Sudden death of driver

As in many cases of sudden death, the driver died of overwork. According to the survey, this is an online car Hailing driver on didi platform. He intended to make more money to support his family when the cross-border business was good, but this tragedy happened unexpectedly.
New year’s day across the big, the family should be happy to spend the reunion, to meet the new year, but to live, but also have to rush to work. In the adult world, the pressure is unimaginable. No matter ordinary working people, middle-class white-collar workers or rich bosses, they are all working for life and career, but in different forms.
Adults have too many responsibilities, old and young. All the hard work is just to make their families live better. Even if they have too much pain, they don’t want to say it. They always feel that swallowing is what an adult should look like. How many people look strong on the outside, but silently shed tears on the inside. All the images of invulnerability and inviolability are false in fact.
Therefore, as a loved family, we should pay more attention to the figure paid for the family and touch his mental fatigue. In our daily life, we should respect and understand each other’s strangers. In this society, it is not easy for us. The person you despise may be a family day. If everyone can respect, be considerate and give a smile that can be easily done, then all the suffering may be alleviated~