The reason why Hello’s trip was officially called technical by App Store

In the afternoon of September 11, Harold’s trip to App was taken off the shelf at Apple App Store. Officials said it was a technical reason. Communication is expected to resume soon.
Today, the media found that Harold App could not be found in Apple’s App Store and was suspected to be off the shelf, but the search was normal in Android App Store.
It has been speculated that media reports have previously reported that the majority of passengers photographed by a Hello downwind driver are female passengers, and the video is uploaded to the short video platform. Getting off the shelf or related to it.
Hello travel said that the technical reasons for the Off-Shelf is closely communicating, and is expected to recover soon. Apple has downloaded users and all other channels are unaffected.
For the specific reasons for the off-shelf, internal sources of Hello revealed that there was a hot update in the past version. Other Apps have recently been removed from Apple’s shelves on the grounds of hot updates, and can be restarted after the company resubmits for review.


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