Xiao Zhan turns against advertisers

Not long ago, the ao3 website was banned due to the report of “archive of our own” (hereinafter referred to as ao3) by Xiao Zhan fans, causing collective anger in the same or even greater subculture circle.
To this day, even though Xiao Zhan’s studio and the support association apologized one after another, the storm between its fans and ao3 incident has not subsided, but intensified. Every reporter noticed that the anger of netizens has spread to the brand that Xiao Zhan spoke for. Among them, Olay (Olay), a brand that supports Xiao Zhan, is the most severely bombarded.
Olay’s anchor not only supported Xiao Zhan in the live broadcast, but also said that “those who boycott Xiao Zhan can’t become the climate”, which thoroughly intensified the contradiction between the brand and the netizens. As a result, the netizens who boycotted Xiao Zhan and Olay fell in love with each other and asked for a supplementary invoice, even dating back to a few years ago “3.15” is coming, after a large number of netizens complained to Olay, the tax department was alarmed.
The “rice circle culture” under the traffic mode is a double-edged sword. This Xiao war event has spread to the whole entertainment circle, and the butterfly effect has intensified. So, how many brands does Xiao Zhan endorse, and will they all face a huge crisis?
On February 29, after ao3 was sealed, the angry value of netizens in the circle gradually soared, and they pointed to the brand that Xiao Zhan endorsed, saying that they would boycott all the products that Xiao Zhan endorsed, and would not buy without changing the spokesperson, and @ the brands that he endorsed, such as Estee Lauder and real fruit grain.
Even some netizens specially look for brands to confirm one by one, whether the spokesperson is Xiao Zhan or not. It is reported that in June 2019, jewelry brand Qeelin announced that Xiao Zhan was its first male brand friend, and Xiao Zhan also wore Qeelin Bo series pendants when recording “happy base camp” last August. However, in the face of netizens’ inquiries, Qeelin said that only Ma Sichun was the spokesman.
At the same time, the “real fruit grain” that was supposed to be endorsed by Xiao Zhan on March 1 was also silenced due to the ferment of the event; crest changed the top spokesperson to Lu Han on the official microblog; when the reporter inquired about the spokesperson of Budweiser’s beer Xiao Zhan as a consumer, the customer service responded that “Xiao Zhan only spoke for soul’s product, but no other products” As of around 13:00 on March 6, the topic reading of Chen boycotted Xiao Zhan reached 360 million.
Just as most of the brands that Xiao Zhan represents are avoiding suspicion, Olay goes the opposite way. A few days ago, an Olay anchor supported Xiao Zhan in the live broadcast, saying, “we know Xiao Zhan better than you, he is worth our choice”, “what kind of climate can a little black powder form?” and the owner of the brand also wired in the live broadcast, saying that he will continue to cooperate with Xiao Zhan.
All of a sudden, let the netizens all focus on Olay. Since then, a large number of netizens have asked Olay to supplement the invoice. “Invoicing is the legal obligation of the operator, and there is no time limit for supplementary invoicing.” Wang Ti, a lawyer from Beijing Weiheng law firm, told reporters. This means that consumers can make up invoices whenever they buy goods.
With the increasing topic of Olay invoice, many netizens said that they had complained about customer service’s non response to the issue of invoice to the consumer association and tax department. To this end, every reporter called the tax service hotline 12366 on March 6. After the call, the customer service personnel said, “Xiao Zhan has contacted the company’s competent tax authority for the product invoice reporting incident. At present, the competent tax authority is investigating, verifying and interviewing this enterprise. After the appointment, you will get the corresponding invoice. “
Under this circumstance, the event that fans of powerful traffic backfire on stars has evolved into a star backfire advertiser.
“Olay is just one of Xiao Zhan’s endorsements, and other endorsements will face more or less the crisis of being boycotted by fans.” Zhang Yi, founder and CEO of aimedia Consulting Group, spoke frankly in every interview with reporters.