Wang Yangming announces to be a father

On the Christmas night of December 25, Wang Yangming announced that his wife Cai Shiyun had been safely produced in a microblog. He said: “katiya sky Wang 12.25.2019. A miracle gift on Christmas day. You complete us.”
In fact, Wang Yangming’s wife’s due date was at the end of December. It seems that her daughter couldn’t help it, so she came out so quickly. But from the picture. His wife and children are very safe. Wang Yangming also exposes a picture of holding hands with his wife and daughter.
According to Wang Yangming, the baby is 48 cm tall, 2800 cm in weight, with eyes like a mother and nose like a father. Because Cai Shiyun has a quarter of Russian blood, they choose katiya, a Russian pronunciation for their daughter, which is similar to “Cartier”.
Wang Yangming also recorded the whole process of his wife’s birth. It is reported that he wept with joy when he saw his daughter at first sight.
On the evening of December 23, Wang Yangming posted a photo of her pregnancy with her wife Cai Shiyun on the social platform, adding: “this is the most beautiful moment for her. Women are really great. How much they need to pay and sacrifice for the birth of a new life.”
Speaking of Wang Yangming, we should all be familiar with him. He is Xiao Yaxuan’s ex boyfriend. Many people’s initial impression of him may have been that they had a relationship with Xiao Yaxuan in 2004, but they broke up after only two years. Later, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun came together. They also experienced separation and combination, but finally got married in 2015.
However, some people say that Wang Yangming, 37, is now a father. Xiao Yaxuan, 40, is still in love with her 24-year-old boyfriend. Will Xiao Yaxuan find another boy one day and finally find out that his father is a former boyfriend when he gets married?
It’s not unreasonable for netizens to say that. Although the two have been in love for a long time, Wang Yangming chose to take charge of one person in 2015, while Xiao Yaxuan talked about more than ten boyfriends.
Wang Yangming, as the most handsome man in Taiwan, has a very high face value. Although he spent time with Zhang Li through a variety show, the two soon broke up. And his wife is Wang Yangming’s lover who had been in love for eight years before Zhang Li. After breaking up with Zhang Li, Wang Yangming quickly reunited with his predecessor and got married in four months. Now she has another daughter. It’s still Christmas. No wonder Wang Yangming is so happy.
Wang Yangming wrote on the Internet last night: “katiya sky Wang 12.25.2019. A miracle gift on Christmas day. You complete us. The arrival of my daughter is probably the most amazing gift of Christmas Eve. Wang Yangming has two photos, one with three hands in one family, and the other with Wang Yangming touching his daughter’s head and lying on the edge of his wife’s bed. Cai Shiyun’s skin is really good. Even after the birth, the skin is still white to shine.
It is reported that Cai Shiyun gave birth by caesarean section and chose Christmas Day specially. It is understood that it has a special meaning. Because Cai Shiyun’s grandfather is Russian, she is a mixed race baby, and her name is Cartier because she has Russian pronunciation in English, so she chose this name.
Wang Yangming fell in love with CAI Shiyun in 2007, and then broke up because of long-distance love. In 2014, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun were reunited. Then on April 7 of the following year, Wang Yangming announced that he had been engaged to Cai Shiyun. In December of the same year, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun held their wedding at the manor in Sydney, Australia. Into the palace of marriage. In September this year, Wang Yangming announced on social network that Cai Shiyun was pregnant. Three months later, Wang Yangming and Cai Shiyun’s daughter, Cartier, were born.
Before the actor Wang Yangming fell in love with CAI Shiyun, he had a two-year relationship with singer Xiao Yaxuan. Later, when he broke up with CAI Shiyun, he also had a relationship with actress Zhang Li. They had been on the program together and attended the activity.