CBA new season Conference

On October 23, CBA League held a press conference in Beijing for the 2019-2020 China Men’s basketball professional league (hereinafter referred to as “CBA League”). At the press conference, CBA League announced the comprehensive upgrading measures in the four sectors of event operation, fan experience, business development and brand promotion, and the first season of CBA 2.0 officially kicked off.
The 2019-2020 season is the 25th season in CBA league history, and also the first season after CBA League promotes CBA 2.0 upgrade plan. Not long ago, CBA League held the seventh meeting of the club’s investors’ meeting and shareholders’ meeting, and issued the joint declaration of “dare to dream and dare to act” on Further Strengthening the professionalization and brand building of CBA League, building a strong basketball country and realizing the great rejuvenation dream of Chinese basketball.
In this press conference, Yao Ming, chairman of CBA and chairman of CBA League, said in his speech: “in a sense, the expectations of CBA League in the new season are unmatched in the past many seasons. In the new season, CBA League has to do a lot of things, but also to take a long view of every link. All of us should integrate ourselves into a state of transcending ourselves and history at any time. I firmly believe that CBA league can become the most favorite professional sports league of Chinese people with the joint efforts of all people. “
In 2019-2020 season, CBA League will focus on creating more exciting competition products, providing more intimate fan experience and services, shaping a younger brand image, creating a new business development system, gradually upgrading the overall operation level of CBA League, and building a new era of CBA league with many partners.
Wang Dawei, CEO of CBA League, mainly introduced the new measures to upgrade the four parts of CBA League in the new season, namely, competition operation, fan experience, business development and brand promotion. In terms of the schedule of the new season, the opening battle will start on November 1, the all star weekend will land in Guangzhou on January 11-12, 2020, the playoffs will start on March 15, and the finals will start on April 26, and the number of games is expected to reach about 500. In order to take care of the national fans and reduce the concurrent opening time, some matches will be postponed to 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. in advance; at the same time, the official suspension time is added for each game. In terms of referee training and management, full-time judges will be piloted, and the system of supervision, evaluation and training will be strengthened. The League honor system has been gradually improved, and the best sixth person award has been added; the home color of the home team’s jersey will be used in some regular season matches to further strengthen the home atmosphere and fans’ sense of belonging.
In order to let the fans experience more intimate services, CBA League will cooperate with barley sports in the new season and launch, the first official ticket platform in China professional sports league. Barley sports will also work closely with Youku sports, which is also in the cultural and entertainment sports sector of Ali, to create a new online, offline, home and away watching experience and realize a new CBA new ecology. In addition, CBA League will authorize the development of a variety of peripheral derivatives and officially authorized games, and China sports card industry will also launch a number of CBA star cards with collection properties.
In the new season, CBA League has made great achievements in business development. Many well-known enterprises have joined the CBA League family, including the League official partners, new fast hand short video, Chimelong tourist resort and 58 city residents, the official sponsors, new Panpan panther, new official suppliers, new Meikai flooring, tiger wrestle Sports, opening the League official fan community, and Ali auction has become Official auction platform.
National trend, youth development, public welfare and social marketing will be the main direction of CBA brand upgrading in the new season. The alliance will embody the national trend elements through vector printing of sports floor and field soft bag; interact on platforms such as fast hand, Weibo, Hupu and station B that are popular with young people, and cooperate with reality shows, music festivals and other cross-border cooperation to break the circle; build a CBA public welfare platform, pay attention to the growth of young people, care for special groups and environmental protection, through CBA, you and our TA, small CBA and young CBA and other items. Aim to practice the social responsibility of CBA League; launch CBA Basketball Park, and enhance the sense of community ceremony and fans’ loyalty through the year-round basketball grassroots events and sponsor brand activities.
On November 1, 2019-2020 CBA league matches will be held in Dongguan. Defending champion Guangdong Dongguan bank will play Liaoning Bengang at home.