Count down 50 days for college entrance examination

From May 18, 2020 college entrance examination officially entered the last 50 days countdown.
Under the epidemic situation, there are many special changes in this year’s college entrance examination, such as one month’s extension of the examination time, the need for protective and isolation facilities in the examination room, the change of the primary form of the art examination, and the pilot of the strong foundation plan. In this final sprint stage, some changes in this year’s college entrance examination need to be understood by the examinees and their parents.
Data chart: on May 6, senior three students of Wuhan No.2 Middle School wore masks for class. Photographed by Zhang Chang, reporter of China News Agency
10.71 million candidates sign up! How to take the college entrance examination this year?
In 2020, the number of applicants for the national college entrance examination is 10.71 million, and the national college entrance examination time is July 7-8 (Beijing college entrance examination time is July 7-10). At present, students of senior three in 31 provinces have returned to school.
“In the face of complex situations such as epidemic prevention and control and time delay, how to organize and implement the test with tens of millions of people has put forward new and higher requirements for us.” Wang Hui, director of the Department of university students of the Ministry of education, said at a press conference of the Ministry of education on December 12.
According to reports, the Ministry of education is actively working with relevant departments to guide local governments to formulate work plans and specific measures for epidemic prevention.
According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation issued by the Ministry of education in late March The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a key to the national college entrance examination in 2020. “The national college entrance examination should be carried out in a safe manner. Disinfection of all places for examination and enrollment should be carried out in each year to ensure environmental hygiene and good ventilation. The examination site should be equipped with adequate anti epidemic materials, special channels with protective isolation measures, specialized isolation examination rooms and spare examination places, and new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and examination safety for examiners. Training to ensure all measures are in place.
In terms of examination organization and management, we should implement the safety measures and epidemic prevention measures in various links, such as proposition, paper making, paper keeping, distribution, examination and marking, strictly regulate the implementation of examination work regulations, and strengthen the crackdown on examination fraud.
At the same time, we should strengthen the emergency preparation and arrange the relevant examinations after the college entrance examination, such as the on-site examination of art major and the school examination of “strong foundation plan”.
Data chart: on April 23, senior three students in Hebei Province started their classes. Photographed by song mintao, reporter of China News Agency
36 colleges and universities have begun to sign up for the pilot “strong foundation plan”
On January 15, the Ministry of Education released the opinions on the pilot work of basic discipline enrollment reform in some universities, which made it clear that since 2020, the pilot work of basic discipline enrollment reform will be carried out in some universities, also known as the “strong foundation plan”, and the original independent enrollment mode of universities will not be used any more.
At present, 36 pilot colleges and universities have issued “strong foundation plan” enrollment brochures, and opened the registration channel.
“Strong foundation plan” mainly selects students who are willing to serve the country’s major strategic needs, excellent in comprehensive quality or top in basic disciplines. Focus on key areas such as high-end chips and software, intelligent technology, new materials, advanced manufacturing and national security, as well as the humanities and Social Sciences, which are in short supply of national talents.
In terms of major, relevant colleges and universities, in combination with their own school running characteristics, focus on the enrollment of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, philosophy, paleography and other related majors. For example, the National Defense University of science and technology has arranged the enrollment of mathematics and applied mathematics and physics, with a total of 60 students planned to be enrolled.
In terms of admission method, the “strong foundation plan” changed the previous practice of independent enrollment based on student application materials and “reduced score admission”, taking the examinee’s college entrance examination results as an important basis, converting the college entrance examination results, comprehensive assessment results and comprehensive quality evaluation into comprehensive achievements, and enrolling from high to low order according to the examinee’s application. Among them, the proportion of college entrance examination results shall not be less than 85%.
In terms of enrollment procedures, with the postponement of college entrance examination, the “strong foundation plan” also postponed the original schedule. According to the current process, at the beginning of May, the pilot colleges and universities issued enrollment brochures, and candidates began to register online; in July, all candidates participated in the unified college entrance examination, and colleges and universities determined the list of candidates to participate in the school assessment according to a certain proportion of the candidates’ college entrance examination results; at the beginning of August, colleges and universities organized the assessment, calculated the comprehensive scores and publicized, and selected the best.
1.17 million people signed up for this year’s art examination
In novel coronavirus pneumonia, the number of applicants for Arts in 2020 reached 1 million 170 thousand.
On March 12, the Ministry of Education held a video conference to deploy the recruitment and examination of Art Majors in 2020.
According to the arrangement, colleges and universities are encouraged to take off-site assessment methods such as candidates submitting works, online video interview and so on. For colleges and universities that are highly professional and intend to continue to organize the school examination, it is encouraged to conduct the primary election for the registered candidates first, and then organize the on-site school examination after the college entrance examination.
At present, the examination of art major schools and comprehensive colleges and universities in China has been delayed, and some colleges and universities have announced adjustment plans. There are three major changes in the media:
——Cancel professional school examination. The Central Academy of drama, Beijing Film Academy and Beijing Dance Academy will cancel the professional examination for some majors and directly select the best ones according to the results of the college entrance examination, or refer to the results of the provincial unified examination at the same time.
——Online selection. Shanghai Conservatory of music adopts the method of “remote network interview + online submission of video materials” for music performance specialty; Beijing Film Academy changes various skill based assessment items such as recitation, dance, singing and performance from on-site interview mode to examinee’s collection of examination process video as required and submission through network