In sickness

When I got home at noon, nobody was at home. Just when I was confused, the telephone rang came. It was Dad who told me that I was in hospital this afternoon. I suspected I had misheard it and asked it three times. I affirmed the news. Yes, I should be in hospital. I had been looking forward to staying in the hospital one day and sleeping well for a few days. It was so beautiful!
But there are still some worries, after all, to cut a big hole, I am particularly afraid of pain, forget it, or give a good friend to call first, so as not to worry about them.
After lunch, I went to the hospital with my dad. This is the second time I was in hospital, but there is no memory of my first time in hospital. So, this time in hospital, just like the first time in hospital, I am excited and excited, and I feel strange about everything. Before hospitalization, there are still some preparatory work to be done, such as blood pressure measurement, weight measurement, temperature measurement, study before hospitalization. The sister of the nurse gave me a lot of attention. She showed me the hospitalization Department of oncology surgery, introduced the nurses and doctors in the department, and changed clean sheets and quilts for me.
Well, my hospitalization is about to begin.
I was still sleeping muddleheaded, and was called by a gentle sister of the nurse. I got a needle in my vein and blood vessel. Of course, it was drawing blood. Now this medical instrument is much more advanced. It’s a catheter, both ends of which are needles. One end of which is piercing into my blood vessel. Using atmospheric pressure, I pressed the blood out and pumped three bottles of blood. I’m afraid of my own reasons. This anemia.
As soon as I had breakfast, a nurse asked me to have an electrocardiogram and a fluoroscopy. I was so nervous and my heart beat so fast that I could feel it doing accelerated exercise. Sure enough, it jumped 140 times a minute. The doctor said that he saw that the heart rate was very uniform. How could he jump so fast? So he wrote down the words “excessive exercise”.
I found the perspective room and it was done in a few seconds. The doctor asked me to see it. It was horrible. There was a metal zipper in my trachea, and there were many black spots on the left and right lung lobes. The doctor asked me what it was. I pulled the zipper open. The doctor was surprised: “What else is this clothes?” It turned out that the big black spot on the lungs was a decoration on my sweater – stone.
I didn’t sleep well last night and I was nervous all night. Operating room nurses and doctors have come to see me, usually they are very gentle, but on the operating table is another scene, it is a veterinarian, the process of playing narcotics such as the sea waves, a wave higher than a wave, I feel several times is going to die of pain, a big needle, a thick needle, in the narrow operating bed, I heard two very odious words. At the beginning, the doctor put on rubber gloves and said, “It’s a pity that such a good skin should be cut in a big way.” Another sentence is that a doctor says to another doctor, “Is that right?” Another doctor answered, “Yes.” Then listen to the doctor with scissors and click.
They all said that it would not hurt if they were given anesthetics. In fact, this is not true. I felt like my skin was frozen with anesthesia. The skin was not mine. But to ask me whether it hurts or not, it still hurts a lot. Sometimes it hurts like needling, sometimes it hurts like tearing. Think about it, the operation site was anesthetized, the pain relief was added in the drip, and the buttocks were beaten with dolantin, but it still hurts. I cried hard at the end of the operation. The doctor sent me back to the ward. When I saw Dad, I cried even harder. The doctor said a very classic word with emotion: “I understand the patient’s mood too much.”
Hospitalization time is really a difficult word! I regret, regret the naive mentality of wanting to be hospitalized.
Six bottles of medicine a day are either anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial. My body was fat and my blood vessels were thin. The nurses who gave me needles were so miserable that they made my hands even worse. The gauze around my neck was wide and hard. It fixed my neck like a plaster and could not move. Originally, I wanted to have a good sleep in hospital, but my waist was almost broken by such a painful sleep.
Maybe it is the side effect of the medicine. After the anesthesia, I felt like a pot of clear soup was caught in a tornado, which turned and turned, and eventually spilled over. What I eat, what I spit, what I drink a glass of water, soon I vomit, all water and yellow-green bile, although I try to restrain, but still spit in disorder under the bed. Well, maybe this is a good chance to lose weight.
It’s been five days since I was hospitalized. It’s been five long days. In these five days, I have suffered a lot. After several pains and tribulations, I can finally get out of bed and move my bones and muscles. Of course, in a few days, I also deeply felt the warmth of friendship.
On the day of the operation, I only notified my good friend Li Tian, so she came in the afternoon. Bringing a bunch of gorgeous flowers, good fragrance, good beauty. The next day, they came and bought a bouquet of flowers, more beautiful and fragrant, the gorgeous roses, the delicate fragrance of lilies and the charming carnations. The sweetness overcame the taste of disinfectant water. The whole house had the taste of sunshine. The card said that they loved me and wished me a speedy recovery. I was excited, excited and moved for half a day. It’s enough to have the love of parents and teachers and classmates.

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