remember: When I was in elementary school, the school was in a neighboring village. Every day, my sister and I had to walk for an hour before arriving home. One day, one of my gloves was lost, and my sister gave her one, and she walked so far with a glove. After returning home, my sister’s hand couldn’t afford to eat chopsticks. Since then, I have vowed that I must be good to my sister in my life. There was a round of applause from the audience, and the guests turned their attention to me. I said that the person I am most grateful for in my life is my brother. At the moment when I should be happy, I couldn’t stop crying.

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