Lu Yuan dies, grandma Xiaohua

On the evening of February 12, the cast Working Committee of CCTV released an obituary: “dear teacher Lu Yuan, who died at 8:30 p.m. on February 8, I wish teacher Lu a good journey.”. Lu Yuan, born in 1928, died on February 8 at the age of 91. Her representative works include watching happiness, feeling full quadrangle, big girl being married, etc. among them, love for daughter won the first prize of Heilongjiang Province performance, and she also played the grandmother of Xiaohua in warm spring.
Although the 91 year old grandmother Lu Yuan is old, she has been active on the TV screen and created many touching female images. She once performed the happiness, anger and sorrow of an old man with mental retardation vividly in watching happiness.
In 2005, Lu Yuan played the role of mother in watching happiness, starring Ru Ping and Liu Zhibing. This drama is the first one about the family life of Alzheimer’s patients in China, and it got its name because of its excellent role in the play of the blind elderly. At the age of 78, it won the outstanding actress of China’s TV drama flying sky award, becoming the oldest winner of this award.