Hengda’s promotion to the sub-crown

Guangzhou Hengda became the only single seedling of the Chinese Super League team in the Asian Champions League Championship on September 18, when the quarterfinals of the 2019 season ended. Guangzhou Evergrande drew 1-1 with its rivals in their away game against Kagoshima Antler Team of Japan, but with the advantage of away goal, they eliminated their rivals and advanced to the top four.
For the Chinese Super League team, the away game of Kagoshima Antler can be said to be the most terrible one in Asia. Historically, the Chinese Super League team visited here 1-9 – only Shanghai Shenhua had a draw and all the others lost. From the first round of the two teams in Guangzhou, we can see that the strength of Guangzhou Hengda today is not above the deer antlers in Kagoshima. According to relevant statistics, because of the existence of Taliska, Paulinio and Exxon, the total value of Guangzhou Evergrande Team is as high as 90.33 million euros, while Kagoshima Antler is only 21.1 million euros, but the game is another matter. In fact, Guangzhou Hengda has suffered a lot of setbacks this season, but it has survived all the way. With a surprising 13 consecutive wins, the Chinese Super League firmly holds the initiative to win the championship in its own hands, while the Asian Championship stadium, with the play of key games and key moments, has all the way to the top eight. However, it can also be seen that although Guangzhou Evergrande is still the dominant power in the Chinese Super League, it is by no means a big favorite to win the championship in Asia. In the final round of the group match, Guangzhou Hengda won a thrilling victory by an Oolong ball from FC Daegu, Korea, and advanced to the knockout stage as the second in the group. In the second round of the eighth finals, Shandong Luneng forced the penalty shoot-out to win the final. In the first round of the battle against Kagoshima Antler in Japan, the two sides exchanged white papers at Tianhe Sports Center. Guangzhou Evergrande only needs a draw with goals in the second round to advance to the top four with more away goals. However, after scoring in the first half, Guangzhou Hengda fell into passivity in the second half and was almost besieged by Kagoshima Antlers. Fortunately, the team withstood the pressure and held the 1-1 score to the end.
Despite the thrilling promotion, Guangzhou Hengda has become the last face of the Chinese Super League team in this season’s Asian Championship. In the second round of the Asian Championship 1/4 final on September 17, Shanghai drew 1:1 away from Hong Kong with Japanese team Pu and Red Diamond, and was eliminated in the two rounds with fewer away goals.


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