Liu Shishi appeared in Shanghai

Since he was pregnant and had children, he rarely showed up in front of the camera. But recently, the news of “Liu Shishi’s presence in Shanghai” suddenly broke out. For a while, netizens were talking about one another. So why did Liu Shishi appear in Shanghai? Let’s take a look.
What is the situation?
On the evening of October 2nd, the popularity of actress Xing appeared, which was one of her few postnatal public appearances. It is worth noting that this dress has highlighted her slim figure.
Her white shirt matches gray waist waist windbreaker, red lips big sunglasses and black cap, although it is a child mother, but this waist line is too beautiful, temperament superb! She was so quick to walk that she gave her the feeling of being brave and brave.
Also was photographed a person to pursue the Li box, the net friend is sent to the US, calls Liu Yingjun to push the suitcase all beautifully not to be possible.
But some people also questioned online. They thought that this time was like a shot. It was a carefully planned “meet”, and they were too professional, composition, light perception, facial expression, makeup and clothing. Why is it not like fans’ standards? Why do stars need to “create” these airports?
It is possible to shoot a picture in a non public situation, which is more realistic and better to catch the hearts of fans. Two, it is better to show the star’s heat by deliberately creating fans’ reception atmosphere.
This person is certified as a well-known financial commentator, and netizens have commented on his remarks. “Fans are really different from what they used to be. Now they are sitting at the airport punctually with their own SLR devices. They are very professional. Then they will also record videos, and they will stay in the last generation at any time.”
After all, for Liu Shishi, who has always been low-key, deliberately planning this airport show is really unnecessary. Even people who don’t update micro-blog often want fans to see her every day. I hope she will come back soon and all kinds of publicity will follow.
Recent developments
Recently, the entertainment circle is really a happy event. A few days ago, when Li Ronghao was released, he immediately had a baby. Besides, she finally came back after the birth of her child, and brought her new work, “Fei”. In fact, there was also a hot mother who wanted to return. She was the one who appeared at the airport not long ago.
In those days, he was the top traffic in the entertainment circle. He also took the classic works of “sword 3”, “traces of the sky of the Xuanyuan sword” and “step by step startling”. However, after the marriage with Wang, there were fewer TV dramas. In the last two years, he was also concentrating on the birth of children. So we seldom saw the works of Ren, which made the fans feel very bad.