British Prime Minister leaves ICU

According to Sky News, a spokesman for the British Prime Minister’s office said Sunday that Prime Minister Johnson was in a very good state of mind and had left the intensive care unit that night and was taken to the ward. In the early stages of recovery, he will stay in the hospital and be monitored very closely.
Johnson, 55, admitted on March 27 that the new coronavirus had tested positive and was isolating himself. But novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms and fever continued in April 5th, 10 days later. He followed the doctor’s advice and was admitted to hospital for examination. The British Prime Minister’s office called the move a “precautionary measure.”.
On the evening of April 6, the British Prime Minister’s office said that Johnson’s condition deteriorated and was transferred to the intensive care unit of St. Thomas Hospital in London at the suggestion of the medical team. A spokesman for the prime minister said Johnson was aware that his transfer to intensive care was only a “precautionary measure” and had asked Dominique RAB, the British Foreign Secretary, to act as prime minister “if necessary”.
On April 9, a spokesman for the British Prime Minister said that Johnson’s condition was improving continuously, his mental state was good and he was receiving standard oxygen treatment. In addition, British Foreign Minister Rab said Johnson did not need to use a ventilator and did not have pneumonia.