Collapsing disaster of loess in Shaanxi


At about 7 o’clock on October 26, a sudden loess collapse occurred in gaolijiagou village, Muyu Town, Jiaxian County, Yulin city. After receiving the report, Jiaxian County immediately launched the geological disaster emergency rescue plan. The main leaders of the county Party committee and the county government led the leaders in charge and the heads of the county emergency management, natural resource planning, fire protection, health care, public security and other units to rush to the scene of the disaster for rescue at the first time. According to preliminary identification, the disaster event is a sudden loess collapse, with a volume of about 500 cubic meters. The collapse caused four houses to collapse and three people to be trapped. After using 2 forklifts, 1 excavator and dozens of people to rescue, 3 people under pressure were rescued in the first time and sent to the hospital in time. Unfortunately, three people were killed after being rescued.
By the time of press release, the on-site search and rescue work had been completed, and the accident investigation and rehabilitation work were in progress.