Lakers win 4 in a row

NBA regular season continues. Today, Celtic team ended their losing streak. After the Lakers beat the eagles 122-101 at home, the record became 11-2, ranking the first place in the league. The Lakers’ four consecutive victories are not easy, especially when they met with stubborn resistance when playing King’s team. Today, the eagles are obviously in a very fast state, and the two players on the bench have become the most Big surprise. The Lakers won the victory of James, who contributed 33 points, 12 assists, 7 rebounds, 1 assists and 1 block in 33 minutes. The 3-point goal of 6 out of 10 shots became the highlight, and the positive and negative value reached + 30, which was inconceivable. In addition to James, the performances of Caruso and Rondo on the bench were also very good, which became the biggest surprise of the Lakers.
James has been playing more and more easily recently. He doesn’t need to use all his strength to accept the game. His teammates are relaxed and happy, they are omnipotent! Davis has little strength in attack today, but he can block out the sun at the defensive end, especially under the basket! The Lakers use a variety of tactics with frequent changes in the lineup! Rondo played very well, shot accurately and was able to rebound under the basket and make up the basket. He also made great achievements in organizing the whole team! Kuzma, pop, Danny green, Caruso and so on all play their respective roles. Howard and McGee are still making great achievements in defense and basketball. The whole team is more and more confident!
Today, Caruso played 21 minutes to contribute 11 points, 1 rebounds and 1 assists, with a positive and negative value of + 6. This is a player whose data can not be reflected. The help data he gave to the Lakers on the defensive side can not be reflected. The second is Rondo. He played 23 minutes, 48 seconds to contribute 15 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds and 1 steals, with a positive and negative value of + 12. The reason is that Rondo is on the bench More and Caruso are the biggest surprise, because Howard has become the regular operation of the Lakers, the data of 2 points, 9 rebounds, 1 assists and 3 blocks is still very good, such Howard has no need to praise, the plus and minus value of + 18 shows everything.
In the first game, Rondo was very efficient, and he was quick to play. In the second game, he did not play very well, which may be related to his scoring ability and the strength of the opposite defense. In this game, Rondo proved that he could not only organize a series team, but also score. I still think it’s necessary for Rondo to share the team organization and reduce James’ physical strength. Today’s big win over the eagles will promote the Lakers to the first record in the league, and we are looking forward to a better performance for the Lakers.