More than 60000 new Brazilian crowns have been confirmed

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 61888 cases in Brazil as at 17 hours local time, 3379 cases were increased yesterday than in April 26th.
Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia continue to rise
In the past 24 hours, there have been 189 new deaths in Brazil, 4205 deaths in the whole country, and 30152 cured cases published by the Ministry of health of Brazil. At present, 1322 virus samples of unspecified causes of deaths are still waiting to be tested. The number of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Brazil has been rising steadily. The number of confirmed cases in St Paul alone accounts for 1/3 of the total number of confirmed cases in the country, reaching 20715 cases. The state has also collected over 4 deaths in the country, reaching 1700 cases. Next to Sao Paulo is Rio de Janeiro, with 7111 confirmed cases and 645 deaths. The third highest number of confirmed cases is saiara. At present, there are 5833 confirmed cases and 327 deaths.
Brazilian officials infected with the new coronavirus
Following yesterday’s announcement that Renan, the governor of the northeastern state of aragos, was positive for his new coronavirus, Brazil’s Senator Ricardo Barros, the former health minister, was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus on the night of the 25th, and is now in hospital in Parana. Simone Papaiz, director of the State Health Bureau, said she was in good condition and was in the process of home quarantine. Amazon is one of the States most affected by the new crown epidemic. The state’s intensive care unit is nearly full, so many people cannot be admitted to hospital for treatment. Some experts say the state’s current situation has “lost control”. At present, there are 3833 confirmed cases and 304 dead cases in Amazon.
Facing the double pressure of epidemic situation and economic downturn
Brazil has a population of 210 million, and local health experts point out that once the outbreak is out of control, it is likely to have a major outbreak similar to that in Europe and the United States. At present, the number of ventilators in Brazil is far from enough. Brazil’s federal government will distribute 272 ventilators to state hospitals by the end of this month, the number is only 2% of the previously promised 14100, and the health care system is already in high load operation, Brazilian health minister Thaci said Friday. According to local media reports, the intensive care beds in the northeastern state of saiara have been full, and 96% of the beds in Amazon state have been occupied, which is 84% in Pala state, 95% in Bernanke state, 74% in Rio de Janeiro state and 54.57% in NANDA river state. Sao Paulo, the most economically developed state, is 55.3%.
Brazil’s Ministry of health promised on March 12 that it would add 2000 new beds for intensive care across the country, but as of April 24, only 350 were added. In addition, it has been more than a month since the implementation of home isolation measures in Brazil. The government and the public are facing great economic pressure. Some states and cities have begun to gradually relax the isolation measures to restore business activities, and the home isolation rate has been reduced. Recently, the exchange rate of the Brazilian currency real has continued to decline, reaching a new low of 5.59 real to the US dollar. Brazil is under double pressure from the epidemic and economic downturn.