Huoshen mountain has been cured for thousands of years

At about 14:00 on March 5, another 88 confirmed patients in huoshenshan hospital were cured and discharged. So far, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 1009 patients.
The reporter learned that huoshenshan hospital insisted on moving forward the critical treatment gate. After the patient was admitted, the director of the Department first organized doctors to assess the patient’s condition, consult the critical patients, and put forward the treatment plan. For patients with complex conditions, the expert group of the hospital was invited to consult and discuss, forming consultation opinions and optimizing the treatment plan. The critically ill patients confirmed by consultation were transferred to the Department of critical medicine for treatment at the first time.
In addition, the hospital also carries out personalized treatment according to the characteristics of the disease, uses the remote consultation system, organizes the training of physical treatment and nursing technology of chest and lung, and strives to improve the treatment rate and cure rate, and reduce the infection rate and death rate.