Drinking high alcohol and anti poison response

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a risk factor for health risks, and it is also recommended that people should minimize alcohol consumption during the new crown pneumonia outbreak, according to foreign media reports. The group also refuted rumors that drinking high alcohol can kill the new coronavirus, and recommended that governments around the world limit drinking during the outbreak.
According to reports, the WHO Regional Office for Europe said later Thursday that “alcohol can damage the immune system and increase health risks.” At the same time, drinking is associated with a number of infectious and non infectious diseases that make people more susceptible to the new coronavirus.
A novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak and a multinational blockade, drinking alcohol may exacerbate health problems and risk behaviors, and may also cause mental health problems and violence, according to a website news.
Who has also refuted the “dangerous myth” that drinking high alcohol can kill the new coronavirus. Who says drinking alcohol can pose a health risk. People who drink high alcohol, especially when alcohol is mixed with methanol, may cause serious health consequences or even death. “So people should try to reduce alcohol consumption at all times, especially during the spread of the new coronavirus.”
Still, Americans are hoarding alcohol, according to US media. Alcohol sales in U.S. alcohol and grocery stores rose 22% year-on-year in the week ended March 28, according to Nielsen, a leading research firm.