The class is proud of us

Class 23 is proud of us. We are proud of Class 23. At 5:30 a.m., the harsh bell rang, the clothes were folded, and a series of movements were clean and neat. Tofu-like quilts, already on the bedside, we started running to the playground. There is a loud reading voice on the playground. We stand in our own position and immerse ourselves in the ocean of knowledge. Another bell shook the ears and the playground was silent. In the sky, the bright moonlight illuminates the students’way forward. High school life, although very tense, but we also have teachers, ideal company we are not alone.
Next, under the passionate speech and guidance of the instructor, we began to take steps. Students shouted loud slogans in No. 13 to wake up the new day. Following is the formal running exercise. With a whistle, we all keep up with the pace of the people in front, try not to fall, not to fall behind, not to drop shoes. In order to win glory for Class 23. With a sound of determination, we ended our nervous mood and completed the first step of the day.
We ran into the classroom and sat down in our seat to begin our morning reading today. It was still dark outside, but in order to get good reviews from the group, everyone was reading morning reading aloud, and every morning was filled with reading aloud. Early reading tests on complex ancient texts have been conquered, long and difficult English words to memorize. The bell rings, which means the end of early reading. We rush to the canteen with hungry bells. After a few minutes in the queue, we take out the reading before dinner and recite a few knowledge points. We get to the table for dinner. After dinner, the table is still clean as before, because we know the hard work of the health aunt.
After lunch, when we returned to the classroom, we sat in our seats to overcome our own math problems. With inspirational songs, we returned to the dormitory with our “home furnishings”. It does not mean the end of learning. Everyone sits quietly in his bed and writes hard. But sleep is also very important for our children. At one point we lay in our bed and had a short rest.
The loud bell rang and we quickly got out of bed. Make your bed and run towards the classroom. On campus, you will hear a saying: If you see a person running, then this person must be in Class 23. This is the spirit of Class 23, which is the tradition of Class 23. Sitting in the classroom, English listening began. The students held their breath and listened attentively for fear that they might miss an English word. After listening, accompanied by the melody of the Grand National anthem, we sing out our patriotic feelings with the voice of our youth. Next is our “Go Forward Bravely”, which ends with the passionate oath of the swearing man.
The time of the afternoon is fleeting. In the blink of an eye, the bright moonlight has spread down and it is time for self-study in the evening. We learn from knowledge. The third is self-study. We have the opportunity to make up for our weak subjects. Mathematics is very important for our liberal arts students, so the first fifteen minutes are math. For the remaining half an hour, students can make up for their weak subjects. Teachers were waiting in the corridor for fear of disturbing other students. When the inspirational song sounded, we went back to the dormitory but did not know when the teacher could go back to sleep.
Class 23, the domineering “Longyin 13 is the strongest, Fengwu arts class will win” is our solemn oath. This is our Class 23.

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