Distant pity for younger siblings, no memory of their alma mater

Graduation, a noun that stands for freedom and release in our hearts, turns into a verb at the hour of June 8 to 5 p.m. Looking at the cheering students out of the examination room, I really feel that we really graduated. This time it’s not really expecting but experiencing…
On the afternoon of June 8, we packed our bags, not for a long voyage, but for a return voyage. The thirteenth high school took care of our three-season swallow to blossom. In this hot and shady summer, we have to leave our alma mater, who has lived for three years. It seems that not long ago we were the freshmen who came to report in the rain, but in three years, with a flick of the finger, today we are the senior seniors who graduated from high school.
Some students said, “Thirteenth Middle School, never go back.” I’m sorry to hear that. In fact, we know very well that as long as we want our alma mater, we can go back to see her at any time. No matter where we are, the thirteenth Middle School of our alma mater is watching her children at the longitude and latitude we are most familiar with. Don’t you believe it? In the Notes for Senior Three Students of Hengshui Thirteenth Middle School in 2012, which was sent to us by our school before graduation, when the school gave us all the precautions one by one, the last one wrote as follows: “Students have any difficulties and problems in their future study, life and work. Welcome to contact the school and the head teacher at any time. We will be forever.” Pay attention to you, love you and help you. When I read this, I couldn’t help crying. The leaders and teachers of No. 13 Middle School guided and escorted our youth. Now, we are like dandelions flying far away. They are still silently supporting us behind. Who can do this except parents? We know that what we can’t go back is three years of good time; what we can’t go back is teachers’earnest teaching; what we can’t go back is the sunrise and sunset in our alma mater, bit by bit.
When I came out of the school gate, I looked back at my alma mater as if I had never been so attentive, as if all the noise around me had disappeared. Only my alma mater and I stared at each other like this, reluctantly parting… Sorry, but I still smiled and waved goodbye to my classmates, teachers and my dear alma mater No. 13 Middle School, because I love No. 13 Middle School.
Separately, three years of high school life is more precious, there are many reluctant but can only be recalled in my mind, in my high school life I have many unforgettable feelings. “Your handwriting is beautiful.” This is Mr. Li Yanyun’s first encouragement and affirmation to me when I first came to a strange place; when my shoes broke down, Mr. Lin Yuan took me out to buy shoes and invited me to eat rice noodles in casserole. This is the first time that someone invited me to eat rice noodles; Ms. Zhang Ling used to hold me crying, comfort me, encourage me to study math well, and she would help me; when I was in Senior Three, Mr. Yao Xinjie was the first to find me and follow me. I talked about my heart, which gave me momentum and confidence in the confusion and depression; I met Principal Bai downstairs at the corner, I asked him hello, he smiled and answered me with a loud voice: “Hello, classmates.” Kindness and stability won our respect for him. On the day of graduation, Mr. Yang Zunyi reluctantly held me in his arms and said, “Remember to visit the teacher later.” My eyes were wet and I said, “Teacher, I will come back to see you.” When we left the campus one after another, I saw our head teacher, Mr. Chen Yiqiang, delivering his classmates from the fence. I don’t know why he saw his back and thought about the year he paid for us. I’m sorry that I can’t hear him nagging us any more.
Say “goodbye”, maybe some people said goodbye can meet again, but some people said goodbye may never meet again, I have always firmly believed that the reunion is fate, thanks to the thirteenth middle school, let us get together, thirteenth middle school let me grow up, we left, students and sisters are still as hard as we used to struggle to change their destiny. What’s different is that they really don’t realize the bitterness and perseverance of leaving our alma mater. So I said that I pitied my younger siblings and did not remember my alma mater.
With my sincere feelings, I write an article about the memory and memory of my alma mater, which is dedicated to my dear alma mater as a token of the affection of my thirteenth high school student.
Alma mater, the children here to you a treasure, a treasure, a treasure contains the love for you…

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