My brother

The wind whistles, walking in the wind, it seems very powerless. The wind, as if it were affecting my thoughts, has blown up my original “mentality” which has been brewing for a long time, and began to complain: complain about education, complain about the weather, complain about myself… It happened to me that when two Chinese classes were held yesterday, I wrote a material composition called “Home Book”. I stopped complaining and tried to change it. Wind girl seems to have stopped a lot.
Walking along, so a person walking slowly in the wind, I certainly understand that the distance is not poetry, is a counseling class; nevertheless, there is a more relaxed heart; perhaps this is the precipitation of three years. In the fourth year of junior high school, I changed a lot.
“Sister, you eat it.”
“Hum, don’t eat it! You’ve eaten it.” A warm and familiar voice came into my ear and, out of curiosity, looked back. It turned out that a sister and brother were quarrelling. Seeing this scene, the warm heart became cold. The wind seemed to be strong again. It made me close my mouth and smooth the original radian of the corner of my mouth. On cloudy days, I think of my brother. This sigh, alas, was busy forgotten by me, the day before yesterday, the day before yesterday is my brother’s birthday. There is unspeakable guilt and sadness in my heart.
Brother, the so-called brother is the aunt’s son – Afa.
When Afa was three and a half years old, she remarried with her aunt to her present uncle’s home. In other words, her aunt was from the same village as us. According to his mother, Afa’s father died of cancer; Afa died of the same disease at the age of twelve or thirteen. Afa, my childhood playmate. In fact, I have been reluctant to mention Afa for a long time, not that I do not miss it, but that every time I mention Afa, my aunt will cry bitterly; it will make my heart not taste.
As for Afa, the most unforgettable thing we have done together is playing truant; the most immoral thing we have done together is stealing melons.
When I was a child, I was the heart and flesh of my parents; nevertheless, I remember them a little now. They always work hard, regardless of my life and death; Ha, I know they are for my good, but I still don’t understand; Grandma died early, so when I was a child, I was “in charge” of my grandfather. When I was a child, I had three Xuans on my head. They were not easy to be cajoled. Moreover, I had a very “iron” relationship with Afa, like a “brother” fighting side by side on the front. Kindergarten life is constrained, slightly unnatural, feeling always imprisoned; the distance from Monday to Saturday is always long; it’s hard to get through. Afa and I gradually learned to play truant. On the way to kindergarten, Grandpa took me and Afa by the hand. Whenever the kindergarten approached step by step, I would wink at Afa.
Afa hugged his stomach and said, “Grandpa, my stomach hurts.” Grandpa is very kind, at this time, grandpa’s face will become more nervous, patiently squat down, touched my shoulder and said: “Xiao Huihui, your brother’s stomach ache, my and his back, you go to kindergarten!” At this time, my mouth will droop down, Grandpa will no longer provoke me, had to return. In this way, we do not know how many times to escape from school, let Grandpa angry.
When I was under six years old, I had a big pumpkin in my neighborhood yard. Afa and I discussed how to get the pumpkin. We carry the big pumpkin, and my brother always holds the heavy end of the pumpkin in his arms. When he got home, Grandpa gritted his teeth and counted us down. The next day, when Grandpa came out of the house, Grandma Wang would be there nagging, “Big Brother, my pumpkin has been stolen, and I don’t know who is faster than me. That’s the first pumpkin to bear.” After that, Grandma Wang could not help laughing; Grandma Wang, in my memory, has always been very kind. Now, I realize that there is such a great shame behind the word “steal”.
Later, Afa’s condition accidentally worsened, so Afa could not go to school again. On the way to school, only Grandpa took my hand, and the other hand was always put in my pocket unnaturally.
One particularly dark night, I woke up in the middle of the night: the house was empty, so I cried loudly. Soon, Mom and Dad came back. Mom said, “Xiao Hui, your brother, he…”
“What’s wrong with my brother?” I asked.
“Your brother died.”
Perhaps, when I was a child, I didn’t know the word “death” very well. I thought that death was only a long way away. Later, when I woke up, I couldn’t see Afa’s face anymore. Failing to see the final appearance of Alpha, the disease tormented Alpha long ago. Maybe Afa didn’t want me to see his last appearance, as he wished, and met with him, which became a regret of his life. And Afa said to me for the last time: “You are ready for crispy tomorrow, I will go to your house to play.”
Later, it was the last year of kindergarten education. On the way to kindergarten, I was alone. One hand was in my pocket and the other was carrying a cup full of hot water.
… The three hours of the tutorial class finally passed, and I got on the bus and took the way home. Like ten years ago, my parents were still busy working, and I went to my aunt’s house for dinner. My aunt’s cooking still tastes like ten years ago, but now it’s meat in the dish of Wucheng. My aunt chattered again and saw her eyes shining with tears.
My heart struggled hard, closed my eyes and said quietly, “A Fa, A Fa.”

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