Assessment of Humen suspension bridge

On May 10, the Department of transportation of Guangdong Province organized a review meeting of structural safety assessment report of Humen Bridge suspension bridge in Humen Bridge Management Center. Nine experts from domestic inspection, design, scientific research and construction attended the meeting.
At the meeting, the inspection unit Zhonglu high tech traffic inspection and Certification Co., Ltd. reported the recent three years and the inspection (supervision) and safety assessment results. The results showed that: the technical condition and bearing capacity of Humen suspension bridge structure remained stable, the vibration did not affect the structural safety, and the key components of the bridge, such as steel box girder, sling, main cable saddle, splay saddle, support, expansion joint, etc., did not occur It is abnormal.
Experts at the meeting believed that the inspection (supervision) and measurement items were complete, the methods were reasonable and standardized, the data were reliable, and agreed with the evaluation conclusions of the inspection unit and the design unit, and the suspension bridge structure was safe. At the same time, according to the results of field monitoring and wind tunnel test, it is suggested to take vibration suppression measures to improve driving comfort; further strengthen long-term tracking monitoring and regular evaluation.
At present, the management of Humen Bridge is actively and orderly carrying out relevant work in accordance with the opinions of the expert group.