Don’t make excuses for yourself

Going against the road, chasing red lights, not paying attention to traffic safety, not listening to the traffic police uncle’s command, then what are the consequences, please take a look at the story I am talking about today!

At about 7:30 this morning, it was the peak time for school to go to work. It was the busiest time for road pedestrians and the hardest time for traffic police uncles. But one day, my mother took me to the school with a battery car. Because I got up late in the morning, my mother took me out, it was very flustered, I was afraid that I was late for school, so I entered the second traffic intersection. At that time, it happened to be a red light, but my mother was late for the school to stop me from going to school. Suddenly, the road was not too tight at the time. I was stunned when I was awkward. I was sitting behind the battery car and I was stunned. Even blaming the mother said: “Mom, why are you so eager to do this, what red light?”

My mother yelled at me in front: “You whispered, let the police hear it? Isn’t it a red light? As for your yelling!”

“The police uncle did not hear, but the police uncle has seen you red light.” I glanced at my mother behind, unhappy with a small mouth, feeling awkward from the heart for the kind of action that my mother had just made.

“The lesbian riding a battery car, come down, how to hold the child and say that the red light will smash the red light!” Just as the mother did not like to ride forward, suddenly, the traffic police uncle’s voice came behind him, to say the traffic police uncle The reaction was fast, and a few steps came over. I just had to call my mother to talk to the car. Suddenly, my mother panicked. I was sitting behind the battery car and thought that my mother was hearing the traffic police uncle to talk to her. Talk and panic shouting!

In fact, because of the red light, the mother had a situation in front of the battery car. A red-colored car was driving over, and the speed was fast, and it was straight in the direction of the mother, and it was about to hit the mother. The driver seemed to find the mother riding the battery car, and then suddenly stepped on the brakes. At this time, the panicked mother did not know what to do for a while, but also subconsciously stopped the hand brake of the battery car.

“Hey, hey!” Two quick brakes were heard in the ear of the pedestrians. Everyone’s eyes were brushed and attracted, because this scene at this moment is really thrilling, my mother and I The body and the battery car that was driving hit the red car only a little bit.

It’s dangerous! ! !

My mother and I immediately stunned the cold sweat. I was scared and opened my mouth at the same time. I didn’t close it for a long time.

The traffic police was in a hurry. He let the mother with his bare legs move the battery car to the side of the road a little bit, and then turned back to let her see the current road conditions. My mother saw it. It turned out that just because of her action of a red light, now, several cars have In the back of the red car, there was a long queue, and the road that was originally overcrowded became even more difficult.

My mother saw this, it was very embarrassing, and she was ashamed of the move.

The traffic police uncle severely criticized the behavior of her mother who just smashed the red light, and stressed that especially the red light that swayed in front of her own children, which would leave a bad impression on the children, what a bad influence!

Mom finally lowered her face with a red face and admitted the mistake. The traffic police uncle finally forgave the mother, and the mother also promised that there would be no red lights in the future.

Although this matter has been going on for a long time, it has left a very deep impression in the course of my growth.

Whenever I recall the thrilling scene that happened that morning, I often felt awkward.

I hope that everyone will abide by the traffic rules in the future, and don’t give yourself any excuses, because safety can be exercised, life can’t come back!

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