Huang Zhifeng visited American Columbia to sing the national anthem at the international students’meeting to protest.

Following his visit to Germany, Huang Zhifeng, Secretary-General of Hong Kong Volunteers, a Hong Kong Independence organization still on bail, fled to the United States in an attempt to seek the “help” of the United States Government and intervene in China’s internal affairs.
Huang Zhifeng and Liang Jiping, a demonstrator who participated in the impact on the Legislative Council, appeared at a symposium at Columbia University in New York on Wednesday, advocating “Hong Kong independence” and singing down Hong Kong. He even tried to urge US President Trump to incorporate “human rights provisions” into “any trade agreement” with China.
At the end of the meeting, two patriotic students suddenly stood up and sang the National Anthem in protest against the “Hong Kong independence” speech.
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According to Hong Kong’s “Orange News” on September 14, when Chinese students were singing the national anthem and patriotic songs, applause was also heard in the venue. At this time, Huang Zhifeng did not say a word, only looked down to sort out, and finally left the meeting under the escort of the school.
Reported that when Huang Zhifeng left the scene, there were still twenty or thirty people gathering outside the door with five-star red flags to express their protests and dissatisfaction reasonably. There was no conflict on the scene.
Two foreign students stood up and sang the National Anthem
More than 200 patriots held flags outside the venue to protest, the Singdao Daily reported Wednesday. Nearly 200 Columbian college students have set up the “913 Columbian University Anti-Hong Kong Independence” Wechat Group, hoping to challenge and protest Huang Zhifeng and “Hong Kong Independent” by asking questions on the spot.
Patriots hold up the national flag against “Hong Kong independence” from the “Star Island Daily”
A Chinese student told reporters that some of the Wechat group entered the meeting and tried to question Huang Zhifeng, “Why only mention that the Hong Kong police arrested the protestors, not that the protestors illegally detained, beat up journalists and citizens at the Hong Kong International Airport”, “Why should we engage in”Hong Kong independence”activities in academic places such as CUHK and instigate learning?” Student strikes bring politics to campus, or even to Columbia?”.
Previously, Huang Zhifeng claimed that what he had to do was to tell Hong Kong “concisely and concisely”, to win their “sympathy” and “support”, and to visit and meet foreign politicians to “tell Hong Kong’s story”.
Foreign media reported Wednesday that at the meeting on the same day, Huang Zhifeng also tried to urge US President Trump to incorporate “human rights provisions” into “any trade agreement” with China and to seek the support of the US government for “Hong Kong Democratic Movement”.
He deluded that if China did not intend to safeguard Hong Kong’s economic freedom and open business environment, it would also “affect and harm the global economy”. Although “Hong Kong’s democracy depends on China”, the “Hong Kong’s economy depends on the international community” and “the international community” have a voice in Hong Kong’s future.
Contrary to Huang Zhifeng’s statement, Hong Kong’s economic freedom has been internationally recognized. Hong Kong has been re-rated as the freest economy in the world by the Fischer Institute of Canada in its World Economic Freedom Report 2019. Hong Kong has maintained its top priority since the report was released.
Huang also clamoured that it was crucial to bring the issue of Hong Kong into the negotiations. Hong Kong was faced with the threat of an emergency law similar to the martial law, fearing that China would send troops into Hong Kong.
Hong Kong’s Wen Hui Bao reported on the 14th that Huang Zhifeng and others’recent remarks were condemned by some deputies to the Hong Kong People’s Congress.
Huang Youjia, deputy to the National People’s Congress of Hong Kong, pointed out that the overwhelming majority of Hong Kong’s citizens opposed “Hong Kong independence”, and that the flow of Huang Zhifeng to other countries to sing down Hong Kong and beg for foreign interference in Hong Kong’s affairs would only complicate Hong Kong’s situation and further intensify social contradictions. “Injuriing Hong Kong and national sovereignty will do Hong Kong and the country any good.” No.
He criticized that Huang Zhifeng repeatedly denied that he had said that “Hong Kong is a part of China”, which can reflect that he has always been a “Hong Kong independence” elements, but has not been so bold in the past, and now he has spoken out. In fact, “Huang Zhifeng” has always put forward the so-called “comprehensive autonomy” in their speech and slogan, which is completely different from the high degree of autonomy, which shows the nature of “Hong Kong independence”.
Lu Ruian, deputy to the National People’s Congress of Hong Kong, criticized that Huang Zhifeng flew around in Western countries, but as a Hong Kong citizen, he was willing to become the “pawn of the horse” of the United States and other countries, which could be said to be a scoundrel. Recently, his slanderous remarks in foreign countries are obviously malicious and malicious, hurting Hong Kong and his own country, “especially when he is still on bail, he still does not converge.”
He believed that foreign politicians should not read and provoke themselves in an attempt to interfere in China’s affairs even though they have little knowledge of Hong Kong’s affairs and “one country, two systems”, and that “one country, two systems” have been well implemented in Hong Kong. This is what we have seen personally and personally.”
Wu Liangxing, deputy to the National People’s Congress of Hong Kong, said frankly that Huang Zhifeng is now on bail to beg for mercy in foreign countries. It is clearly a “traitor” act. It is obviously a traitor and will not be supported. “Some countries may make use of it at some time, but after using it up, for these countries, Huang Zhifeng Such people become disposable garbage.”


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