Faye Wong’s party

“Queen of heaven” Faye Wong stepped into the age of 50 last year, and her life style became more Buddhist. In the past, as long as every other month or two, fans had the chance to meet Faye Wong. However, since the beginning of the year, Faye Wong’s whereabouts have been mysterious and disappeared. It is said that she and Nicholas Tse went skiing in Japan at the beginning of the year, but only Nicholas Tse appeared in the fans’ lens.
Since I can’t meet Faye Wong by chance, fans can only search all over the web to find her clues. As a result, her efforts are not inferior to those of her heart. Faye Wong finds the photos of Faye Wong at the beginning of this year. The photos were taken in January, but they haven’t spread.
The shooting place is a square in Beijing. At that time, the Faye Wong family attended the Liyan auction, including former husband Li Yapeng, Zhou Xun, Dou Jingtong, Zhou Jie and others. In January, their photos were exposed one by one, just to avoid suspicion, they did not have the same frame.